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Very Cool... Soon they will have augmented reallity mechanical data to overlay on the parts that they are working on.  (A la Metaio)    
Promises, promises... If it ever comes out, patent suits will be filed and they will shut it down. H.265 will bring 8K support, why compare vapor ware to H.264   Here is a comparison.     H.265/HEVC H.264/AVC Names  MPEG-H, HEVC, Part 2 MPEG 4 Part 10, AVC Approved date  2013 2003 Progression  Successor to H.264/AVC Successor to MPEG-2 Part  Key improvement * 40-50% bit rate reduction compared...
1.  It's based on Tizen?  No software = DOA.     2.  With WatchOS 2 in less than 10 days Samsung can't compete vapor ware.   3.  The rotating bezel is a huge mechanical part for a for the watch that will likely break.   Time will tell.
Awesome! I wonder if Apple paid for the new terminals.
If it works, Apple should buy them ASAP. The water vapor must not be noticeable and it must provide a week or battery life per charge for iPhones.
Apple is not defining the school's curriculums but it is empowering the the teachers and students with iPads, MacBooks and Apple TVs.This makes them much more engaged in the learning process.
I also think the Tesla grill is ugly.I see them quite often nowadays but I have never driven one.If you don't know what they are, (some people don't) then they don't look anything special on the road. The BMW i3 however does look special and I have driven one and it does drive like a BMW although the tires are skinny.If Apple & BMW could produce an electric autonomous X3, I would pre-order right now at any cost. 
If it's a Windows or Android or BlackBerry phone, it ain't an iPhone! If it's a Windows or Android or BlackBerry phone, it is inferior. If it's a Windows or Android or BlackBerry phone, upgrade it to an iPhone 6s.
Does Samsung still matter in the smart phone industry? They have been neutralized.  They still try to copy Apples designs but then they can't sell them.   Samsung should pay their lost case and stop being weasels.
I think this Alphabet Soup is totally unnecessary.  I think it shows that Google needs adult supervision.  The current execs are incapable of organizing and managing the company and turning it into an Alphabet soup is not going to help.  The 2 most valuable entities at Google at this time are Search and YouTube because of their advertising revenues.  Nothing else has caught on at Google not even Android. Google's top executives need to watch the following the following 2...
New Posts  All Forums: