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"Poor performance by Apple stock" ????? How does a stock perform??? Does it jump up and down, does it tell jokes??? Long ago, when the value of the stock was actually related to the value of a company, the company performed or not. Now Wall Street expects a company to perform, not by doing well, but rather by creating a fake value to pump up its stock price. Once the balloon is large enough, those in the know, get out and the company explodes. Just so sad.
". Record labels appear to have balked, likely worried that increased subscription numbers wouldn't compensate for missing per-subscription revenue." But, But earlier in the article the writer says "As it prepares to launch a new streaming music service, Apple is said to be pressuring music labels to force rivals like Spotify to abandon their free tiers %u2014 something that has apparently brought scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Justice." So Apple is so very...
"Samsung was able to top Apple in terms of smartphone shipments during the March quarter and reclaim market leadership," Samsung wins market share lead at a cost of losing 40% of its profit. Very smart business decision.
This is just bull crap from european countries that want all the money and none of the responsibility. If this was illegal, then we should tax Ireland out of existence.... and give all the money to europe, along with the other two countries.. Or better yet. Put much of the money into loaning it to hard pressed countries in europe. Then if the axe falls, just demand all loaned money back... now... And require collateral such as the Eiffel tower, Number 10 downing...
I wonder if anyone actually knows..... will any apple watch band fit on any Apple watch?? (OK the 44mm will not fit on the 38mm) :-( but will an edition band fit on a sport watch??? Anyone,.......... Anyone,............... Bueller,..... Bueller?
One word. SkyNet. Its becoming self aware. LOL
"Additionally, MarketWatch reports that the Chinese government told Apple it must keep all information related to Chinese Apple Pay customers in a data center located in mainland China." Yes, this is important as China wants to know what you and buying, as part of its national security.... against its citizens policy. And the chip does not comply with china requirements,,,, the back door for chinese govt use is not there. Such a comic situation. Really.
Sam, Do advertising much? That is all this piece really was, just an ad for vaporware. When the samsung ships, we will see what it has. PS to comments. A Hall effect transistor / sensor is just a transistor that has a gate that responds to a magnetic field. Bring a magnet near and it turns off or on. An electric current thru a loop will make a magnetic field, but if you already have an electric current, why not use it to activate your transistor, much less...
LOL Just LOL. "with competitors like Samsung slowly nibbling away at Apple's dominant marketshare." OK, any blogger who talks marketshare is an idiot or troll and nothing they say can be considered important. We know that Apple does NOT focus on market share, but the bloggers who have no real knowledge DO. Nuff said.
That ad was so funny. But I really missed the clicking sounds. After all, Windows has to have clicks cause that is what makes it great. Right?? PS, Which computer can run the most software? A PC can only run windows software, with viruses. A Mac can run Mac OS X software, Windows software, Linux software.... Just saying where its important...... :-)
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