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 are you getting it? These are not three separate devices, this is one device, and we are calling it... iWatch http://news.rapgenius.com/Steve-jobs-iphone-keynote-2007-annotated
I'm getting pretty excited about the iwatch. Basic iPhone alert/info display, possible siri interface, fitbit on steroids (motion tracking, heart rate, oxygen rate, glucose meter), built in solar trickle charging for ridiculous battery life, self orienting display, who knows, authentication, maybe even dick tracy style facetime calls.
Can anyone explain to me why AAPL is down 8% aftermarket? Seriously now. 
Irrational sentiment is annoying, but it's going to shift eventually. At certain point the p/e will become so compressed that no rational person will be able to ignore it. When that moment of clarity comes, look out. We're going to blast off to another totally irrational high. Would be nice if Apple could just have a stable value relative to the success and profitability of its business.
There's certainly a good debate about what data should be available to advertisers. What's most interesting to me about this article is this list:  Makes me VERY excited for the launch iwatch. They're not just putting a screen on your wrist. They're going all out with sensors... they didn't make the M7 just to track gyro and accelerometers. 
Maybe Blackberry has a future as an accessories maker. 
Isn't Eddie Cue on the board of Porsche?
PTT was considered so cool in the early 2000s. I think it just made people feel important or that they were using a newer ( and therefore fancier) kind of phone.
Wait a minute, you can identify someone by the electrical signals of their heart? Fascinating.
 Very true. There is some incredibly weird market psychology in play when you're talking about the stock with the most attention in the world. But markets eventually arrive at a fair price. 
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