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AAPL will be $500 or more by 01/30/13.
If you buy now, a year, or two, or three years from now, you can say, "I'm glad I bought AAPL." If you don't buy AAPL now, you can keep saying what you've been saying for a long time. You had better hurry. This could be the last time to buy AAPL under $400 per share.
But the PlayBook has:
I, too, reserve the right for you to be wrong.
Are you sure about that? As it turns out (not "unfortunately"):
It's French.And "you're a college student" is probably what you were trying to say.You might want to actually attend a few classes instead of just registering for the temporary school ID.
Confirmed.http://www.9to5mac.com/65700/the-new...-450-mbs-wifi/Ideally, about 12 times of the speed of FireWire 800.
Have you looked?http://www.google.com/search?client=...f4866b51aaf71c
This makes sense.
There's nothing to laugh about, or celebrate, when anyone gets killed.I would agree with you, S8ER01Z,but, then, we would both be wrong.
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