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Try "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood'. We laughed so hard it hurt with each answer, they are not static.
I love that Apple and UPS can deliver millions of these on day 1, but AT&T, our network provider, can't properly load balance servers.
When I look at all the issues that require attention in this country, this is the one that always boils to the top for me.
+1 for fishy. Sounds more convenient, like it was not ready.
I give. AT&T keeps telling me we are a premier account, which can't be upgraded online. Must be a feature of the account. Wondering how peoples view of Sprint is, considering taking our 5 phones away from AT&T. Don't hate them, just tired of the same old failure rate.
Agree, noting that there is always a $18 fee. They should really use that cash to fix this.
Just got the site unavailable from AT&T. My favorite line: Wireless from AT&T is continually working to improve our web site for our customers. Please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. Believed it the first 2 rounds, starting to think it just might not be true.
I honestly thought this was gone some time ago. Suspecting they are running out of stock right about now. At some point it is cheaper to shred them than sell them. Wonder if they will blend?
Agree, but I think it would be cool if Tim did the boring stuff, and then let Steve introduce the iPhone 5. Would be a good moving on type of moment.
Personally, I am OK with a S version with a few minor improvements. (camera, antenna). The assistant does not really catch my eye, voice dial was great, but I never use it since it misses as much as it hits. I think the 4 is a great balance between features and battery life.
New Posts  All Forums: