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Apple should buy Nokia Here maps and I think they probably will. Apple already hired the head guy of Here Maps for Apple Maps.   Here maps data can help Apple Maps compete better.  Here Maps is used in many built-in car navigation systems so it is trusted by car makers and can help CarPlay be trusted more.   Apple should buy them once and for all.
Yep.  Lots of 3rd Party bands coming out. Some of them quite ugly too.
Considering that they do a lot of music deals with her I guess they could have given it to her.This would be more like Beats marketing instead of Apple marketing. 
 Well, I just refuse to believe that this is an advertising stunt.They were probably given an opportunity to buy it first but I don't think this came out of Apple's advertising budget.
 That watch and bracelet were paid for.Looks like you need to figure it out. lol.
Looks very nice.  I bought that for her by the way... lol.   To those who ask who's gonna buy a gold Apple watch?   There you have it! 
That's what I want to know. lol
Let the international roll out begin!   It should be everywhere by the end of 2016. Time will tell.
It looks "half assed". If it only works with AMEX it's DOA.
Bullshit!  These troll lawyers buy crappy patents that they have no intention of ever using and then start examining successful companies to see how they can abuse their crappy patents while collaborating with their crooked judges to steal large sums of money. These SOBs should be literally kneecapped!
New Posts  All Forums: