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Yay! Go Apple.
No Thanks.
Sure. They're gonna surveil your house to determine which ads to send you. Thanks but no thanks.
If you think about it...   Apple could end up getting a cut of every home appliance on the planet. What's more they get a cut on the payment as well when you buy it using their mobile payment system.   If this is the case, who can predict what will happen to the stock? $200 after the split?   The question is will Samsung choose to license it or copy it?  Time will tell.
This could be the start of something big. It'll be interesting to see how Apple makes money from this.   Time will tell.
No, it can use WiFi with smart devices.  The devices will need to adhere to Apple's protocol.(i.e. WiFi enabled lights, alarms, thermostats, smoke detectors, TVs, refrigerators, stoves, Microwaves, printers, speakers etc... )
 Yes.  Big time. I personally have an iMac, a Mac Mini, 2 iPads, an iPhones and 5 AppleTVs.  (not to mention retired hardware and what I purchase for others.) I think it's OK not to lookup to someone and to have your own standards of morality etc...I bet there are a lot of things that Steve Jobs did and said that many people would not lookup to.  But he was still a great CEO and visionary when you put aside some other things that he did.  The man is well known as Apple's...
 Actually I am not a big fan of rap music, but I can respect where the lyrics and the music come from; vulgarism included.I actually appreciate some rap music because I think the world needs to hear it.  Rap is an important and integral part of the US and the world.Some people get all emotional when they hear or see things that are unusual to them.  That's a weakness not a strength. I suggest that you put your credentials next his and honestly ask yourself who has...
 Haha... You're a funny guy Andysol.  You look like an Android fan.  LOL
 Actually, I think Samsung would be very interested because they are trying to build their own platform and not depend on Android. However Beats has always tried to complement Apple. The headsets came about because Dre felt that iPod earbuds were inadequate.  Beats Music came about because Iovine suggested it to Steve Jobs and Apple chose not to do it.  If Apple had done these things, Beats would not exist today.  This one of the reasons why they fit Apple like a glove.
New Posts  All Forums: