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Most excited about the extensions in regards to the camera app. In the demo they showed vsco filters right inside the default camera app.
 I don't believe much of anything when it comes to stocks, but I like to hear the reasoning behind people's predictions. 
 In a fair world, it would be. I know we're all just predicting, but what's your timeline for that? 
Hilarious. Raise targets when it's already on the way up, drop them when it's already on the way down. Why are we hanging around this board? We could all be analysts.
Snow White was awesome. Much better than the weird mid-90s Performa style http://www.forevermac.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/macintosh-lc-520-300x264.jpg
It's kind of hilarious to see them position Glass as technology that "keeps you in the moment" when the primary objection to Glass is that your attention will forever be split between the online and offline worlds.
Apple bought luxvue to solve the display problem. They've got very low power micro LEDs
I'm sure they can come up with something that doesn't ruin the feel. If they're pulling down a security shutter at night, they could also have retractable pylons that looked like shiny mac pros or something
It threw me too but it's a i, not an LIn some fonts upper case I(i) looks like lower case l (L)
The 7 for 1 split is genius, psychologically.   10 for 1 and we'd still be stuck at the same levels because people would just mentally move the decimal point. Oh, $53? That's the old $530.    But with 7 for 1, you don't have people hanging onto those undervalued numbers. Most people can't easily eyeball a 1/7th division quickly, so they have a chance to revalue the stock without the gut feeling that is just somehow isn't worth more than x because that's where it had...
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