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Repelled? Really?
This is the laptop for everyone buying iPads and putting external keyboards on them.
You have to realize that speed comparisons happen each year, even though the low end processors of today beat high end processors of two years ago. 4 years ago I was running Lightroom and Photoshop quite happily on a processor slower than this Core M. It's certainly fast enough for the average user'so needs.
It's true, there are different things that are appropriate for different-sized screens. The watch will take over a lot of compulsive, small action things that phones currently do. But you're not going to read kindle books on your watch, you're not going to watch itunes movies on your watch, you're not going play angry birds... But the watch will take over notifications, quick responses, quick replies, things like the "today" widgets of iOS notification center. It's all the...
It might just be the crazy text message fees all over again.   For a time, cell phone companies were charging $20/month for unlimited text messaging. iMessage shows up, routes messages as normal data. New cell phone plans don't bother charging extra for text messaging, but the base data fee is higher. End price is exactly the same.   Most people get their internet through cable companies. If enough people cancel the TV service, the data rates will just go up.    Only...
There's no way they used models as fake design team members. Those people definitely work at Apple at least in some way related to design.
All Watch apps need iPhone apps. If Apple is inviting people to HQ to work on Watch apps, it's developers of popular iPhone apps -- regardless of company size. 
"Apple Pay" "Android Pay" "Samsung Pay" Come on guys, aren't you even a little bit embarrassed? Come up with your own name at least.
You've got to be kidding me with those rounded edges. Why even bother if you're just going to copy so hard?
When you set aside the "horse race" of market share, etc... it seems like the other manufacturers are not running great businesses. How can you continue to operate if you're losing money? Why would you bother continuing to operate if you're just barely breaking even? They've got to give up at some point.
New Posts  All Forums: