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Any word on the return rate on the Fire since the holiday season?
I am not sure what is left in this realm, the distinction between consumer tablet and iPad is pretty thin. At the end of the day, when I am using the device, it is all about the integration. Don't really care what chip is in the thing if it is responsive, has great battery and is easy to use.
Time for Apple to make a purchase.
Oh my, that looks like a black macbook air.
Probably, buy Apple has never cared about sales, but rather margin. I have used both the kindle and iPad, experience wise, the iPad is worth every penny.
They must be planning to license iOS, nice.
Yeah, that's our biggest issue as a society. Great job.
Hmmm, good luck with the ban, it seems that this is the kind of thing that would stir things up on the protestor's side even more.
Not thinking people respect this rule very much, I see tons of folks sit on the plane, silently just dim their screen during takeoff, or when the plane lands, are on the iPhone seconds later, which indicates that the phone was on the whole time.
While I agree with the dredging up part, it is on the heals of the replacement program as stated.
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