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Yep. You can see a few bubbles under the protective film.
The thing is, if you can record 120fps, you can pretty easily SUPER slow it down in software without making things look blurry. 
We've been over this a million times. iPhone is the gateway product. If they can make a cheaper but solid phone for less without hurting margins, that's great. They have a big history of this very thing with the iPod line. I don't know if they can swing this. But I'd love to see this new phone become the "iPhone" with the current style of ultra slim and light being the "iPhone Air"
WHAT. This can't be real. Actually I'm pretty sure they're not real because they're missing model number "designed by apple in california" all the FCC symbols.
Total andcdote, but twice I've been in loud bars with TVs and the commercial came on and there was something about the quietness of it that made nearly everyone stop talking and watch it. Obviously these spots aren't going to make someone run out and buy an Apple product, but I think it's a smart move to shore up their brand attributes during this new product lull.
Pretty much. But it's still cool to see them hit this market hard. It makes it tough for another company to come in and say "iPhones are for play, we're for serious business"
It's funny, but I think it looks much better on the ipad than on the iphone. The app headers feel much better with more space. 
It's not that thick actually.
It probably will be just a bit cheaper than the 4S but not much. Rather than selling last year's phone as the cheap one, they'll have an up to date one with less "jewelry" engineering. MacBook vs MacBook Pro. This is necessary because of china. They have to make a phone with tdlte, so relying on on the 5 won't cut it.
I really, really can't see how this makes sense. They're going to let their flagship phone go un-updated for 2 years? There will at least be a spec bump, which is what the s traditionally is.
New Posts  All Forums: