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The Ribbon menu?  Forget it.  I hate the Ribbon menu. It probably supports OneDrive as well.  Forget it. Office 365 Subscription? Well I can understand that but... Forget it.   I'll stick to iWork and iCloud thank you.
Here we go again... AT&T bought Cingular and got iPhone. Verizon got left behind... Comcast will buy TimeWarner cable and get iTV. Will Verizon get left behind again?   Actually Comcast almost has to do this because Verizon's purchase of Intel's digital TV platform. The start of something big? Time will tell.
 Wrong, wrong and wrong...   iPhones and iPads ARM SOCs have the fastest GPUs around with power to spare. (Imagination Technologies Power VR)This device will most certainly not use Intel Chips. It will use ARM CPU and Power VR GPU and Flash for storage.The keyboard and trackpad will be context sensitive on a sapphire glass slab.It will run iOS with a modern laptop UI that borrows heavily from the iPad Air iOS 7 paradigm.It will be 64 bit and super efficient and iCloud...
I think this fan-less clamshell with a modern trackpad and flash storage is very possible. It would be ARM based and would run iOS with a modern laptop UI that borrows heavily from the iPad Air. It would also be a very efficient and powerful 64 bit computer. It would run iOS applications but display a context sensitive graphical keyboard instead of the fixed physical keyboard.   It would be a revolutionary computer.
 This is true.  I guess hell can freeze over again, but this may lead to a lot of Android based iPod clones running iTunes.If they do this for Android, they should do it for Windows Phone as well. I think Apple may be about to move beyond the basic functionalities of iPods and iPhones and into bigger better things.iTunes for Windows desktops worked out nicely.  This should workout as well but Android is one hell of a fragmented platform to support.  Windows Phone may be...
Very cool indeed.Hopefully this is just the beginning.
This should be very interesting.   First off all I am sure businesses will buy it for compatibility reasons. Let's see how compatible feature for feature it will be to desktop office. It will probably not support iCloud in favor of xDrive which a negative for me. I don't see how it can beat iWorks' UI and feature set.   Time will tell.
I guess not.  A lot of people cannot use computers today so...
SIRI is the computer.  It is the most important UI now and for the future. The speech interpretation and recognition is already very good as I can work comfortably with it in several languages. The SIRI knowledge base can be improved infinitely to the point where one can ask anything and get an intelligent answer.   Automatic language detection is one of the next challenges.   I should be able to speak multiple languages without having to change the keyboard...
The Mercedes video in German is very cool...  Siri speaks very smoothly... I'd like to hear a demo in French or Spanish. 
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