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Sam, Do advertising much? That is all this piece really was, just an ad for vaporware. When the samsung ships, we will see what it has. PS to comments. A Hall effect transistor / sensor is just a transistor that has a gate that responds to a magnetic field. Bring a magnet near and it turns off or on. An electric current thru a loop will make a magnetic field, but if you already have an electric current, why not use it to activate your transistor, much less...
LOL Just LOL. "with competitors like Samsung slowly nibbling away at Apple's dominant marketshare." OK, any blogger who talks marketshare is an idiot or troll and nothing they say can be considered important. We know that Apple does NOT focus on market share, but the bloggers who have no real knowledge DO. Nuff said.
That ad was so funny. But I really missed the clicking sounds. After all, Windows has to have clicks cause that is what makes it great. Right?? PS, Which computer can run the most software? A PC can only run windows software, with viruses. A Mac can run Mac OS X software, Windows software, Linux software.... Just saying where its important...... :-)
Any report or chart focusing on marketshare is just for crap hit sake. If you include profit, then it starts to become meaningful. Too many people buy a cheap 45$ tablet, then leave it to their kids to destroy as the sure do not use it to connect to the the internet. To be clear, I think cheap tablets for very simple specific purposes are great. And they are throw-a-way. The better tablets get used and they last 3-5 years. Just saying.
Apple may or may not use sapphire for the iPhone 6,  that is still to be discovered.  But I do not think Apple would spend about 3/4 of a BILLION dollars making a plant that can produce sapphire in HUGE bulk with out seeing it being used in a lot of places.      I understand they have upped the number of furnaces that they are running to 1700 furnaces.  :The building is huge, the solar cell farm and alt energy system is big and expensive.  So I would guess that they...
For those here that do not understand,,,,, Patent trolls will do this more and more until they have sucked every company that seeks to innovate dead. Given how the patent office gives patents to Apple then drops them at the drop of a hat but supports broad general BS patents that owners have never used is so sad indeed. If Apple uses someones definitive patent technology, then fine. No issue. But its just a deep pockets issue. Apple has the money that they have...
While the ear phones may have been yellow, the placement of the volume control, mike etc sure make it look like an iPhone or iPod system. Hey, Apple is great, so if we look like them and act like them and advertise like them, maybe you will buy us by mistake.... (hopefully) LOL Just LOL.
@ chipsy, "DED, this must be one of the most subjective interpretations of what is a normal market analysis PowerPoint ever. The slide is nothing more than that, every company will have slides like this" The key here is not that a company wants to beat the competition, sure they all do, its the direction. Copy Apple, copy Apple, copy Apple. As Steve would say, Steal the idea of making a better phone that people will love and develop it, don't just copy our...
To Maestro64 Yes battery life is key. I believe Apple has a patent on putting a solar cell beneath the watch face. Apple always thinking. Hey maybe the watch solar cell is on sapphire??/
"I'll still always like the classic Mickey watch though." Cool. And while wearing my smart watch (iPod nano 6th ten) I like to change the face occasionally. Included in optional faces is both a Mickey and a Minnie watch face, rights fully acquired from Disney (Gee I wonder how that happened..... LOL thanks Steve). Apple, iPod nano 6 Gen, the worlds first smart watch, health watch, timer, mp3 player, and FM player. Just saying. LOL
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