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Neil Hughes wrote: "Compared to the Ion-X display, the sapphire cover reflects about twice as much ambient light. The sapphire on the Apple Watch is said to reflect about 8.2 percent of light, compared to just 4.6 percent with the Ion-X glass." Actually, compared to the Ion-X display, the sapphire cover reflects about 78% more ambient light; not about twice as much (100% more).
 Whoever believes that a 52.7% decline from 16.3 million is equal to 10.1 million is mathematically illiterate.
 I will.
 Actually, 40%.
Touchless Apple Pay?How does one use Apple Pay without touching an iPhone?
AAPL will definitely reach $80 per share four to five years from now...   ... but only after another 7:1 split!
It is very scary looking at how much money I have been making since I went 100% AAPL many years ago.
I noticed that there are a lot of things on sale today and tomorrow. Maybe everything will have a new version soon. This is so weird. Huh?
 Free for taxpayers. But how will these pylons know who pays NY taxes and who does not?
 If everyone is wearing and using their what? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cux9T9wvERs&sns=em#t=3s
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