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This is a deal that could help Apple and IBM greatly increase their market cap.   A new breed of applications for iOS and a new class of computing for IBM. IBM realizes that it is a service company so it does not try to become Apple and make it's own hardware. (Microsoft should take notes)   IBM has a lot of vertical software and services so this is huge. The enterprise will eventually learn how to write their own vertical software and take this even further.   The...
LOL.  Dvorak is a joker. He just loved to get under the skin of Apple fans that would let him.His stuff got boring after a while because it was so obvious what he was doing.
...and so Apple Mobile Payments continues to infiltrate the world. All the gift card companies will follow suit.  Money transfers may be next...
Nice iPhone 6 renderings...
How big is this thing? It appears to be 2 inches in diameter. Maybe less than 1 inch tall. Smaller than a hockey puck.
Apple could make the 3 billions or most of it in this suit.   Caching!  Best purchase ever.
 If an AppleTV is required for each TV in the house, how can it serve as a centralized hub?  Will they be configured in some distributed master/delegate fashion?  I don't think so.  Different lighting systems already have their own centralized control hub. A separate media aggregation / access controller box may be introduced with the next AppleTV to speed up streaming from ISPs.
Another killer App for iOS.  Especially for the iPad. A big incentive for schools to chose the iPad.
  LOL  That's a good one.I guess these are not paid actors but real samsung users.
New Posts  All Forums: