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As much as I don't like ads, I'm totally fine with this. With all the useless billboards around NYC, I'd rather have ads that pay for useful services.
"Alipay has yet to take off in a meaningful way at retail, relying on clunky QR codes" Someone should tell CurrentC
Still no extensions for photos. :( Even though it was featured in WWDC as one of the cool uses of extensions.
Monopolies are bad because a company is using its complete dominance to reduce competition and create an unfair market. This is the very definition of normal competition. Other stores could take this opportunity to feature fitbit even more.
If Apple were the only electronics store, or if Apple was so dominant that their stores were the default electronics store for 90% of America, then you could call it monopolistic behavior.
As much as I would love for Apple to go head to head with Google in the search business, this is Google's strongest area. Can they really compete?
As much as it pains me to admit this, the concepts in "Material Design" are much more thought through than Apple's default ios styles. In fact, with a few very pointed distinctions, most of the concepts in material are inspired by what most top-tier not-from-Apple ios apps end up doing. 
Because Apple just had the best quarter ever and released new product category developed under Cook's leadership. He first proved his leadership of Apple beyond a shadow of a doubt before bringing any attention at all to himself. Very measured and responsible move, as usual.
 Terrible shame how those iPhones aren't cross-platform. Good luck making any money selling those. 
Good for him! And he couldn't have picked a better time to do it, either. After the last quarter, even the most backward person cannot deny that he isn't doing an awesome job running the biggest company on earth.
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