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The case should be thrown out. There is no device on the market called iWatch at this time and the search results clearly states Apple Watch.
The iPhone and iPad *are* the new TVs!   The Apple TV while small enough to travel is not really portable.  It needs to be connected to an outlet and a screen / stereo system. The iPhone and iPad will be the best devices what watching Apple TV anywhere.    The same way we have Apple Music, we will need Apple TV to consume media at anytime and anywhere.   Time will tell.
The Apple TV is still best in class for it's category.   Note that the new Apple TV will run on the current latest generation Apple TV.  The difference will be a new software platform. New hardware may well offer new features but the core Apple TV platform will run on the currently available Apple TV hardware.   As a Verizon FiOS cord-cutter, I have been waiting for this for a long time.   Time will tell.
Spotify sends a letter asking their clients to cancel their subscriptions on iTunes and re-register on Spotify's web site?   What a STUPID move! Why would they bother re-registering when they have Apple Music free for 3 months and thereafter 6 family members pay 14 bucks!  That's 2 bucks a month.   Spotify is toast and they know it.
 From the about menu om mapzen.com "Mapzen is an open source mapping lab building and supporting open data and software to promote a healthy mapping ecosystem. Based out of the Samsung Accelerator, we support the geo community through building tools and collaborating on open source mapping projects. We believe that a healthy mapping ecosystem is one that is diverse, sustainable, and accessible to all." They should have just been part of "OpenStreetMaps" which is looking...
Apple could certainly use this one...   US Patent No. 7,420,546 -- "Man-Machine Interface for Controlling Access to Electronic Devices," which describes biometric authentication approaches including, for example, a fingerprint sensor that works through, or is a part of, a liquid crystal display (LCD). When the user touches an icon on the touch sensitive display, the fingerprint is imaged and authentication occurs for that specific icon and its associated application....
What you wrote is pure Bullshit... Apple Maps is actually better than Google Maps because Apple presents its maps and navigation with a better UI , it is therefore more usable. With superior FlyOver and seamless street level view integration, better transit navigation, seamless indoor / outdoor integration coming to Apple Maps, Google Maps is toast and they know it.  It does not matter how much data and of what quality the data that Google has collected because if they...
OK.  I guess Taylor will now allow 1989 to be streamed on Apple Music?   Heck Apple even named their new programming language Swift.  She should be happy. 
Oh no!  Comcast vs AT&T which is the lesser of 2 evils?   Oh how I wish we could go back to the old Cingular days.   Time will tell.
No one uses the pin.  It would be a hassle because people would forget it and it would also be a risk because people can look over your shoulder and learn your pin.  Every business needs to move to ApplePay or I will stop buying from them.  I let them know this when I go somewhere that does not yet support it.
New Posts  All Forums: