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That is a seriously ugly and large wrist-thing.
This is a little nutty. No phone or computer maker lists the amount of free space at purchase. They list the total space. It has been like this since the beginning of PCs.
 Geez, give her a chance. They need someone with her experience to retail the Apple Watch if it's going to be taken seriously as a fashionable thing, not just an ubergeek gadget.  I'm not sure what her makeup has to do with it. If you're questioning her sense of style since she's the head of retail, I wouldn't get hung up on one bad photo. It's not even her official Apple portrait. 
Smart quick reversal by Apple. It's a shame that YouTube got airtime as being a place to watch real movies. 
After spending 3 billion for Beats, hopefully they'll be consulting Jimmy and Dre for things like the U2 album promotion in the future. Anyone who understands music would realize that people's playlists are a very personal thing and not everyone in the world loves U2. 
Well deserved. Also, never noticed but Tim has some serious muscles. Guy is an overachiever in every way. I barely find time to workout and I'm not the CEO of anything.
Surely you jest. Iphone is the most wanted phone for teens. And carriers are moving to lease/installment plans so that an iPhone 6 is only $5 more a month than a lower cost Android.
Gotta love those price targets. Pretty confident it will make it to $113 since it's about 10 cents away.
That boat has long sailed.
Surely you're trolling.They wouldn't make another one of these if the first one didn't work. They've got the numbers.It's true they've got 3 styles of ads going and I like it. They've got the old school "smug hands, white background" for iPhone6, they've got fast paced graphical thing with the iPad, and now this general heartstrings approach for the whole apple brand.
New Posts  All Forums: