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Actually, you want your watch to be linked to your iPhone for many reasons.  It is purposely designed that way.In the case of the Apple Watch, it is technically a beautifully programmed link that you don't want to break. For example, if you walk away from your iPhone in your car, your watch can tell you.If someone grabs your watch from your wrist, ApplePay will stop functioning on the watch.Your Apple Watch can use your iPhone as a server and your iPhone uses your Apple...
Wow, that side-by-side Apple Watch vs Rolex picture is the best.   You should have done a watch face for watch face comparison. Any of the flexible Apple Watch faces would have blown the static Rolex faces out of the water.   The Swiss are toast even if they block the Apple Watch from selling in Switzerland.  
First come first serve.Gotta be fast when racing against the whole world.Knowing what you want in advance and a fast internet connection helps.
Just got my Apple Watch using the iPhone App and Apple Pay. Go get it boys and girls.   Good Luck to all...
That is awesome. I wonder if SIRI still uses Nuance? They probably do at a fundamental level. Nuance has 86 languages covered.
I hope so.I like HBO Now so far but if I start getting bills from HBO I am dumping it.Don't want to be getting bills from 2 dozen content providers.Time will tell.
Looking forward to this. Cord cutters rejoice.
OMG!  Are you Steve Balmer?  That is exactly what Steve Balmer said about the iPhone.Look back at the introduction of the iPhone and ask yourself if there is a bullet to dodge.Wanna play Ostrich?  Be my guess... 
Of course, just like the feature phones and dumb phones on sale today.
The Swiss watchmakers are desperate. They are gonna be toast and they know it and they just cannot dodge the bullet. 8.0+ Richter disruptions coming to the watch industry only to be followed by tsunamis. Here is a link to the document https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1700140/2015-04-02-detail-marques.pdf
New Posts  All Forums: