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And are they "combatible" (and not "compatible")
... just not for a while.
Less than half as thick?
The company is now also controlled by 30,336 shareholders, of whom CEO Steve Jobs is only second with over 5.5 million shares; the biggest investor is Fidelity Investments, which owns nearly 56.6 million shares.
It would be nice if Safari would add the ability to add exceptions to blocking pop up windows like FireFox has.
The two million copies of Mac OS X Leopard includes the versions that were included with new Macs sold during this period of time.
For anyone who doesn't like the 3D dock, here's your free solution: http://www.eternalstorms.at/utilitie...t2d/index.html
It's best to leave the external HD connected and on at all times.Anatomy of a backup.For the initial backup, Time Machine copies the entire contents of the computer to your backup drive. It copies every file exactly (without compression), skipping caches and other files that aren’t required to restore your Mac to its original state. Following the initial backup, Time Machine makes only incremental backups — copying just the files that have changed since the previous...
Friday is not early. From what I remember, Amazon shipped Tiger to me on the Apple release date.
Interesting. It's $4.46 cheaper than at Amazon with no tax. Amazon should deliver on Friday. I don't know about the LA store. I'll let my order with Amazon stand.
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