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Best solution? Bullsh*t. Apple Map is the best.  HERE Maps for offline if you ever need it.Keep Google software off of your iOS device at all cost.Use the web to access Search & YouTube ignore the rest. BTW, I have been comparing Bing search results to Google search and Bing has been better lately.Try it for yourself.  Bing search results are excellent and better organized with a nicer presentation. 
That's an excellent idea. Evangelize the platform and expose its features to the world. A sign that AppleTV is really in its infancy at this time.
These will be released right before the holidays. I wish Apple would release the skinny TV bundle as a Christmas present. Time will tell.
 That's fine.  Don't expect to many tackers, just a lot of 3 month trials.Android losers don't want to pay for anything. lol
Close all shops in the UK and move them to Germany and France. Let the brits travel abroad if they want iOS devices.
It looks OK, but I wouldn't pay $1500 for it.  It looks like a classic Tag Heuer. I doubt that it has the functionality of the Hermès connected watch.
There are a lot of people waiting for this iPad Pro.
I would bet that both Apple and BMW are contributing research and technology partners of Faraday Future.   Tim Cook at WSJDLive. http://www.wsj.com/video/tim-cook-talks-at-wsjdlive-about-the-future-of-cars/65732065-D80B-4A28-B0A1-AC4240FAB7DA.html   Time will tell.
I agree but unfortunately Apple can't buy ADM for various reasons.  (AMD invented the X-86 64 while Intel did the IA-64) (X86-64 won)Apple is correctly focused on ARM and may very well have the best processor / SOC team in the world at this point.It's basically CISC vs RISC but the ARM architecture is superior and much more flexible. Here are a couple of articles that lay it all...
Google is evil. They are just looking for a partner to stab in the back.   Why don't they form their own CPU team?
New Posts  All Forums: