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"We have a lot more to cover"? This might be too literal, but I think the "one more thing" is going to be something crazy with the ipad covers. There are already rumors that the hinges aren't the same as before.
I don't think you're recalling apple history very well. Apple has always had a range of products that weren't all bleeding edge tech. IPod nano, MacBook, eMac, even iMac wasn't originally as high end as it is now. But the difference is rock solid design in each one.
 Depends on how you're making this square. If you keep the courtyard in the middle, then it's going to take longer with a square. I think you're taking out the courtyard to make the square (creating lots of sad office space nowhere near a window). Walking across the courtyard will be pretty nice. We're talking about a part of the world where the weather is nearly perfect almost every day of the year.
That sim is going into something suspiciously watch-sized.
This is not a ripoff. First, try taking a US phone to canada. I did last week. Sprint blocked my data and my only option was to buy a block of 100mb for $30 (a ridiculous price). My friend used roaming data on At&t and was cut off automatically after using 20mb and had a bill of $300. $300 for 20mb. I would gladly take free 2g when I'm out of the country.
I noticed this at the Apple store with the 5s. So many of them had icons shifted to one side or the other because of the parallax effect.
 It's not literally a radio station. It's online streaming of music. Are you saying that music itself is dying? 
 It's true. It's beautiful. Great natural environment and perfect weather. Regulations are a bit of a drag, but I'd rather that than have people trashing the place. 
This is only somewhat related, but I just love how classy it is that they're having apricot trees -- traditionally grown in that area -- instead of apple trees. Any other company named "Apple" wouldn't be able to help themselves. All trees would be apple trees and the whole thing would be painted red. It's a small thing, but it's one of the reasons I really appreciate Apple as a company.
New Posts  All Forums: