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I would bet that both Apple and BMW are contributing research and technology partners of Faraday Future.   Tim Cook at WSJDLive. http://www.wsj.com/video/tim-cook-talks-at-wsjdlive-about-the-future-of-cars/65732065-D80B-4A28-B0A1-AC4240FAB7DA.html   Time will tell.
I agree but unfortunately Apple can't buy ADM for various reasons.  (AMD invented the X-86 64 while Intel did the IA-64) (X86-64 won)Apple is correctly focused on ARM and may very well have the best processor / SOC team in the world at this point.It's basically CISC vs RISC but the ARM architecture is superior and much more flexible. Here are a couple of articles that lay it all...
Google is evil. They are just looking for a partner to stab in the back.   Why don't they form their own CPU team?
Very cool. It makes sense to have folders even with SIRI features because the number of apps on the Apple TV will be large after each family member downloads their favorite apps.
Amazon accepts Apple Pay?I have never seen an Apple Pay button on the Amazon App or Web.How do you set it up?
T-Mobile totally rocks!   They just announced a free a new 4G LTE CellSpot offering 4G LTE from WiFi where ever you want it. They say the service is free but there is a one time $25 refundable fee for the Personal Cell-Spot box.    
I agree.  They can also kick Google off of iOS, Mac OS and tvOS all together.We can use bing for searching, I have found it to be better than Google lately.
You mean better on tvOS than iOS. That is to be expected because tvOS is more suitable for game controllers. iOS devices are more likely to be used as a controller themselves instead of a controlled target.
It's a good thing.
Well, it's not really that simple.  When I say Car OS I don't mean Android Auto APIs and such.  I mean something much deeper.Many cars today are based on QNX RTOS with various custom modules to support different manufacturer's ecosystem. I am talking about a solid modern operating system with an advanced Car Framework where different manufacturers can override different functions to fit their needs.  For that, you would need a huge team of automotive and security experts...
New Posts  All Forums: