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I agree that Apple will likely NOT sell automobiles but I disagree that they would ever sell transportation like Uber either... Apple will likely sell technology services along the following lines... 1.  A Vehicle OS for cars, trucks, planes, space ships with various modules for specific features such as entertainment.2.  A coherent navigation system in collaboration with Iridium and others for Drones, cars, trucks, planes, space ships.3.  Mapping services including street...
OMG man, what planet are you living on?Did you look at the video?
That is pure bullsh*t.The fact is that there would not have been a problem if the kids had been white.Get a clue...
That is sad and whoever initiated this (security guard and/or sales person) should be fired.   If only to set a lasting example.  This is very damaging to Apple's image.
 The A9X features an Apple-designed 64-bit 2.26 GHz ARMv8-A dual-core CPU called Twister.
Disney bought all the Apple Pencils.
An interesting battle of 2 styli Solo-mo video of pen input in both devices at 120 fps (4x slower)   Apple Pencil wins hands down with much better accuracy and much less latency.      
 OK.  Understood.  Thanks.
"...ruining our country to Cook's right" ? Do tell.  I thought Apple was very important and had been instrumentally good for Ireland's economy.
 Oh please...  Save that for someone else.  I have tried Google Map.  It has a clunky UI.I use Apple Map every day. Mostly in NY, NJ & CT and also FL.  It's simply awesome.The new transit maps blow everything else away not to mention the UI, presentation, rotatable 3D FlyOver and overall architecture of Apple Map.
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