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 1.  Apple need to revamp iTunes ASAP as subscription music outfits are a threat to the iTunes model long term.2.  Apple is buying Beats for what Iovine and Dre can do for Apple and not just what they have.3.  If Iovine and Dre can help revamp iTunes and get iTV off the ground, they're worth more than $3 Billion to Apple.  They may already have been instrumental in getting iTunes off of the ground with Steve Jobs, leading to a $500+ Billion market cap for Apple. You need...
Some Nest Employees are ex-Apple employees.Completely different ball game.
 You see, this is what you don't understand, money cannot buy everything.Ask yourself, if Spotify and other online music would exist at all today if iTunes did not exist first?Then ask yourself if iTunes would have existed if it wasn't for Iovine for example. Seriously think about where Jobs, Iovine, and Dr. Dre came from and then try to understand how they each are very successful people in their own rights.
These guys have been friends with Apple leaders for years and they have been building what they advised Apple to build and Apple chose not to.Now Apple realizes that some of these ideas were not all bad.Do you think Steve Jobs just pull anyone off of the street to include in his public presentations?I know that some people here can't understand this but you need friends from all walks of life and backgrounds in order to succeed sometimes.Life is not just about pushing...
You are only seeing once side of Apple.There is a side where the Beats founders friendship with Steve Jobs contributed to iTunes' success.There is a not so pretty side that makes cutthroat deals using shell companies with labels and media content owners that many choose not to see.Think of how corporations work, you can't be as big and successful as Apple and be all pretty.  Some people have to do the dirty work.Remember, Beats is a very successful company in its own...
If you understood Beats history with Apple, you would understand why they are buying Beats.
I hope they kick Amazon's butt.  They most certainly deserve it.
Thanks but no thanks.
 Penny wise pound foolish.
This is an awesome update.  Chart editing finally.  Although I couldn't detach a pie chart slice.   This is the most awesome piece of Web Office Suite software I have ever seen.   Thank You Apple !
New Posts  All Forums: