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 I partially feel this way, but let me tell you... after a weeklong road trip this summer, using Siri in the car... it was awkward at first, but by the third day, I had no trouble talking to Siri and asking for directions, sending text messages, looking up the nearest gas station. It didn't take long to make it feel completely natural. These shifts can happen so quickly. 
I saw them changing the logo to red at the 5th Av cube last night. Unbelievable amount of effort to reach the apple. They built scaffolding from the sales floor around the spiral staircase that met in the middle high above the staircase. They had to cover all the glass handrails on the staircase with cardboard just in case a tool fell. All while the store was still open (5th av is open 24hrs)
This may be another case of Apple genius. A $50 gift card is almost like a $50 discount, because in the end, you have the product you bought plus $50 more than you would have. The difference if course is that you have to spend that $50 at the apple store. Now if people buy additional things at the Apple store with the gift cards in an amount that exceeds the number of people who went elsewhere in search of a pure discount, apple comes out ahead. Meanwhile, any "lost"...
 I'm pretty sure all data is still handled by the phone. 
Hells to the the yes. Finally.
The apps need to be better than this. This is some serious un-apple-like BS.
Almost a million *sold*? I have a hard time believing this. 
What's up with that "Activate your Apple Tv" message? I'm hoping they can come to some sort of universal login/subscription service for all the apps/channels. Right now it's a complete mishmash.
Where exactly are all these tablets? I'm always on the lookout for which tablets people are using in the subway and coffee shops in NYC and iPads are at least 9 out of 10, maybe higher. 
Ugh I hate this stuff. But you can't hate the players, just the game. We need tech patent reform. Before long it's going to be impossible to create new tech without stepping on someone's vague patented concept. 
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