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That sim is going into something suspiciously watch-sized.
This is not a ripoff. First, try taking a US phone to canada. I did last week. Sprint blocked my data and my only option was to buy a block of 100mb for $30 (a ridiculous price). My friend used roaming data on At&t and was cut off automatically after using 20mb and had a bill of $300. $300 for 20mb. I would gladly take free 2g when I'm out of the country.
I noticed this at the Apple store with the 5s. So many of them had icons shifted to one side or the other because of the parallax effect.
 It's not literally a radio station. It's online streaming of music. Are you saying that music itself is dying? 
 It's true. It's beautiful. Great natural environment and perfect weather. Regulations are a bit of a drag, but I'd rather that than have people trashing the place. 
This is only somewhat related, but I just love how classy it is that they're having apricot trees -- traditionally grown in that area -- instead of apple trees. Any other company named "Apple" wouldn't be able to help themselves. All trees would be apple trees and the whole thing would be painted red. It's a small thing, but it's one of the reasons I really appreciate Apple as a company.
 Not really true. Earnings per share go up, P/E goes up, each share becomes a larger piece of the company. If buybacks don't matter, then dilution of shares wouldn't matter either. But just as no one wants their shares diluted, buybacks are a real and good thing.
 It's not typical, but it's entirely possible for a company to own itself and be governed by a board of directors. They could choose to issue privately held shares, but it wouldn't be a legal requirement. 
Good luck with that. I will note that that's the same marketing angle Blackberry used on it's way out. Apple was a cool looking toy, but Blackberry was for people who got things done.
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