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It'll be torn apart and the specs will be posted within 24 hours of release.Be patient.
I was relying on the time difference shown at my iStat time zone reading. Five hour difference between East coast and UK:
To those who are concerned about missing the live streaming, I'm sure that you'll be able to see the presentation later in the day through a link at the Apple site.
Yes it is.
FYI: September 30 is 30 days from today.
There's never a guarantee. Evidence suggests that they will. I would bet a lot of money that they will. But they might not.
Everyone who adds part of the name of a hotel that was involved in a scandal over 30 years ago to an unrelated issue is an idiot.
Sounds good. Thanks.
Don't forget that Apple now has 300 Apple Stores, that are always packed with people spending money, with many more to come!
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