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I know it's a meaningless increase, but most people are not emotionless logic-only investors.    Even beyond the "it's cheaper, so I'll buy it" thing. Apple was stagnant for so long, people feel like they "know" what range it should be in. This shakes up everyones head a little. Now 700 doesn't feel like such a psychological barrier. Maybe we'll actually get a more fair valuation without that baggage. 
Love it. No more reason to think about where the thing you're looking for might be -- just search.
If they can track calorie consumption on a wrist, that will be a MAJOR technical achievement. Almost so major that I think this rumor can't be true. I would love to be surprised though.
This exactly it. I don't know how people can compare them. iTunes Radio and Pandora choose music to play at me and stop me from skipping after awhile if I dislike their choices.Spotify and Rdio will play almost any song I want, any time, as many times as I want. It's a completely different thing!
I'm really surprised they didn't announce transit directions in maps. I wonder if they're saving that for the iPhone 6 announcement... or if it's not going to be in ios8 at all :|
Ha, chicken fat. What a completely weird yet awesome song. I hope one day we'll hear the story behind Apple picking these slightly dangerous songs (remember the Pixies song about the big load?)
Most excited about the extensions in regards to the camera app. In the demo they showed vsco filters right inside the default camera app.
 I don't believe much of anything when it comes to stocks, but I like to hear the reasoning behind people's predictions. 
 In a fair world, it would be. I know we're all just predicting, but what's your timeline for that? 
Hilarious. Raise targets when it's already on the way up, drop them when it's already on the way down. Why are we hanging around this board? We could all be analysts.
New Posts  All Forums: