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Steve said, "You're welcome." You were thanking Steve; right?
The only thing that is certain is:Nothing is certain!
Plus "Apple sold 1,703,000 million iPhones during the quarter." Does that mean that they've already exceeded the 10 million iPhone goal for the year... by a large margin?
iChat AV.
Skippy just came out with a peanut butter that defies peanut allergies.As a result, Jif (not jiffy) just went bankrupt.
That's not funny. It could happen.
It's Microsoft. You should have expected things that you didn't ask for.
For AppleInsiders readers only:5% off the $20 price for the remote if you buy one in the next 24 hours for the low price of $19 !!!Actually, an unused remote is a paperweight!But, I agree that most of the remotes that came with MacBooks are not used and Apple can adjust profitability slightly by not giving them away.
They've only got $12 billion ???!!! What happened ???!!!FYI: They're sitting on $18+ billion:http://www.macobserver.com/article/2008/02/26.7.shtml
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