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This is another global Apple phenomenon that the competition can not copy. Apple must have a strong patent on this.
Flexibility to be modular. Not all A7 devices will need the M7.For example, an A7 based TV/Game Console would not need it.
The iPhone is not only for ordinary people.It is for Soldiers, Agents, Government officials, corporate CEOs etc...
 If someone steals the new iPhones, they will need the owners iCloud account to ever get into it, and they cannot turn off GPS tracking.The 48hour is to prevent very sophisticated hackers like governments from ever getting to the fingerprint data. Mission Impossible technology anyone?  Or is it Star Trek? LOL
I am just looking forward to a 64bit A7 iPad with Touch ID, but a new 64bit A7 desktop class portable with Touch ID would be sweet...Imagine 24-48hour battery life... sweet...  (I can dream right?) Note that it would be reasonably easy to rework OS X applications for an A7 portable.  Thanks to the superb Cocoa/Touch frameworks. OK.  Since we're dreaming, how about a 64bit A7 TV with wicked OpenGL ES 3 graphics for gaming...  OMG !! We are living in interesting time...
All security measures are actually more useful than ever.  This is to prevent very sophisticated hackers from ever getting to the data. *This data will self-destruct in 48 hours* If the device was not lost or stolen, it's easy to put back.
Hard to copy and protected by patents. A7 + M7 + 64bit iOS + Touch ID + UI = Apple is 5+ years ahead of the competition and moving further ahead fast... I don't think the competition will ever reach this level let alone catchup.
Boom baby!  These will fly off the shelves.   This is proof that iPhones are very inexpensive when sold on contract to customers who are ready to make use of Apple's ecosystem. They get their money's worth via free iOS updates and the ecosystem as a whole.   I bet this will happen in the States as well.  It has already happened in the States with the 5c.
Unlocked yellow iPhone 5c are sold out
 1.  You can pre-order the 5s from Walmart and others at a discount. 2.  Security conscious agencies and governments probably have huge orders on the 5s.  Apple does not spend $ 356 Million on a security company unless a lot of people are asking for them.3.  It's also better for Apple to ship in bulk to partners than to individuals.4.  I think the list pricing is designed to discourage scalping and favor partners and carriers that are paying subsidies to Apple. Some...
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