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Sounds good. Thanks.
Don't forget that Apple now has 300 Apple Stores, that are always packed with people spending money, with many more to come!
Buy AAPL !!!
If the next iPod Touch is going to have FaceTime, as I believe that it will, video Skype calls won't be far behind.
Sure it will - Skype/Google Voice-Gizmo5.
Or, Someone is going to get killed shorting this stuff if it ever hits that high. When AAPL continues past $375 per share, the shorts will be destroyed.
$375 by 05/01/11 just makes sense.
Everyone who adds part of the name of a hotel that was involved in a scandal over 30 years ago to an unrelated issue is an idiot.
If you're going to use a term like "faux pas," it would be a good idea to learn how to spell it first.
And you're still incorrect.
New Posts  All Forums: