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There are just a few key things that need to be fixed ASAP. Going on a road trip, I made a playlist and hit "Make available offline" on the playlist. It proceeded to do something that looked like downloading each song. As soon as I was outside data range, it became clear that none of the songs were actually available offline. So at a Starbucks with wifi, I tried it again. Make playlist available offline. It showed downloading activity for each song. Once it was done, I...
It's totally possible that he was never psyched to be working at Apple long-term, but stayed on to make sure the transition happened smoothly. The departure is only a surprise to us on the outside. This may very well have been their agreement from the outset of the acquisition. 
The Walmart Apple displays I've seen are so sad. Weirdly, the electronics section is always the section most in disarray. Way more than any of the food aisles. 
There's a good chance the AppleTv does a lot more than TV. 
I've heard a lot of people say that, and none of them are ever geneticists. 
It has been incredibly hard to increase diversity of engineers at my work, even though we've made a very serious effort to recruit and even favor underrepresented categories. Applicants for the job are OVERWHELMINGLY male and white or Asian. We're talking about 20 to 1 ratio.The discrepancy starts farther back than hiring, that's definitely sure. Engineering colleges are overwhelmingly male. Applicants to engineering colleges are overwhelmingly male. Where does it begin? I...
It's not even worth complaining about how little shame they have about blatant copying. 
Not all current 11 million Apple Music subscribers will stick around, but I predict they'll have at least 11 million paying subscribers by the end of the year. A lot of people haven't even upgraded to 8.4 yet. iOS 9 will bring a new influx as will everyone buying a 6s.
I really need to get a job as an analyst. If the stock goes up, upgrade the stock. If the stock goes down, downgrade the stock. You never need to actually predict anything.
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