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You've got to be kidding me with those rounded edges. Why even bother if you're just going to copy so hard?
When you set aside the "horse race" of market share, etc... it seems like the other manufacturers are not running great businesses. How can you continue to operate if you're losing money? Why would you bother continuing to operate if you're just barely breaking even? They've got to give up at some point.
It would be nice for them to address the obsolescence question, but...   After working on a Watchkit App, it becomes clear that the Apple Watch is designed mostly as wearable external monitor for the iPhone. In Xcode, the simulator is even listed under "External monitors", shared with iPhone video-out. The Apple watch will likely get thinner, get better battery life, get a better screen, get wireless charging, get fancier health sensors, get style updates... but the core...
You can imagine street view type detail integrated into flyover. Right now flyover works great as a flyover, but you can zoom down to street level. What if this data was seamlessly integrated into one perfect 3d model?
It's not one of the top 3? I would be shocked if it beat cash, credit, and debit right out of the gate.
I really wish Apple had acquired MFP. The interface leaves a little to be desired, but as a whole it's the only calorie tracker that actually works. The database has every food ever. The barcode scanning works perfectly. It integrates with basically every other fitness app and service that exists.
Let's see. Which one do you think is more likely? That Google can build a relatively simple app that routes drivers to people who need rides (a slight feature on top of Google maps)? Or that Uber can start from scratch and build their own self-driving car? Google copies, but Uber is run by jerks. I'm enjoying this no matter how it turns out.
I wish there were a video feed of the call. I really want to see Tim report the numbers and just drop the mic and walk out.   
I would love some actual Chinese people to weigh in on this, but I get the sense that Apple adapts to Asian markets much more gracefully than Samsung adapts to American markets.
Well that is how things worked with the web and email before we started this app nonsense where you have to download 40mb binary files to access a single thing.
New Posts  All Forums: