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There must is a reason behind all this. TI customers are demanding iBeacon everywhere. Time will tell.
I think Microsoft probably has Apple's permission to do this and it may be a sign of more collaboration to come. Microsoft and Apple have already cross licensed many technologies. PassBook licensing could lead to mobile payment system licensing etc... This may give Microsoft a leg up against Google.
They can charge $100 more for the 5.5' iPhone since it uses more material. I will be buying the 4.7' model.
Smart move by Apple. Tough luck for the ones on the receiving end. iPhone 6 anyone?
What Novauris does that Nuance does not...
... and just like that, another big one in the repertoire. Keep an eye on Samsung.
Apple may want control of the LCD driver chip so it can incorporate new technologies to drive Quantum Dot displays.
Strong Silent Release to begin the new quarter. Go Apple!
This may seem harsh but it's not because some of the advanced features like live wrapping of text around images in Word for iPad come from Apple's advanced text engine. So... Good for Apple. Microsoft probably cannot write these applications for WindowsPhone yet. Microsoft will make a killing with businesses anyway. I have tried the MS Office for iPad and it looks like it needs polishing in the UI and presentation when compared with iWork. Some of the rough desktop...
The Ribbon menu?  Forget it.  I hate the Ribbon menu. It probably supports OneDrive as well.  Forget it. Office 365 Subscription? Well I can understand that but... Forget it.   I'll stick to iWork and iCloud thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: