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I think it would be fair for Apple to invest in the country if the country is willing to bet a large part of its education on Apple. This may also be a very good sign that Apple can get the deal. There are many things that Apple can research there. Education, Languages and Mapping are examples. They are in both Asia and Europe so research being done in Europe and Asia can extend there. I am sure Tim & team will think of something good.
10.6 Million iPads for the initial phase.  That's a lot of iPads. Imagine how many iPads will be purchase for the whole project.   The LA Unified School District iPad project is a great success. Apple needs to shine  bright in this Turkey project.  I wonder if they are using Pearson for the curriculum.
 It does support 2 way communication and the vendor writes the app.  It would be foolish not to not to track how often you visit the store and what departments. 
So It Is Written so It Shall Be Done... New, Interactive, Effective location based advertisings are upon us folks... ...and again Apple devices are leading the charge.
 Samsung is toast and they know it.Samsung will soon be copying and fighting the smaller Asian device makers for scrap.As shameless a copycat as Samsung is, it is becoming more difficult for them to copy Apple's latest innovations.  (They keep trying)Many of Apple's new innovations are broad and large scale and highly technical in software and hardware.  Samsung can not keep up.Samsung must still be held responsible for damages caused by violating Apple's IP and...
I like PayPal and eBay but the question is does Apple need them.If PayPal can help Apple in anyway then Apple should partner with them.Another question is how to value PayPal's contribution.Perhaps they can integrate the technologies and users then and spin it off into a separate company.
 Monopoly money eh ?  That explains why they spent $3 Billion on Nest.Google trades at at PE of 30+, That is investor's money that they are playing monopoly with.If their search engine / advertising combination really gets challenged in the near future, they are toast.Time will tell.
OK.  So Google is selling at a lost but it is cutting it losses at the same time. Moto has been costing Googlel money quarter after quarter.
Dear Senior Editor, there are a typos in the article. Please replace all instances of DOJ with Amazon. Thank You.
Just dump them from the Apple Stores.  No need to drop their App for the AppStore.That's no big deal.  Home Depot is selling them now.  They'll be fine.Although Honeywell is trying to put them 6 feet under in court, Google will help them fight back.
New Posts  All Forums: