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The larger 12.9" iPad will likely have an enhanced OS and UI where the addition of a stylus makes sense.  The force sensor technology of Apple Watch and technology from PrimeSense will likely be included in the new system.   Other Apple technologies to look out for?   1.  The 5K Retina iMac is likely a prelude to interactive Apple 5K TVs and Conference room displays with 3D gesture capabilities. 2.  PrimeSense technology will likely allow iPhones & iPads to capture 3D...
And now, they will turn on each other. LOL
What does Google get for the $100 Million? Google Walet is already similar to Softcard and neither use "tokenization" so may be it is for the patents.   Considering that PayPal sued Google for stealing the Google Wallet technology from them. Google may wish to replace Google Wallet's technology with...
Well, somebody made out with a nice 30% upside in Blackberry today.   Perhaps they will publish that Google will buy Blackberry tomorrow.
I was wondering what Apple was up to with the PrimeSense IP.   I would love to see that UI implemented in a 10K TV screen by the end of the Summer.
If Apple can put a 5K display on an iMac for this price, I would wait for the next Thunderbolt Display.   Time will tell.
Does this movie defame people?   One of Apple's rules for accepting Apps is that they can't defame people.   May be they are applying some of that to the movie.
Cord cutters rejoice! I look forward to kicking cable TV as we know it today to the curb some day. Time will tell.
I would not use Google frameworks for iOS in my apps.   Google always has an ulterior motive, so stay away from their bait. Just remember why Apple Map exists today and why Samsung wants to build it's own OS.
Every single iPhone sale counts.  (Muchos pocos hacen un mucho)A sale of 23,000 units most certainly counts.It starts with one airline, and then a second airline, followed by a third and so on...
New Posts  All Forums: