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This does not make a ton of sense. Doesn't iTunes do a great job of keeping me from just coping the content to another system? I have tried, I am limited to 5 computers, which with a large family can get in the way. On the way into iTunes, there is the possibility that I am loading my purchased series that I want to watch on Apple TV, so on the way in it going to be tough to monitor.
Just purchased this card, 3-5 day shipping delay, pretty good!
Amazing, complaints when apple withholds and when they are up front. I guess you find what your looking for.
What was not said is that customers would complain more if Apple just sat on their hands, not releasing new technology. I love that every 2 years or so, when I go to upgrade my equipment, enhanced products are available.
Your default boot device might be incorrect, this has happened to me in the past. Try holding down the Option key just after you power up, this should give you a list of bootable drives. Good luck!
I agree with this move, but it would probably achieve the same result to just limit cash unit sales to a single phone per person per week, something like that. That way cash customers would not be out of luck.
Great update, I just wish that they would have put more time into things like cut & paste and having sites remember passwords rather than the itunes store. Also, it forced my wife's stock phone into recovery mode, you might want to sync prior to updating to ensure you don't loose any data.
New Posts  All Forums: