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I've heard a lot of people say that, and none of them are ever geneticists. 
It has been incredibly hard to increase diversity of engineers at my work, even though we've made a very serious effort to recruit and even favor underrepresented categories. Applicants for the job are OVERWHELMINGLY male and white or Asian. We're talking about 20 to 1 ratio.The discrepancy starts farther back than hiring, that's definitely sure. Engineering colleges are overwhelmingly male. Applicants to engineering colleges are overwhelmingly male. Where does it begin? I...
It's not even worth complaining about how little shame they have about blatant copying. 
Not all current 11 million Apple Music subscribers will stick around, but I predict they'll have at least 11 million paying subscribers by the end of the year. A lot of people haven't even upgraded to 8.4 yet. iOS 9 will bring a new influx as will everyone buying a 6s.
I really need to get a job as an analyst. If the stock goes up, upgrade the stock. If the stock goes down, downgrade the stock. You never need to actually predict anything.
Not sure why everyone keeps predicting this. Even in the U.S., Apple market share is growing.Why does no one ever say this about Google? If they lost their search dominance, they would be done. Search ads subsidize all their other activities, including and especially Android.
Came here to mention this. This article makes a lot of valid points, but knocking android's green color is a little silly.
I'm sure this has nothing at all to do with Apple's unwillingness to provide access to user data and back doors to encryption.    I'm sure it's a perfectly normal thing for the senate to investigate a company that doesn't even have 50% of the the music streaming market share for antitrust/monopoly violations. 
It's crazy how excited people get for any chance to claim that Apple is doomed. I'm not concerned for the company, but I do get concerned for the brand when I see so many people rooting for them to fail. What other companies get that kind of hate directed their way?
Beats1 adds an enormous amount of goodwill for Apple among younger demographics. Overnight, they went from a music service provider to the company that funds one of the best new-music radio stations in the world. Sounds like an exaggeration, but Beats 1 is closer to beloved local indie stations like KCRW and WFMU than anything else. 
New Posts  All Forums: