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Companies do this all the time, Disney used shell companies to purchase the land in Florida, otherwise the price get's jacked up, which they would have done if they had known it was Apple. It sounds like a fair price was agreed upon, no reason that price should change because it was Apple at the table.
I did like the ad, that they made it without any negative references. At least they can go out with some style, with a real attempt.
Does not happen very often to competent developers.
Interesting comment, so one division is busy selling Apple the latest and greatest, the other condemning them.
Samsung sounds scared. Why release a comment about a product they have not seen.
I seem to remember the majority of piracy of software coming from China, thought it was SOP.
Any word on the return rate on the Fire since the holiday season?
I am not sure what is left in this realm, the distinction between consumer tablet and iPad is pretty thin. At the end of the day, when I am using the device, it is all about the integration. Don't really care what chip is in the thing if it is responsive, has great battery and is easy to use.
Time for Apple to make a purchase.
Oh my, that looks like a black macbook air.
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