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Well, if you say so... The fact remains folks that Apple is in the hood, because they want to be there.
If you think about it, this ad actually neutralizes  the MS ad.  In this case, it is a proper and ethical response to the question.
 How can you write this crap here when the Beats Solo 2 is getting rave reviews all over the world?It is an excellent headphone at great price point.  Your hatred cannot possibly be about the headphone. 
Speak for yourself dude. 
I think it's a very cool way to let everyone know that Apple & Beats have joined forces. I predict Beats is going to to be the coolest music company on the planet and bring the world to iOS. Does anyone sense Watson class, Big Data Analytics in SIRI in the ad ? SIRI just joined the conversation without being asked a question. LOL.
Like it or not, it's a done deal.It's already worth more than three billion at this point.Deal with it.
Net neutrality never really existed.  You always get what you paid for more or less. True net neutrality would destroy the internet.  The traffic must be controlled and Apple is going to need massive bandwidth for iTunes, iCloud and iTV.
Awesome... This is the beginning of AppleTV. Cord cutters rejoice.
No Thanks.  Shazam sucks nowadays.  Too many ads. They make you pay to avoid the ads and then they still send ads after you update. Don't use their crap.  iOS 8 will present a much better interface.
Yosemite rocks!!! The UI looks great and it is already wicked fast.
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