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No Google Apps for me Thanks. I just don't care for them.
If the US and EU are against abusing SEPs then some crooked judge in Korea is getting paid big bucks to allow it.  Samsung phones need to be banned in the US asap for copying and other IP violations.
I think the Galaxy S5 is an ugly device.   Look at the size of the camera on the back, look at the cheap looking cover. It appears that Samsung copied the overall design of the iPhone 2G but screwed up the casing and the camera. The casing has a band-aid texture and the "after thought" camera and flash were certainly not designed for this phone body. Call it the Frankenstein phone with body parts from different devices merged together.         Look at the smooth...
 Yes.  That's true.  However, I still wonder if they wrote the glowing reviews in advance and with intent to monetize them later.It's sad that a news and review site like CNet has turned to this tactic to make money.
CNet should be ashamed of itself accepting bribes from Samsung and Microsoft. I always suspected some glowing reviews for MS Surface were paid for and it still does not sell. This is cheating their customers and readers. Fortunately most people are not stupid and think before buying.
 This is nice for wearables but I think Apple will beat this with technology from ARM + P.A. Semi + Intrinsity + Passif Semi + AlgoTrimWhen you combine these techs with Apple's quest for perfection you usually get the best of breed. Besides, devices built on Intel SOCs will quickly become commodities with little if any differentiations in a very crowded market and the margins become very thin.  That's why Apple makes its own SOCs.
No, not necessarily.  It is a problem that is inherent in the programming language that they use to write it.  In the case of Office:  C++ Apple uses Objective C for OS X and iOS APIs.  It is much less susceptible to the "Fragile Base Class" issue and it is much more flexible to re-architect software written in Objective C without breaking all other softwares that depend on the base libraries.  I think the Objective C language gives Apple a huge advantage.  Apple is now...
I think you misunderstand the bigger picture of what Apple is doing with iWorks. Granted, that Apple has rewritten iWorks from the ground up with an architecture that scales better on iCloud, desktops and mobiles,. If you followed what Apple did with the Final Cut Pro X rewrite, you would notice that iWorks features are quickly coming back and iWorks will be in an architectural position to beat office in the long run just like Final Cut Pro X rules in movie making.  iWorks...
 Microsoft has to sell Windows 8.  I think Microsoft has redesigned applications like office amongst others in the spirit of the Windows 8 Metro UI.  I guess the idea is to have the same UI on desktops, Tablets and Phones.  That makes it more difficult for MS to change all these user interfaces if they wanted to.  I think the Office interface is slow and confusing.  Office still rules but it is being challenged.  This could be deadly for Microsoft.
 Well, in that case they have a lot more lowering to do in the OS and Applications area with OS X and iWorks being free.PCs are already cheap.  I think the Windows 8 UI needs to change.  The phone UI alienated a lot of people on the desktop. Businesses still use Windows XP and Windows 7 although Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) have replaced a lot of physical desktops.Many home users have discovered the Mac and have paid more for it because it is superior in many...
New Posts  All Forums: