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The editing and music make this trailer seem infinitely better than the clips I've seen so far.
It's weird. If Google is taking some customers by using stock Android, rather than Samsung's weird version... Samsung is totally free to use stock android also. Instead, they're going to make an entirely new OS.
Until I can program on my iPad at a coffeeshop, it's MacBook Air all the way
I bet everything with a home button is getting a fingerprint scanner
16gb ipod touch is $229. I bet they can get a radio in there for $70, especially with the plastic case.    I don't think they're going to try for this market without going for blood. 
  The 5c will be the high-end emerging-market phone. I'm making this up, of course, but I'm guessing the cheapest one will be just a hair under $300. 
I'm surprised there's so much disagreement here. I just assumed the plan was to drop the 5 and the 4S. They need TD-LTE support (and potentially a few other important hardware related things) across the whole lineup. 
Must have been really hard for him not to mention China Mobile compatibility of the new iPhone. I have no idea how they never seem to slip up and accidentally let on that a future product exists.
It remains to be seen if this is a good thing. Just because the 5 has a higher price doesn't mean it has higher margins. 
Somehow I don't think they're going to send him an iTunes gift certificate as a token of thanks.
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