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1.  People can forget their pins.2.  A thief can look over your shoulder and steal your pin as you enter it at the POS.3.  It is actually a slower process than using the unsecured magnetic cards where you don't need a pin.
 Bill Gates says Apple Pay is a fantastic idea.See time 7:05 for Apple Pay comments...  
 You can try it yourself at Walgreens next Saturday.  Try it at a Walgreens store next Saturday. 
Walgreens planning October 18 Launch of Apple Pay.  
 Apple Pay Issuing Banks  Apple Pay Merchants  Apple Pay Device
Here is why everyone should use Apple Pay and not even carry a credit card anymore.    
To hell with Best Buy and Walmart.  If they want to support their own platform, that's fine.  Let's see how well they do. Apple Pay will expend internationally and be very successful without them.   Best Buy is not technologically savvy.  I think they are sloppy and they have also sold their souls to Samsung. They got burned before by POS terminals failures and they don't want to spend money on new terminals again. I can understand that although this time it may be...
Boom Baby...  Rock 'n Roll... Go Apple, Go Go Go.
Bose will lose in the longer term regardless. Kick them out the the Apple Stores.   Time will tell.
Good.  Kick Bose out.  Their manufactured sound sucks.   Keep selling Paradigms like this one:  
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