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Sure it does! You may want to check a few things on your Mac to see why it may not be working.
I'm expecting half of everyone to run out and buy an iPhone!
When you were a child, your parents probably taught you to wash your hands after going to the bathroom. He probably didn't wash his hands because his parents taught him not to pee on his hands when he goes to the bathroom. Old but good.
So, you're saying that one time in ten thousand, it won't work just as it should?
Steve said, "You're welcome." You were thanking Steve; right?
The only thing that is certain is:Nothing is certain!
Plus "Apple sold 1,703,000 million iPhones during the quarter." Does that mean that they've already exceeded the 10 million iPhone goal for the year... by a large margin?
iChat AV.
Skippy just came out with a peanut butter that defies peanut allergies.As a result, Jif (not jiffy) just went bankrupt.
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