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Most likely new wearable devices and/or new software services.For example a SIRI enabled bracelet or medallion with various sensors that is also an extension of other Apple devices.A major update to AppleTV software and services.
They are announcing rather late In thé month. This may indicate that there will be a product announcement before earnings.
Awesome, Apple should sponsor map data for iOS devices.
You can get all you local channels with an antenna for free. If your house was already wired with cable you just need 1 antenna in your garage or attic or whereever your paid cable was coming in before. I recommend the Winegard Freevision fvhd30 antenna. Hopefully everything will be streamed soon enough.
iOS App streaming is cool but why do I need a paid tv subscription when I can stream it freely on the web? 3 years in a row? Where is the progress? CableTV providers need to become internet service providers. Keep cutting the cords. They will get the message.
Wow, That would be an awesome deal. 1 Country, 2 Countries, 3 Countries, 4... 1 Tablet, 2 Tablets, 3 Tablets, 4... 1 TV, 2 TVs, 3 TVs, 4... This could be the start of something big. Imagine every elementary school and every university using iOS devices... with private, customizable iTunesU like teaching platform... integrating iPads, TVs, iBooks etc... Apple has all the needed components.
Perfect for a nice Q2 boost. This may be perfect timing because it would have been difficult to deliver holiday iPhones to the world's smaller ISP's + huge intro deliveries for China Mobile.   Go Apple, Go CM.
This is awesome.   I was wondering what happened to the PlaceBase / PushPin technology that Apple acquired in 2009. I believe this will be it on steroids integrating private and public data sets (BIG and small) in many diverse ways. This is one of the reasons Apple needs 64 bit architecture on handhelds and desktops to address and quickly process huge amount of data.   Weather forecasters, travel / tourism agencies, real estates companies, political groups will do...
Interesting...  I didn't know that they only use the ARM instruction set for compatibility on top of their own cores design.Wow, the A7 is really a different beast.  No wonder it blows everything else away.
A very nice collection of music and music videos. Beyoncé rocks !
New Posts  All Forums: