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Dude. I'm looking out my window and I just took this picture:
http://www.nullriver.com/products/netshareI'm not with NullRiver. I just copied the info from the App Store.
Even after you see it, you won't believe it.
My Mac doesn't have an alt key!
We didn't see the article until now. We're in line at the Apple store in anticipation of getting iPhones, Friday morning!
Actually, either one makes sense, by itself.
I recommend maxing your RAM to 4GB to speed up all of your applications. It's fairly inexpensive. If you do it, you'll definitely notice a big difference.
Good point. I assumed that everyone had run the Flash uninstaller before installing the Flash 10 Beta. That's probably your problem.
Sure it does! You may want to check a few things on your Mac to see why it may not be working.
I'm expecting half of everyone to run out and buy an iPhone!
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