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They're going to have to bump up storage after Google's store-all-your-photos-free announcement at IO. I don't need "free", but I do need to not max out before I save everything currently on my phone. 
Well deserved! 
Honestly, Kanye would be the perfect artist for this and it shows the involvement of the Beats team. Kanye is somebody who makes people feel something, whether they love him or hate him (but is generally respected for his music, aside from his polarizing persona). U2 was so "safe" that not too many people have feelings about them one way or another. Safe isn't cool.
 Where do you get your 4k content? 
Kind of genius. The micro hotspot might be the future of letting the Apple Watch work without an iPhone. Only need a tiny extra thing in your pocket. But, if you bring your phone as well, it can connect to the micro hotspot too rather than needing its own sim and data plan. 
Depends on how the team is structured, but if he was essentially the product director at Beats, I think there's hope that a little of that UI flair will make it into the new product.
This actually sounds pretty nice. And the fact that Trent Reznor oversaw the Beats app and is now overseeing development of this gives me confidence that's it's not going to turn into the soulless UIkit assemblage that Apple's native apps have tended to gravitate towards in recent years.
They should take on the Beats name, not iTunes. Beats has better brand equity at this point.
It is sad, but I think they're doing it for a much more cynical reason. They don't have to outdo Apple. They just have to confuse the average person who doesn't follow things as closely as we do. They just have to confuse them enough to think "oh look at all these tech companies doing cool things with materials" and eat into Apple's marketing edge. If "cool materials" doesn't seem special anymore, then people are back to buying the cheaper phone, whoever makes it.
It's pretty safe to say that multitasking is coming with this iPad. Maybe also an official keyboard cover based on the new Macbook keys?
New Posts  All Forums: