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You are thinking small.  You need to think big revolutionary products here.People use to say similar statements about feature phones.
That's awesome. Goodbye AT&T and Hello T-Mobile.
Can't watch on 2 TVs at the same time. It only allows 1 streaming session at a time. It's a start but it's not quite there yet.
This is obviously for mapping. It would be nice if they could merge these ground level videos seamlessly into FlyOver allowing users to go all the way to the ground and then look back up and sideways in 3D. Between technologies obtained from C3 Technologies, PrimeSense and Apple know how, they can do wonders with Apple Map. Expect huge updates for Apple Maps by WWDC June 8-12.
It's interesting how lots of companies want to be associated with Apple some how... Oh we have ex Apple engineers, Oh we are partners with Apple, Oh we are so like Apple.   That does not make them Apple folks.  Employees switch jobs all the times.   I think the Bloomberg article was just a way to get free advertising to wealthy Apple fans and investors.
These guys should make some of their watch faces available for the AppleWatch and make a killing.   With the retina resolution on the AppleWatch, these faces would look nice. I am not sure if Apple would allow a third party watch app to display watch faces beside the built in one.
Apple already has a huge tax bill.  Nothing new.
Apple will not drop Intel because it would be a dumb business move at this point even if it could run Mac OS on ARM. Apple believes that the desktop PC sales as we know it will decrease in the future as sale of iOS based devices surge. They are not worried about CPU or GPU for desktops because they will not sale so many of them. Moreover, Intel + AMD + Nvidia facilitates running Windows + Linux etc... in VMWare Fusion for example.   Apple needs to become just as Swift...
Gorgeous Apple Watch faces...   I predict that the most popular Apple Watch will be the 42 mm stainless steel + black sports band.  
Wow, It's remarkable how "Hololens" gets all the press and Windows 10 gets none.
New Posts  All Forums: