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No Thank You.   Google is actually trying to bring iOS support to Android ware.
Congrats to Apple. AppleWatch sales will be huge.
Google is superior to both Bing and Yahoo,  Apple should stick with Google until sit can they develop Spotlight & SIRI into a full fledge search engine.   Apple hired William Stasior since 2012, they should be well on their way with a good search platform now.  Perhaps a Watson based engine with integrated support from WolframAlpha, Yelp, Fandango and the like...   Time will tell.
Oh well, CurrentC is dead. I don't know how good a contract they had for the development but... CurrentC was going to flop anyway. The BIG interchange companies live Visa will eventually win this war. PayPal needs to change it's model to mimic Apple Pay.
An the hits just keep on coming... :)   I want to see more advanced and more client interactive implementations of the retail applications involving iBeacon etc...   Go Apple Go, Go, Go...
LOL.  Android Pay?  What does that mean for all the other cockroaches... Samsung PayHTC PayLenovo PayMotorola PayLG PayXiaomi PaySony PayAcer PayAmazonr PayMeizur PayZTE PayPanasonic PayDell PayHP PayAsus PayAlcatel PayPanthec PayToshiba Pay Samsung cannot write software for it's life.  Samsung should let Google do it since that magnetic swipe technology is a cheesy hack anyway.This could become another huge mess for Android if Google does not take the bull by the...
Are you kidding?It's a beautiful picture and the watch stands out. From her skin tone contrasting the watch face drawn on her face, to the Apple Watch matching her nail polish, lipstick and T-Shirt, it's outright gorgeous and brilliant advertising.
Loop Pay uses magnetics to fake the reader out. not NFC yet even if the phone has NFC.The readers were not designed to work this way.A respectable technology company should not sell this crap.
The reason Samsung uses 32Gb as the base is because they are not efficient enough to run in less than that.Android + Samsung UI = Bloat ware.
Check out the video including Samsung pay. 1. Not so secure as it uses same old magnetic stripe signal from LoopPay. 2. You have to: a. Power the phone b. Swipe up to launch the App. c. Authenticate with finger print at bottom of screen? d. Place phone near magnetic reader and hope it works like LoopPay. 3. Does not yet use emv
New Posts  All Forums: