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So much for the unnamed sources citing no demand for the new iPhones.
I think the space gray is a direct response to the scratching/nicking issue on the black iPhones. It's possible that the space gray is easier to anodize to a bigger depth. Also there would be less contrast when scratches do happen.
 Thing is, stock price has nothing to do with the health of the business. Over time, it should reflect the health of the business, but as they say... the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
I think I need to just stop reading stock sites for a month or two. It's too stressful being an AAPL shareholder and watching people constantly freak out.   Company insane amounts of profit, has more cash than it knows what to do with -- investors ready to jump ship at the slightest rumor.
 You registered to post that?
It starts to paint a really interesting picture of the watch:   * styling helped by a fashion team headed by formed YSL ceo * 20nm chips produced by TMSC for power efficiency * flexible display team led by Dr. James Lee  * extreme battery life using solar recharging * M7 or similar motion coprocessor for orienting the display to user (especially if it's a seamless, around the band display), tracking for fitness and nav apps * Minimalist, high contrast Siri (and...
Somehow, I don't believe that they're going to short AAPL.
3-4 hours means something is wrong. My old 4s also last all day unless I'm doing crazy stuff like constantly taking pics and editing them all day.
It's only half the price if you're in the United States. For emerging markets, it's 5/6 the price. Hardly a dent.
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