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It must suck as a company to always be timing releases around Apple.
Yeah, they made money, but that is not the cause of the failure I suspect, it is a separate event.   I bet they way they handled the contract might be up for a review for sure, which would affect stock price, but seeing them cuffed won't actually make shareholders any happier.  It's a shame that they can't be made to revert the transactions and the money split between holders, now that would make people very happy indeed.
Curious, are you a stock holder?  Trying to determine why the high level of anger on all of the posts.  (Really curious)
I new this one would get interesting
When you invest you are betting on the company, not directing it's operations.
Hmmmmm, I agree with their stance, not understanding how AT&T can justify categorizing the data I have already paid for.  For the first time in years I am considering another carrier.
It would have been nice to let Sprint have this for a few days, they need the business.  Would have set them up to sell more 5's in the future.
Thought this was funny, an ad on AI on this thread:  http://pages.samsung.com/us/s9monitor/   At least they changed the base.
Actually, I think that the F700 does show some innovation, which is what Apple is asking for.  Now, the innovation was in the wrong direction, as in the phone was ugly, but innovation none the less.
My favorite quote:   I bet they did ask, priceless!
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