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  Mouse? Who still uses a mouse? Mice are so outdated.   Apple's Trackpad is the best way to navigate any Mac.
No. You won't.
Of course!   Apple's patents are definitely essential to all companies who wish to create products that are just like Apple's.
  Apple will release earnings on July 24. OS X 10.8 and new iMacs should be released a few days later, in my opinion.
That is the type of scared and closed-minded thinking that keeps people from being successful.Since before 2007, I have heard people saying that Apple has nothing in the pipeline, and that they were being crushed by Microsoft. Here are some conservative predictions that I made not too long ago:http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...=1#post2044987
Not if I get to your home before you get home from work.
Based on your statement:"On average, the top 100 Android applications cost $374.37, or an average of $3.74 per application, compared to the $1.47 average on Apple's App Store."$3.74 is about 2.5 times $1.47, and it is also 1.5 times more expensive than $1.47. There is a difference. I recommend correcting your headline and any example of where you said, "2.5 times more expensive than."
Did anyone listen to me when I said, when AAPL was $250 per share:or:on July 27, 2011 when AAPL was $392 per share:Now you can buy Apple at $500 per share. I expect it to be at $650+ one year from today.
They can be pretty stupid:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEJpz...eature=related
The article says:So this is a projection for one year away? "Amazon is expected to "surpass all other iPad rivals" in the final quarter of 2012."
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