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It's possible that this is just a systems error.
Don't you have to have damages or be damaged to sue? I say turn off the phones, just to be sure, and wait for the apology from the 27K users. They could setup a special website for this. No good deed goes unpunished.
Great graph, I love the huge increase that is in no way supported by history. Apple is selling great, but there are not huge lines at the stores to purchase as this graph would need.
Ah, the perfect time for me to launch my new site, Gaggle! It offers internet searches and, wow, this just came to me, I could sell these searches to the highest bidder. And they won't sue me!!! I'm in the money . . .
Wondering how you can be profitable in this way if you have to purchase from other retailers. I assume that their product is not being purchased from the Apple Store, so where could you purchase at enough of a discount that would keep the doors open?
I love it, people come and steel my TV and I get get accused of starting a 'Go to jail' war.
All that hype and hating on AT&T, and at the end of the day, people stay.
Its really no different in the Windows camp, the OS is updated, developers have months to adapt, test, then the release. I think this is more that they have had months, then release a statement implying that Apple caused all there troubles, instead of releasing actual work.
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I can see it a bit, if I have money to spend, Microsoft would rather you by an HP so they get $40 bucks for the OS. Not going to happen in my world, but they would like it. I loved the part about 350 being larger than 20, still pondering that revelation.
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