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Very nice video!
Faceshift studio will most likely be used to complement Final Cut Pro and some PrimeSense technologies.    
Rock N Roll... Go Apple Go Go Go.   Now that Apple is doing the grunt work to build Apple Pay to scale, people don't say much... When it becomes a huge success you will hear a lot of bickering...
2.75% ? Ouch...
Go Apple go go go!
It's an even playing field.   Why can't the f*cking government security agencies just do their job without somebody else doing it for them.  I can't believe they are that dumb.   If you create a back door then the agencies get to spy on all the innocent people except the terrorists who will build their own encrypted networks.   Who gets the key to the back door? The US?  The Brits? The Russians? Most certainly the Chinese...  Who is allowed to spy on who?  WTF?
If it requires force restarting it is likely an OS Kernel or firmware problem. Track it down and fix it asap.
I wonder how the Tag Heuer Connected is selling at $1500 for a rubber bracelet... 
This is indeed a good video that shows the real life superiority of the Apple Pencil.The Hermès Watch ain't too shabby either.    
Do you know that practically all cars today run on the QNX Real Time operating system which is now owned by Blackberry?This does not prevent auto makers from differentiating their vehicles.Also most new cars today offer Apple CarPlay as a feature.
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