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 Not really true. Earnings per share go up, P/E goes up, each share becomes a larger piece of the company. If buybacks don't matter, then dilution of shares wouldn't matter either. But just as no one wants their shares diluted, buybacks are a real and good thing.
 It's not typical, but it's entirely possible for a company to own itself and be governed by a board of directors. They could choose to issue privately held shares, but it wouldn't be a legal requirement. 
Good luck with that. I will note that that's the same marketing angle Blackberry used on it's way out. Apple was a cool looking toy, but Blackberry was for people who got things done.
Wow. Just wow. That's just shameless.   They couldn't have waited a few months to try and play it off as a new idea?
Ah, the low budget ipad to go with that new low budget iphone.
Those dirty schemers at Apple are cheating by releasing multiple new products in more countries and selling more of them than ever before! How dare they!
 Not sure if sarcasm there, but why does it matter if the "more people" buying it are American or Chinese? Bottom line, Apple made more iPhones and sold more iPhones. There's no funny business in those numbers. 
I love this whole "new markets don't count as growth" theory. They're selling more iPhones.   Under that logic, Apple would do just as well to manufacture literally one single iPhone each year and sell it in the market of "My house". Same relative sales, right? Why go through all the bother of making millions of them if it's all the same difference?   More is more, and we'll see that in the 4th quarter numbers. 
I can't wait to read the analyst takebacks today. Nine. Million. And sold out on 5S too, which means the initial tidal wave is not close to being over.
I checked them out at the apple store yesterday. I'll admit it -- I like the 5c design better than the 5s. It feels so solid. I'm still going with the 5s though. The new camera and fingerprint win for me.
New Posts  All Forums: