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I agree.  Remember Hulu dropping iTunes TV Shows and them coming back.Comcast is probably just try get the TWC deal so they screw everybody afterwards.Comcast probably sent clear signals that NBC would not do a streaming deal.Apple should just leave them the hell alone and avoid future problems.
Now we know one of the reasons Apple bought FoundationDB. Cassandra DB will be replaced by FoundationDB for sure.   I hope Apple releases some form of CoreData/FoundationDB at WWDC.   Time will tell.
So the database backend runs on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Apple should definitely release these for private clouds. System requirements One of the following 64-bit operating systems: A supported Linux distribution: RHEL/CentOS 6.x Ubuntu 12.04 or later (but see Platform Issues for Ubuntu 12.x) Or, an unsupported Linux distribution with: Kernel version between 2.6.33 and 3.0.x (inclusive) or 3.7 or greater Works with .deb or .rpm...
I hope so.  They may use it in iCloud since developers use iCloud for data storage but I sure hope they release this for local use as well. Apple already has what they call "Core Data" API that currently uses an Apple customized version of SQLite as a DB store or XML or Raw.FoundationDB is essentially that Apple customized SQLite on steroid. Here is Core Data being used to create simple demo Application in Apple's new Swift language.So FoundationDB would essentially...
This DB is absolutely modern enterprise class stuff that scales.Apple will get great IP and top notch DB engineers.This is not really like MS SQL or Oracle or DB2. It is modern, scalable and fault tolerant stuff with no old legacy bagage.I don't think Apple will have much to clean up before releasing this.
Boom Baby!   Client / Server backend for Core Data coming up!   This architecture fits perfectly with Apple's Core Data. You get direct key-value store access or an SQL layer. If it is as fast as they claim, I say go for it.   https://foundationdb.com     Can't wait for WWDC June 8-12 2015   Go Apple! Go! Go! Go!
TAG Heuer CEO on Apple Watch... http://www.cnbc.com/id/102519594           This is a TAG Heuer Monaco CAL5110.FC6265 Retail Price:  $10,770.00     and   $4,735.00 Respectively.            This is an AppleWatch with a Link Bracelet  and an Apple Watch Edition with black Classic Buckle. Retail Price:  $999.00   and   $15,000 Respectively.            I say TAG is Toast and they know it.
TAG does not understand that their watches will be stuck with android phones and users even if they try to tag on Apple's coat tail. iOS users will buy the Apple Watch. They should try licensing their their watch faces out.
Big mistake! They should have used Tizen.This 3 way consortium is bound to fail
Discovery is great and probably inexpensive. Viacom has a lot of stuff.  Apple needs to carefully pick the content.   Looking forward to AppleTV.
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