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3-4 hours means something is wrong. My old 4s also last all day unless I'm doing crazy stuff like constantly taking pics and editing them all day.
It's only half the price if you're in the United States. For emerging markets, it's 5/6 the price. Hardly a dent.
The only thing I can possibly think of here is... Apple got China Mobile to subsidize the iPhone.  If that's not the case, then I really have no idea what's going on with the price.
Wait what? The 5c is $733 in China? Why would they charge almost $200 more for it in China than in the US?   Something is wrong here for sure. 
I can't believe it's not slightly cheaper. I guess there's a method to the madness, but this is not a cheap phone for emerging markets.    Though it's still entirely possible they'll have a td-lte version that is slightly cheaper for the China market. 
The article is written in a funny way. It's not sharing between AppleTvs necessarily, it's sharing between itunes accounts. It's super useful at my apartment. 3 roommates with 3 itunes accounts, 1 appletv Heck, I imagine in most families, each person might have their own itunes account. An aside, I hope they disallow content providers from using the word "watch" on their icons. It adds a super cheesy tone to the whole thing. Check out the new Disney icons (and ESPN,...
I have a hard time believing this is just a hardware update, but there have been zero leaks. Maybe this is the doubling down on security.
I don't think the finger has to slide over with the Authentec scanners. You just touch it. 
I can't imagine they'd allow a cut of app sales. Every carrier would then want it. 
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