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The old iPod Nano watch was already years ahead of Galaxy Gear.   Less expensive, more useful, nicer looking.
It is now 5 PM in Berlin, at what time were they planning to announce?   ======   OK.  They plan to announce at 1:00 pm ET.  (10:00 am PT)
 I believe Samsung licensed some technology from AuthenTec in the past but not the new in display technology that Apple developed and patented.  The on screen fingerprint capability will be more durable and accurate.
If Samsung does release a fingerprint sensor, let's see if it infringes Apple's patents, and let's see how well it works. Finger print sensors are common in many laptops but they are not in the screen and they do not work very well. Question: What is the diagram in the article above? Where is it from? ==================== OK. I watched the presentation and Samsung did not introduce a fingerprint sensor.
 You most likely will see 802.11ac support in the new AppleTV along with the iMac and MacPro machines.You may also see a CPU and graphics chips set upgrade.  Perhaps support for the new 4K TVs.Not to mention the new iOS 7
Perhaps they are referring to the bright new icons in iOS 7. Perhaps they are referring to iPhone, iOS, iMac, Mac Pro and Airport Express announcements.
Apple should buy "Nokia Here" mapping and location services business if possible and perhaps the phone patents a.   Apple should buy the Nokia Here" mapping and location services business which is big in automobiles today.  This is an opportunity to have it's own maps data and push iOS in cars in a big way. Since Microsoft is only licensing the patents from Nokia, Apple may wish to buy them if the technologies make sense long term.
  ICahn can not push Apple nor Nuance for that matter but he does own 17% of Nuance and over a Billion invested in Apple, so he has some pull.   He could be more of an ally to Apple if it came to a Nuance purchase.  It would also be better for him if Apple bought Nuance at this point.
I don't think Apple will buy Nuance at 5 to $7 Billion for many reasons in addition to the price.   Nuance has excellent voice recognition but their other products can be undermined.  I think Carl Icahn realizes this.   When Visioneer + ScanSoft bought Dragon Systems/Nuance, they got excellent voice recognition that gives them an advantage and pushed their original ScanSoft imaging scanning product to the background.  Nuance has since licensed the voice...
FaceTime works fine for me as well. It looks like these guys are just trying to publicize this. It will get them nowhere.
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