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I got my order in using the store App. Confirmation email reads "Delivers: 9/19 by Standard Shipping".
Samsung is completely delusional. Samsung finds itself in a position where they can see the new Apple products and they cannot copy them all while their own products flop.
After announcing the the Apple Watch now, everyone wanting a smart watch will wait until early 2015.  All the Samsung, Moto and LG watches are all toast this coming holiday season.
And suddenly all the existing so called smart watches pale in comparison to the AppleWatch. It is feature rich and beautifully crafted.  It is also very durable and usable for any occasion.   Imagine securely paying your bill with your watch.  How cool is that?   Go Apple Go, Go, Go.
What if they have a hologram of Steve Jobs make some of the announcements? That would be interesting.
Google Wallet's technology was stolen from PayPal and Google's implementation still sucks.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-05-26/paypal-sues-google-over-trade-secret-theft-claims.htmlhttp://money.cnn.com/2011/05/27/technology/paypal-sues-google/ Watch and learn on Tuesday.
Man, all these Apple hating Google fans are out in force tonight. LOL Google Wallet is crap that's why no one uses it. Plus it was stolen from PayPal.
Awesome...  I use them both. Can I pre-order my iPhone 6 & iWatch now?
OK. If the NY Times does not want to quote, I'll have to do it. "Switzerland is in deep doo-doo"
Macy's is already in the bag so Nordstrom will follow suit. All the big luxury hotels will have it. All the big sports arenas will have it. All the big franchises will have it. All the airports, the museums, the shopping malls etc... The best part is that it will rollout globally. iBeacon will be used in ways that we can't even imagine.
New Posts  All Forums: