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Apple could make the 3 billions or most of it in this suit.   Caching!  Best purchase ever.
 If an AppleTV is required for each TV in the house, how can it serve as a centralized hub?  Will they be configured in some distributed master/delegate fashion?  I don't think so.  Different lighting systems already have their own centralized control hub. A separate media aggregation / access controller box may be introduced with the next AppleTV to speed up streaming from ISPs.
Another killer App for iOS.  Especially for the iPad. A big incentive for schools to chose the iPad.
  LOL  That's a good one.I guess these are not paid actors but real samsung users.
This desperate move is not gonna work. iPhone users know the deal.
Well, I think most people will buy the 4.7 an it will be the flagship phone.The 5.5 is a phablet and as such it is different. Note that the current iPhone 5s is only 4.0 inches so 4.7 is large and 5.5 is huge.
I think any high school in their right minds will continue to use the iPads.   To uniformly integrate the different devices will reduce the value of the best device to the lowest common denominator. Moreover, Apple is about to revamp its education platform on the iPad and add TouchID. Apple is in a position of strength, so no discount.
 Good Point.Steve Jobs always wanted Apple to be a force for "Good" in the world and Tim Cook understands this.It's not about Tim Cook but about Apple an what Apple stands for.
What a mess... I can see why Fadell wants to distance himself and Nest from this mess but he already took the devil's money so he now has to deliver his soul. Sundar Pichai probably wants Nest devices to become Android based but Fadell may have other plans to stay clear of Larry Ellison's lawsuits. Nest already has Honeywell on their back for the hardware, the last thing they need now is Oracle on their back for the software. Google needs to really focus on improving...
New Posts  All Forums: