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Does this movie defame people?   One of Apple's rules for accepting Apps is that they can't defame people.   May be they are applying some of that to the movie.
Cord cutters rejoice! I look forward to kicking cable TV as we know it today to the curb some day. Time will tell.
I would not use Google frameworks for iOS in my apps.   Google always has an ulterior motive, so stay away from their bait. Just remember why Apple Map exists today and why Samsung wants to build it's own OS.
Every single iPhone sale counts.  (Muchos pocos hacen un mucho)A sale of 23,000 units most certainly counts.It starts with one airline, and then a second airline, followed by a third and so on...
This is awesome and it's just the beginning folks... IBM is in a unique positions to provide these very large scale business applications in a trusted and reliable environment on mobile devices. Apple's exclusive deal with IBM allows it to focus on the iOS platform and Swift language and ride the IBM applications into the enterprise. This is much bigger than most people realize, this is huge folks.      
Tim Cook is absolutely right and Zuckerberg knows it.   These AD companies should pay part of their profits to their "Products".
$7 Billion. Wow, that's over twice the price of Beats.   Poof Gone.
Apple makes a good point in asking where are the affected users. The media, the researchers and the government are trying to make this something that it is not. Blowing this into something it's not does not help anyone.
With a design like the S1 package, this watch is beautiful inside and out.   This Apple Watch is the new iPhone folks.   Everyone else has made their primitive clunky smart watches just like they did with the mobile phones, some will now try to copy the Apple Watch over the next 5 years.   Remember how Google panicked and changed Android's designs at the last minute to copy the iPhone?  Well, they can't do that with the Apple Watch now.  If you look at the Android...
Sorry but I think it is DOA just like Fire Phone.  It's cute in the video but it would be annoying in real life. For $200 it's DOA.
New Posts  All Forums: