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It threw me too but it's a i, not an LIn some fonts upper case I(i) looks like lower case l (L)
The 7 for 1 split is genius, psychologically.   10 for 1 and we'd still be stuck at the same levels because people would just mentally move the decimal point. Oh, $53? That's the old $530.    But with 7 for 1, you don't have people hanging onto those undervalued numbers. Most people can't easily eyeball a 1/7th division quickly, so they have a chance to revalue the stock without the gut feeling that is just somehow isn't worth more than x because that's where it had...
Oh hells yes. I know stock splits are technically meaningless, but AAPL has been weighed down by completely meaningless negative sentiment. A psychological reset like this might just get things moving up to a reasonable valuation.
Will the patience last? What in the world are they talking about? Wall Street already has has ZERO patience for Apple. They've been ridiculously punished for having the best balance sheet and only the slightest uncertainty about exactly how much growth to expect.
That was was a great ad. Also I love the heart rate shot. Laying the groundwork for healthbook. Only question for me was... What was the rocket launching app??? How would that work?
I really like this strategy. They're chipping their way around the tv dial. The more channels they get to sign on, the more other channels will feel pressure to sign on. Then as more channels are signed on, they'll start competing with better availability of content, showing things as they air, not just after.    Hopefully Apple is trying to get some exclusivity deals. It would be sad if they did all the work in figuring out the business viability with these channels and...
Depending on how much Aapl stock you're holding, it can feel very personal.
 APPL goes down on all news. On good news, it goes down a little, on neutral news it goes down a lot, and don't even ask what happens when there is bad news.  AAPL is trading with bad sentiment right now. One day the tide will turn, but until now, all news is "bad" news. 
I think you've got unusual thumbs. I use TouchId all the time and it works 99% of the time on the first try.
I'm probably dreaming here, but how amazing would it be if the AppleTv were a full-on serious game console? Not just something to play casual iphone games, but straight-up xbox/playstation level stuff.   Or maybe I'm not dreaming. They didn't buy PrimesSense for nothing. 
New Posts  All Forums: