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Wow, I would have guessed the other. Interesting tact. Release a copy, and in the months that pass while being sued, upgrade it slightly.
Maybe it's like the person who checks your receipt at Costco. Easy to do a quick verify on the way out of the store if needed, way faster than a checkout.
Donation check must have cleared. Really, consumer reports used to be great for me, but over the last few years they seem to be more brand focused, have had better luck crowd sourcing information from reviews than their testing, Amazon ratings tend to be more accurate.
Agree, he is making it sound worse than it is, and lowering expectations at the same time.
Agree on the speed issue. And the expectations game would be hard. Social network was good, don't get me wrong, but my expectations about the movie were low when I entered the theatre. With Apple, my expectations will match Apple products, the move will have to hit it out of the park to be any good.
What were the odds they would say 'Wow, this is a good implementation'?
Try "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood'. We laughed so hard it hurt with each answer, they are not static.
I love that Apple and UPS can deliver millions of these on day 1, but AT&T, our network provider, can't properly load balance servers.
When I look at all the issues that require attention in this country, this is the one that always boils to the top for me.
+1 for fishy. Sounds more convenient, like it was not ready.
New Posts  All Forums: