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My price target for AAPL by 12/31/15 is $165 per share.
 So, you are saying that downloading everything is easier (faster) than restoring from a backup on my Mac? I do not think so. My transfer speed through USB 2.0 is quicker than my internet download speed, as I believe it to be for most people.
 You seem to have overlooked this: I do not always use the iPad. Sometimes I use my iPhone 6 in the same place. 
  Okay. I did it at about 2/3 of the price: 64GB Cellular iPad 2 plugged into the car's power port so that I can say "Hey Siri" and give it commands to play music through the vehicle's stock Bluetooth stereo, or to ask for directions, or to ask Siri for the AAPL stock price, etc.    Sure it does, if you have a Bluetooth stereo like I do. They are also available for purchase separately. My backup camera is displayed on my vehicle's stock stereo.  Plus: I can and do take my...
You have $100,000+ in your wallet?
 An LG Super Drive? Every time that you refer to a Super Drive that is not an Apple product, you remind me of the people who say "iTouch" or "iWatch." SuperDrive is a trademark used by Apple Inc. for two different storage drives: from 1988–99 to refer to a high-density floppy disk drive capable of reading all major 3.5″ disk formats; and from 2001 onwards to refer to a CD/DVD reader/writer.
Neil Hughes wrote: "Compared to the Ion-X display, the sapphire cover reflects about twice as much ambient light. The sapphire on the Apple Watch is said to reflect about 8.2 percent of light, compared to just 4.6 percent with the Ion-X glass." Actually, compared to the Ion-X display, the sapphire cover reflects about 78% more ambient light; not about twice as much (100% more).
 Whoever believes that a 52.7% decline from 16.3 million is equal to 10.1 million is mathematically illiterate.
 I will.
 Actually, 40%.
New Posts  All Forums: