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Not sure why everyone keeps predicting this. Even in the U.S., Apple market share is growing.Why does no one ever say this about Google? If they lost their search dominance, they would be done. Search ads subsidize all their other activities, including and especially Android.
Came here to mention this. This article makes a lot of valid points, but knocking android's green color is a little silly.
I'm sure this has nothing at all to do with Apple's unwillingness to provide access to user data and back doors to encryption.    I'm sure it's a perfectly normal thing for the senate to investigate a company that doesn't even have 50% of the the music streaming market share for antitrust/monopoly violations. 
It's crazy how excited people get for any chance to claim that Apple is doomed. I'm not concerned for the company, but I do get concerned for the brand when I see so many people rooting for them to fail. What other companies get that kind of hate directed their way?
Beats1 adds an enormous amount of goodwill for Apple among younger demographics. Overnight, they went from a music service provider to the company that funds one of the best new-music radio stations in the world. Sounds like an exaggeration, but Beats 1 is closer to beloved local indie stations like KCRW and WFMU than anything else. 
This is part of the marketing plan -- you can hear it in the way the DJs talk about future shows. They're constantly checking with each other about which shows they're allowed to talk about yet. And in the app and on the Tumblr, the list of shows only slowly grows.   It's smart, rather than one big mega article with a massive list of shows, they're trickling them out a bit at a time, giving more people a chance to come across mention of one. 
People made fun of Beats 1 being "old world", but there's no rule that says that just because it's streaming audio, no humans can be involved. Just because it's not being broadcast from a tower, why should that stop people from creating curated programming? The radio format can be a great medium on it's own if done well -- and they're doing it really well.
Totally convinced they're making an optional physical keyboard for the iPad pro. It will be based on the new MacBook keyboard. Explains why they used San Francisco on the MacBook keyboard and updated iOS to it at the same time, when they've never cared about having the same typeface on both -- this new iPad software keyboard is a digital twin of its upcoming physical cousin..
Luckily not too many normal people will learn about Apple Music by watching that keynote because damn. The promo site though: http://www.apple.com/music/?itscg=1001&at=1000lGN&ct=US-google&cid=wwa-us-kwg-music They did a great job with that. 
ES6 does.
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