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 Yeah, you're missing how CarPlay works. It's basically a protocol for displaying video on a screen and sending touch information back to the iphone. It's very lightweight and there's no reason why even IOS15 won't be able to interface with it. It's like a more sophisticated wireless touchpad + monitor.  The brains are still in the phone itself. 
If you think people are going to stop trying to make calls and look up directions in the car, it's just not realistic. If we can make doing that kind of thing hands free and dead simple, we'll stop a lot of accidents in this weird time that we're in technologically -- cool enough to have mini computers but not quite enough for self-driving cars. 
 That's where the vast majority of jobs are headed, first labor, then knowledge-based jobs, then even a lot of creativity-based jobs. There will come a day that a computer can design a better robot than a team of engineers can. We're going to need an entirely different social system. 
Came to ask about gas leaking as well. Seems impractical to have people recharging their speaker gasses.
 Absolutely, I bet they've either made a micro mirror to bounce light from 2 leds out of a single point or possibly even an led which can adjust its own white balance. 
It's totally possible that they hired him not to replicate Atlas software functionality, but to make sure that the raw data being provided by the iWatch was sufficient to allow Atlas to make an App for the iWatch.    That said, no idea why they wouldn't just buy out Atlas entirely unless Atlas is just insistent on being an independent company. There may be behind-the-scenes deals with Atlas providing an exclusive app for the iWatch. 
That would be fascinating, but it's definitely concerning how late so many of these hires have come on board. Is there any chance they were stealth-hired much earlier, but the moves were only made public much later?
What's up with the Android dropdown on that 3rd screenshot? http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/gallery/9708-1605-140626-Opera_Mini-1-l.png
Oh you've got to be kidding me.   Good luck to you TV corps. You can only legislate your business for so long. 
I guess I just mean you can't say that 14% of watch wearers would buy an iwatch for $350 if you only mean "watch wearers that make 130k". It's fine, it's just not the same stat.
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