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iOS and its applications make up a very complex system.   This issue was probably caused by a small glitch in packaging or deploying the update if they were able to fix it so quickly.   Does this update include all the Health and Apple Pay stuff ?   Go Apple, Go Go Go.
Go Apple, Go Go Go. iPhone 6 Rocks! Looking forward to iPad Air 2 with SIRI + Watson applications.
iWork for iCloud now works with iCloudDrive.
And the hits just keep on coming... Go Apple!
Good idea. Steady as she goes.
Samsung is toast and they know it. The Galaxy Note does run iOS and does not have iTunes, iCloud, iWork, iMessage, Touch ID, HealthKit and HomeKit etc...   Nobody wants a stylus yuck...  Samsung is feeling the heat.
A lot of Galaxy users are switching to the 5.5" iPhone 6+ and I think Apple had more 4.7" iPhone 6 at launch.   Time will tell.
Apple can build better than Square for 3 Billion but it will take time.   Square was apparently worth $3.25B in 2012. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/square-earned-3-billion-valuation-120000423.html   They may have the same fate as Nuance.   Time will tell.
It's all good. If everything went smoothly we would not remember it.  It makes us appreciate the iPhone 6 that much more. Expect a similar experience for the Apple Watch.   Go Apple.
...And the hits just keep on coming.   Go Apple Go, Go, Go.
New Posts  All Forums: