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Where exactly are all these tablets? I'm always on the lookout for which tablets people are using in the subway and coffee shops in NYC and iPads are at least 9 out of 10, maybe higher. 
Ugh I hate this stuff. But you can't hate the players, just the game. We need tech patent reform. Before long it's going to be impossible to create new tech without stepping on someone's vague patented concept. 
AAPL p/e got crazy compressed before the run to $700. Same thing happening here. One day it will compress to a stupidly low level and there will be another crazy run. At least that's what I'm holding out for. 
Sure, it would be great if people just donated to charities simply because they felt it was the right thing to do. But this practice has evolved because charities have found they can drum up more money if they make a spectacle that can be promoted and talked about.    I'd say it's about pragmatism. If $1000 given with 70% selfless motivations and 30% selfish motivations, it's still more useful than $100 given with 100% selfless motivations. 
 Seriously? This guy is the Vice President of Communications?
Prediction:   Larger screen iPad launches with AppleTv revamp. Apple Tv turns out to not be a device specifically, but a service. A service that happens to look particularly great on a giant iPad.  Apple Tv box evolves to become a highly focused, but limited iOS device that runs the TV service on HDMI displays. 
I mean seriously, they're about 500% better than the barking dog and and the church bells and the "Bad to the Bone" piano riff. 
I had these suspicions. A: I secretly love Owl City to unending scorn from my too-cool-for-school friends. B: I loved the new sounds. C: There is one called "Night Owl"
It makes sense. A big number of the iPads I see in the wild (coffee shops, planes, trains) are being used with a bluetooth keyboard. I work near a university and tons of students are at the local coffee shop typing up their papers on iPads instead of laptops. 
"We have a lot more to cover"? This might be too literal, but I think the "one more thing" is going to be something crazy with the ipad covers. There are already rumors that the hinges aren't the same as before.
New Posts  All Forums: