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In the Brazilian constitution it specifically says you can't express yourself anonymously? WTF? That is insane.
It's not crazy, Curacao is one of the most stable countries in the area, with a high standard of living. It's not easy to find South or Central American countries that don't have some degree of political or social or economic instability.
These are all things that Wolfram Alpha answers, really. Hopefully Apple's got a good agreement with them because without Wolfram Alpha, Siri would only be able to do web searches. MAYBE they're working something out with IBM and Watson. (Dreaming here.)
What is up with those Foursquare colors
I think this is just Beats PR doing one more social media post. The pill people aren't invited to Dre's party, AKA we're not going to see them again in any Apple-beats ads.
How totally weird.
 I don't even know what to say about this. You should read more about how the stock market works.
I wish they would just come out and admit that copying anything Apple does or is rumored to launch soon is their strategy. It's getting silly at this point. 
Ohhhhhhh snap. This is awesome. 
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