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PTT was considered so cool in the early 2000s. I think it just made people feel important or that they were using a newer ( and therefore fancier) kind of phone.
Wait a minute, you can identify someone by the electrical signals of their heart? Fascinating.
 Very true. There is some incredibly weird market psychology in play when you're talking about the stock with the most attention in the world. But markets eventually arrive at a fair price. 
Still an ugly watch. Cool, but ugly.
It's a great compromise. The story is about a specific family and that specific family is celebrating Christmas. But since Apple wants sell as many idevices as possible, they open up the message a little to everyone else at the end. Well played. An easy way to speak to more people with a touching story. 
Well done. Theyre finding a new voice and it's awesome.
Sounds very watch-related. The OLED expert Apple hired awhile back (I'm forgetting his name) also had expertise in curved displays.
Wow. One thing that's become clear through this whole story. Doing deals with China Mobile must be a complete nightmare. Good on Apple for focusing on the long game.
 I partially feel this way, but let me tell you... after a weeklong road trip this summer, using Siri in the car... it was awkward at first, but by the third day, I had no trouble talking to Siri and asking for directions, sending text messages, looking up the nearest gas station. It didn't take long to make it feel completely natural. These shifts can happen so quickly. 
I saw them changing the logo to red at the 5th Av cube last night. Unbelievable amount of effort to reach the apple. They built scaffolding from the sales floor around the spiral staircase that met in the middle high above the staircase. They had to cover all the glass handrails on the staircase with cardboard just in case a tool fell. All while the store was still open (5th av is open 24hrs)
New Posts  All Forums: