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 I think the AppleTV box will get a major update this year including gaming and 64 bit OS with stunning graphics.The cable companies are still a problem.  We need senator Jay Rockefeller's Consumer Choice in Online Video Act bill to pass...
I think the /s means sarcasm 
Very nice indeed. The iPad can serve as an iBeacon device for iPayments as well when available. Now we see why Apple may build larger iPads with sapphire glass screens. Imagine a bank's cash machine accessible via TouchID on an iPhone.  
Exactly.  This field is not new nor is Google breaking new ground with its technology.They needed to focus on a market and develop this stuff in-house, and first and foremost, make it way better than anything else out there. I think Google has made another huge mistake probably because some of its big politician share holders made it go into the field to rescue their old dying corporate holdings.  It looks like they bought everything (nothing developed in-house) and are...
 http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/09/us-russia-bitcoin-idUSBREA1806620140209http://news.msn.com/science-technology/russian-authorities-say-bitcoin-illegal?ocid=newssocial Just because everyone abusing it is not going to jail does not mean it is legal.
 Get a clue dude.  Apple can get sued and has been sued for not removing apps that support criminal activities quickly enough. BitCoin cannot be compared with other legal currencies.  There are local and international laws that apply to globally accepted currencies, there are none for BitCoin.BitCoin is not legal and will likely be shutdown.  I may likely linger around in an underground world that no legal corporation would want to be associated with....Let the drug...
 Oooooohhhhh..... LOL 
Very cool advertising for both Burberry and Apple.
 Sure they do...   Anobit and PrimeSense  are in Israel.AlgoTrim, C3 Technologies, Polar Rose are from SweedenImagination Technologies is in the UK.
I think it would be fair for Apple to invest in the country if the country is willing to bet a large part of its education on Apple. This may also be a very good sign that Apple can get the deal. There are many things that Apple can research there. Education, Languages and Mapping are examples. They are in both Asia and Europe so research being done in Europe and Asia can extend there. I am sure Tim & team will think of something good.
New Posts  All Forums: