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It is not wise to underestimate Steve.
I'd have almost as much money as Oprah.
Nice first post. But I am confident that Tim Cook knows more about what Apple is doing and where and with whom Apple is doing it.
No problems the MacBook specified in my signature running OS X 10.6.5. Downloaded the update from Apple's website, not from Software Updater, btw.
What if everything else, when compared to Apple's products, falls short, in his opinion? Then he's telling the truth. And, if he knows what he's talking about, maybe his advice should be listened to.
I think that you're wrong. Same prices and more features will be good enough to maintain profitability and bury the competition.
Someone, in "Welcome To Macintosh," said that Apple spends a lot of time and money designing their products, like MacBook (Airs, Pros, etc) to just work mechanically with little effort. And that aspects like hinges, handles, and levers are designed to work very simply, while being very complex, although the average individual would never realize it.
New Benchmarks Show 13-Inch MacBook Air Rivaling Its MacBook Pro Counterparthttp://www.macrumors.com/2010/10/26/...o-counterpart/
I'll add this to my list of things to not do. Now that I look, this was already on the list. Never mind.
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