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It's ok, these guys are experts. I'm sure they managed to put it all back together. 
Sounds like the extreme version of office perks so extensive that you stop having any other kind of life. Need to eat? Go to the company cafeteria. Sick? Come in to work anyhow and go to the company clinic. Need to wash your clothes? No you don't, there's an on-site dry cleaner. Thinking about starting a family? Nah, you have too many meetings this week. How about we just pay to freeze your eggs instead?
Bose can go sell their stuff in Brookstone. Good luck!
I was going to say, I thought when a company goes into bankruptcy, the shares are dissolved. Maybe I don't understand stocks as well as I thought I did. 
Every iPhone sold in China is a miracle to Me. How many would sell in the US if you had to throw down $800 at time of sale?
I will say, they seem to be cutting it CRAZY close with all of this. All map updates pushed off, Health stuff not working, problems with extension signing, publishing an update and then pulling it after it's already out...  I bet it's been all-nighters in Cupertino for awhile now. 
hopefully they kept the designers. Itunes could learn a lot about UX and fun visuals from beats. It's crazy how Apple seems to lag when it comes to software design.
 It works right or left handed. You can flip the whole interface.
I like this. Totally different use case than the Apple watch. Just passive set and forget tracking of activity and sleep, super low-cost.   It could be the gateway drug to smarter wearables for a lot of people. 
Considering that someone hacked/gained access to my PayPal account and bought about $2000 worth of Amazon and Ebay items and PayPal never caught it and even basically accused me of trying to scam them when I called in to report the fraud, they can take this ad and shove it. 
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