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We can only hope that analysts have embarrassed themselves so many times by overhyping expectations that they will finally realize that AAPL is serious when they say they're going to come in within a range. 
This is where Apple's chip manufacturing is going to come in. They can make a very specialized, very low-power chip that uses very little power and offloads anything remotely intensive to the iphone. Couple that with an oled screen with interfaces designed to avoid lighting up the whole panel (likely a motivating factor in ios7's sparseness), plus solar trickle charging, plus kinetic charging, plus a flexible thin battery in the strap... you could end up with something...
If you just want to listen to the same songs over and over, then yes. But the ability to listen to any song ever at any moment is pretty compelling if you have wide-ranging listening habits.
 If they've got a functioning watch, I'd love to see it. I'd love to see specs. I'd love to see a price. This is still a concept video. 
Until we see one of these in the wild, this is still just a concept video. Call me when this is a real thing. 
Between this and the WWE app, we're seeing test pieces of AppleTv come together
I haven't used it personally, but in demos that I've seen, it looks like Google has done a lot of work on making an interface work in very limited space for Glass. I wouldn't be surprised to see them basically transfer that card interface straight to the watch.
There's no way Apple wouldn't have known this was in the works. 
I have a hard time believing Jony would make a Samsung Galaxy clone. This is missing some key Appleness.  
Tim has explicitly said they're not merging ios and osx. I could see ios gaining some more functionality that makes it more usable as a laptop replacement (basically, some sort of file system that lets apps share files other than just photos).
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