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Looking forward to this. Cord cutters rejoice.
OMG!  Are you Steve Balmer?  That is exactly what Steve Balmer said about the iPhone.Look back at the introduction of the iPhone and ask yourself if there is a bullet to dodge.Wanna play Ostrich?  Be my guess... 
Of course, just like the feature phones and dumb phones on sale today.
The Swiss watchmakers are desperate. They are gonna be toast and they know it and they just cannot dodge the bullet. 8.0+ Richter disruptions coming to the watch industry only to be followed by tsunamis. Here is a link to the document https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1700140/2015-04-02-detail-marques.pdf
She is really a dangerous airhead. That's why she was fired at HP.
That Watch & bracelet combination is really unique because all the other bracelets that go well with the aluminum or steel watches don't go well with that darker watch because the small bracelet edge that snaps into the watch is a light color.  It would look tacky on the dark watch. Apple would have to build all the bracelets with a dark snap-in module to accommodate only the dark watch.  Apple chose not to but In a way that makes the dark steel watch special like the...
Well, if you pay $17,000 for an Apple Watch, what's another thousand to protect it?
Women and the Apple Watch... Girl code taken to the next level... Black and Gold?  $10,000+  She must be an AAPL investor.   
The Apple Watch will be a huge product for Apple and the world. I plan to preorder this baby: 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band
This is just Free advertising for Samsung before the release of the phone.   Samsung wants this to hit the mainstream news, heck, Samsung probably paid for this. lol :)
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