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  Agreed that this could have all been avoided if Apple just admitted that their map app was in beta. They could have encouraged Google to get Google Maps finished before releasing Apple Maps. Instead they got cocky and thought everyone would love Apple Maps.   As for the app store reviews, 10 minutes is enough to know the app deserved a glowing review. The interface is amazing. And we've all used Google Maps on our phones and the website for many years. We already know...
  It's not denial. The Google Maps app does not have ads.   Google says they will put in ads in a future update. Right now they just wanted to get the app released.
I used the old transit functionality of the Google Maps app basically every day. It was probably the most used feature on my iPhone. I love the navigation features in Apple Maps, but the missing transit functionality is obviously a step backwards, no matter how hard you try to spin it. The alternative transit apps already existed before Apple Maps, so we have only lost functionality here... In Chicago, the buses and trains all have GPS locators on them and there are some...
Completely agree. The old iWeb could never compete with database-driven sites, hence the popularity of systems like WordPress. But I could imagine a future version of iWeb or whatever they would call it being more integrated with iCloud and Apple's servers. They could automatically set up a database for you in the same way that wordpress.com does. They'd never catch up to the insane ecosystem that WordPress has, but it might work well for people with simple needs who...
What they really need is the ability to completely wipe the phone and still have find my iPhone work. Somehow allow it to wipe everything but that feature.
I had something similar happen to me two weeks ago here in Chicago. I was at a coffee shop minding my own business with my iPhone sitting on the table. Two guys game into the store and walked over to me asking for money and shoving papers in my face and being obnoxious. I kept telling them to leave and eventually they did, and about 30sec later I realized my iPhone was gone. I ran outside to chase them and they were already in a getaway car speeding down the street. I used...
Any web developers know if MAMP is working under Mountain Lion? Particularly version 2.0.1.  
I don't see the purpose. The old MagSafe connector fit just fine on a MacBook Air and these new computers are not any thinner. Maybe they plan on making even thinner ones eventually, but I don't see how you can get thinner than the headphone jack. Also I really prefer the current connectors over these T-shaped ones.
That's hilarious. He looks like a terrified crab.
1. Not possible. Most major sites have ads and they all track you. 2. Turning off cookies causes all kinds of other problems, mainly that you get logged out of everything every time you reopen your browser. This is especially annoying on sites like Gmail and FB where you want to remain logged in.
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