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The iPhone Camera rocks! Period.
They are just angry the missed the boat and Apple makes it so easy to invest for every one.
Well, the Banks would be foolish not to join since they don't pay any transaction fee to Apple.  They just follow card network protocols.As diverse as the Banks may be, they still interface with the same card networks. (Visa, MasterCard, Amex)Issuing Banks and  Acquiring Banks have to interface with the card network schemes and that's where Apple Pay wins. 
 “Apple and Visa (Inc) have an agreement around what has happened,” Visa spokesman Steve Perry told Reuters. “I am as excited as anyone, but we have to wait,” he said. Visa Inc. technology will be used by Visa Europe, MasterCard and American Express and they all support Apple pay.It's just a matter of getting the supporting member banks to join and Apple has that down to a science at this...
This is an awesome beginning. ApplePay is gonna be huge. It will be all over Europe by end of April.
Google keeps transaction data on their servers. Softcard is even worse.It is just crap raised to the crap power.The only thing Google gets is to hopefully stop PayPal from suing them further for stealing PayPal technology.
All these places are nice and sunny this time of year. Look for the van in the Northeast during the summer. They are working on maping data for Apple map.
Search, YouTube and sometimes mail are the only google services that I use via the web. I don't want any Google App on my devices.
To poach or not to poach? That is the question. Apple got sued for not poaching recently and now they get sued for poaching? WTF?
Boom! There it is. That will be an awesome retrofit of all Macs with the Magic mouse and TrackPad.
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