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With a design like the S1 package, this watch is beautiful inside and out.   This Apple Watch is the new iPhone folks.   Everyone else has made their primitive clunky smart watches just like they did with the mobile phones, some will now try to copy the Apple Watch over the next 5 years.   Remember how Google panicked and changed Android's designs at the last minute to copy the iPhone?  Well, they can't do that with the Apple Watch now.  If you look at the Android...
Sorry but I think it is DOA just like Fire Phone.  It's cute in the video but it would be annoying in real life. For $200 it's DOA.
I predict that Apple will someday merge with IBM because Watson will become essential for Apple and they will need to own it.   IBM will handle the corporate world while Apple takes care of consumers.  Apple may even port Cocoa to AIX on POWER 8. IBM's advanced technologies will be much easier to use and much better positioned for the corporate world.   These 2 companies are so complementary it's not even funny. 
For that price, I want the battery to last at least 5 days. I will buy at least one.
This is bull crap.  Why now?  They should not get squat. The name does not make the product, the product makes the name.
I guess the robots thing did not workout so well for Andy since Sundar took Android away from him.   Projects gathering dust in Google Labs? 1.  Self driving cars. 2.  Google Glass. 3.  Robots from Boston Dynamics.   With Andy gone, Google should look to innovate in search and advertising.  
I have an Ink business card issued by Chase that is not supported.There are lots of varieties to support.  I guess payment systems are very complex.Good challenge for Apple.
It must be Amazon because I have a British Airways Executive Club card issued by Chase and it works fine.
Adios Bose.  Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.   Good Riddance!  LOL
New Posts  All Forums: