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I think the Lyric is much better. It is definitely more predictable. The geofencing idea is excellent. The design and features are better on the Lyric.
Well, I think Sony is playing defense against a nonexistent Apple Gaming device.   I can't blame them when Apple is announcing enhancements like Metal for 3D Graphics acceleration.
Think of it this way...1.  Apple offers 20 GB to users for $10 per year;  they actually care more about your up-to-date credit card info for mobile payments than the $10.2.  Apple offers 200 GB to users for $48 per year;  that is less than 25% of what other services charge.  (A DropBox and Google killer)3.  Apple offers Free DB, Security, and Hosting infrastructure to iOS and OS X developers.  (A Microsoft and Amazon killer) #1 and #2 rock with awesome free web application...
Gorgeous UI.
Good to know that the channel is there already. Looking forward to watching it live with high expectations... Go Apple...
It'll be interesting to see what Apple does with all the cool Beats hardware products.   Headphones, Earphones, Speakers, Car Entertainment System (including amplifier and speakers). These products are a perfect extension to Apple's current line up.   Apple should sells the 5c under the Beats brand.   Now that Apple plans to introduce its Home Automation standards, the question is who will jump on board and how does Apple make money? Whirlpool, Honeywell, GE, Maytag,...
World Cup Headset anyone...  
I told you it was gonna happen. The best is yet to come. Now go buy your Beats subscription already.
Yay! Go Apple.
No Thanks.
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