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It is sad, but I think they're doing it for a much more cynical reason. They don't have to outdo Apple. They just have to confuse the average person who doesn't follow things as closely as we do. They just have to confuse them enough to think "oh look at all these tech companies doing cool things with materials" and eat into Apple's marketing edge. If "cool materials" doesn't seem special anymore, then people are back to buying the cheaper phone, whoever makes it.
It's pretty safe to say that multitasking is coming with this iPad. Maybe also an official keyboard cover based on the new Macbook keys?
If downtown Palo Alto can handle an Apple store, the Upper East Side can handle an Apple store. Geez.
Many deaf people speak and could still use speech-to-text transcription. Also, Apple Watch heavily uses predictive responses in text messages. So you get a whole list of possible responses. 
I'm impressed. This is still all rather subtle marketing out in the world of people who don't read Apple blogs, but they're doing a good job of making sure the watch is seen out in the world on NON-TECH people first.
"the company's in-house technical team, which had been working on a streaming solution since 2011." Since 2011??? Geez.
The framing that someone IS a felon is very different than saying someone did something that is designated as a felony. It's the difference between saying that someone did something bad or that they ARE bad. Do you want a bad person working on your project? Of course not. Do you want some one who did something bad working on your project? Well that depends. What else do we know about them?
So he's not allowed to care more about the country he lives in, the country where his nearly-trillion dollar company is headquartered in? Why is is hypocritical to care more about something happening in your own back yard? Also, not like HP had any problems selling to anyone and everyone.
It's a very Apple touch to send out a smoothing tool along with the decals.
Repelled? Really?
New Posts  All Forums: