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How often do you hear about the CEO of a big company giving advice as a mentor to another CEO while expecting nothing in return?You might say, "But that URL could have been worth millions of dollars to Salesforce.com if they had sold it to Apple.But the advice that Steve gave Marc could have been worth many more millions (or even billions) of dollars.
AAPL will be $500 or more by 01/30/13.
If you buy now, a year, or two, or three years from now, you can say, "I'm glad I bought AAPL." If you don't buy AAPL now, you can keep saying what you've been saying for a long time. You had better hurry. This could be the last time to buy AAPL under $400 per share.
But the PlayBook has:
I, too, reserve the right for you to be wrong.
Are you sure about that? As it turns out (not "unfortunately"):
It's French.And "you're a college student" is probably what you were trying to say.You might want to actually attend a few classes instead of just registering for the temporary school ID.
Confirmed.http://www.9to5mac.com/65700/the-new...-450-mbs-wifi/Ideally, about 12 times of the speed of FireWire 800.
Have you looked?http://www.google.com/search?client=...f4866b51aaf71c
This makes sense.
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