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Yeah, no way this can backfire.
Wonder if this will be in Mike Daisy's show, how truly helpful he is.
is there a way to track this? Just once I would love to know the actual outcome of one of these cases, you never hear about them being dismissed or awarded. Betting that Apple has this in the budget for each new feature.
My favorite part: I will look closer, be more patient, and listen more clearly. Like any of the above would keep him from lying.
A: It's their ecosystemB: Old news, and you know itJust because you think they are out to get you does not make it so.
We need to keep our computers busy, when they get board and are that fast, they will take over the world. At that speed, it's just sitting here, looking at me, saying 'Please just press a key, any key!'
I bet it is because it really has nothing to do with address book data collection, rather location tracking. That is the only differentiator between desktop and mobile.
Wasn't there a South Park episode about this. And, before all of the chimes here, I agree that there are probably bigger fish to fry.
Interesting tact. As a company, would it not be better to look at employee purchase patterns as an oppertunity for some free market research, and innovate until the tides turn. Oh wait, what am I saying . . .
Edited. In reading some of the other posts, they make a ton of sense.
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