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Anyone know the damages? Did they have to compensate Apple for any of this? Court costs?
I am not seeing this on the Amazon store yet. Interested in the touch, I think a great addition to my iPad for reading in the sun.
I assume it is not e-ink anymore since it's running android.
The big seller for the kindle was reading in the sun, thinking it will loose that edge.
Not really, just weeks after the 5 is release, rumors of the 6 will start up. We are nothing unless we have a cool pocket device in our future.
I know this is strange, but I am usually thinking about the structure when it is being stressed like this, kinda like a new app first day out when everyone is stressing the servers. Like the first outing at a packed baseball stadium, you assume the engineering is correct, but truth is that you don't know for sure until you pack the house. You know that there is a engineer somewhere that is now sleeping like a baby.
Made me think of this with the plotting tag line: Wonder if Apple could just buy Samsung at this point. Rumor indicates that hey need a TV manufacture, I do like their flat panels.
Love the picture of the guy using the hammer to reveal the glass cube.
I wonder if the bandwidth cost of monitoring this more than the actual usage.
It's a tough one, I tried to use a HD in the CD drive bay from otherworldcomputing, but found that the drive spun all the time. For me, the SSD was more about not having vibrations, but the speed became addictive. So I optimized what I do, carry around a external HD sometimes, and have 2 SSD's in the computer. Also, try Grand Perspective to get a look at where you can trim the files down, it helped me out.
New Posts  All Forums: