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Thanks but no thanks.
 Penny wise pound foolish.
This is an awesome update.  Chart editing finally.  Although I couldn't detach a pie chart slice.   This is the most awesome piece of Web Office Suite software I have ever seen.   Thank You Apple !
 I guess you have not worked with big cheeses in BIG corporations.  The public appearance can be very different than what goes on inside.It is very "cut throat".  They will curse you and then chew you up and spit you out for making mistakes.  They are also human so they use the F word in private like everybody else.   Do you think Steve Jobs was a bad fit for Apple?  Wake up and smell the coffee.  Will you?
 Beats will not remain as it is today.  It will become Apple. Apple is about to become so BIG with medical devices, wearables, mobile payments, Television etc... Apple will need to be reorganized.
 When people are about to die of thirst  in the middle of a desert, how much would they pay a person with a case of ice cold Poland Spring?It's not just the person but what the person has and/or can do.  Potential Energy. What is a man with billions in the bank worth?
I agree I think Apple will change radically and will likely double in value. Everything media will go under the Beats brand including some hardware. iTunes, CarPlay, AppleTV, TV software, TV hardware, iPods, headPhones, earPhones, speakers etc... Apple will focus on computing hardware and software. Mac OS, iOS, SIRI, Maps, iCloud, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Wearables, Medical devices, 3D printers etc...
 Oh yeah?  You need to hear these... http://store.apple.com/us/product/HA382VC/A/paradigm-millenia-ct-speaker-system?fnode=4f
Nice speakers. Built in AirPlay is a definite plus.
Very cool indeed...
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