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This makes sense.
There's nothing to laugh about, or celebrate, when anyone gets killed.I would agree with you, S8ER01Z,but, then, we would both be wrong.
Unfortunately for you, those are the only two things that you've got going for yourself.
You would go to the Apple store to buy something better.
But if/when an iPad 3 is introduced in 2011, everyone's expectations will be exceeded and it will be a market moving event.
With a market of 1.6 billion people, China is definitely a great opportunity for Apple.
If this is true, it's probably similar to the Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive with a 4GB SSD for cache, only better: http://bcove.me/gbdf7t87
It is not wise to underestimate Steve.
I'd have almost as much money as Oprah.
Nice first post. But I am confident that Tim Cook knows more about what Apple is doing and where and with whom Apple is doing it.
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