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I really wish Apple had acquired MFP. The interface leaves a little to be desired, but as a whole it's the only calorie tracker that actually works. The database has every food ever. The barcode scanning works perfectly. It integrates with basically every other fitness app and service that exists.
Let's see. Which one do you think is more likely? That Google can build a relatively simple app that routes drivers to people who need rides (a slight feature on top of Google maps)? Or that Uber can start from scratch and build their own self-driving car? Google copies, but Uber is run by jerks. I'm enjoying this no matter how it turns out.
I wish there were a video feed of the call. I really want to see Tim report the numbers and just drop the mic and walk out.   
I would love some actual Chinese people to weigh in on this, but I get the sense that Apple adapts to Asian markets much more gracefully than Samsung adapts to American markets.
Well that is how things worked with the web and email before we started this app nonsense where you have to download 40mb binary files to access a single thing.
That's why they call it MacRumors and not MacCertainties :)
Only natural in the system that we've designed. There is a huge power imbalance when companies make deals with each worker individually. All you need to say is "Hey, you won't work 16 hour shifts? I've got a line of people around the block who will." And the reason they will is -- they're afraid if they don't someone ELSE will. So it drives the value of the work down to the absolute minimum.  The reason tech workers get paid a lot isn't simply because they're skilled. It's...
As for this, I love it as a TV interface. At my house, the remote is always getting misplaced in other rooms, between the couch cushions... rendering the AppleTV useless until it's found. I know you can connect the remote app, but it needs to be signed in to the same iCloud account and we each have different iCloud accounts. It would be nice to have an always-there interface. 
I love them so much. I think they purposely draw it in a way that makes it look as dumb and pointless and clunky as possible, while still being technically accurate. Clearly this is for the AppleTV, but they show the "computer" as a 1990s tower and CRT monitor on a computer desk. 
I want to love Fitbit, but calorie counting on their app has been broken for about 2-3 months now for me. No idea how to fix it and the support boards say to just hang on a bit longer for a fix. 
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