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   I cannot imagine why they did not meet their $10,000 goal. But this seems to have been worked out well:  They could be available in the future. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/huback-plug-play-no-more-turning-imac
 TomTom U.S.A does not work with CarPlay, as far as I know. But it works great for me with my own customized version of CarPlay with a 9.7" screen:  And, as long as I have the WiFi + Cellular iPad plugged into the power adapter, I can use Siri hands-free to open apps, play music, search for other directions using Apple's Maps app, etc. 
I use an iMac with a 3rd party Bluetooth keyboard and Apple's Magic Trackpad. I have zero problems.   I have, however, identified two minor issues with OS X 10.10 that will, hopefully, be resolved with the next update.
You can mark files as Favorites on your iPhone so that the files remain on your iPhone, and so that they are accessible without having a data connection: https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/267
 I do this once in a while. I have a Google Voice number, and a Skype subscription. I have Google voice set to ring both my iPhone number and Skype on my Mac. If I receive a call on my iPhone, and then realize that I would prefer to take the call on Skype on my Mac, I press the * key on my iPhone, Skype on my Mac rings, and I take the call through Skype on my Mac.  It works very well, and is very simple, once you get a Google Voice number and a Skype subscription.
 What about the 6 Plus?
 You mean "beginning 2012." Right?
 You are contradicting yourself. To clarify, the iPhone 6's display is about 40% larger than that of the 5s. 40% larger is noticeably larger.
Quote: Originally Posted by AppleInsider  With 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units presold in their first 24 hours of availability, investors on Wall Street are increasingly optimistic about the success of Apple's next-generation handsets, with predictions for the upcoming holiday edging higher to 60 million sales in a single quarter.     Apple will sell more than sixty million iPhones in Q4 2014.
New Posts  All Forums: