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Apple is in a unique position to greatly improve and industrialize the PrimeSense technologies and bring them to the masses in a wide variety of exquisite products. With its acquisitions from C3 Technologies, Passif Semiconductor, WiFiSlam, IMSense, AlgoTrim, FingerWorks, SIRI amongst others, Apple can greatly improve the size, form factor, power consumption, the 3D imaging/recognition accuracy and user interfaces of the PrimeSense Capri, not to mention software,...
Folks, whether the judge is correct or not this money will not have a big effect on Apple, what matters is that Samsung stops copying and Google stops facilitating the copying of Apple's IP to its partners.  The RockStar case is still on going...   Apple is doing a very good job protecting its IP from the likes of Google, Samsung and others and that's what matters going forward.
 Same here.  Thanks but no thanks.  Only things I still use once in a while are Google Search and YouTube.Hopefully I can dump them soon.
The crooked Italians are desperate for money. They are going bankrupt. They don't buy much apple products anyway and there no respect for the rule of law there. Apple should leave that country.
Happy Birthday iPod... The existing iPod lineup is awesome and remains the best with iTunes Radio added.
They either screwed up before or somebody paid them to change the numbers.   So now we should care until next year when they will announce that they were off by 100 million for a bigger pay-off.   All I can say is that I have used the iPad Air and it is an awesome device.
...And so the expansions begin. More and more uses for PassBook and Touch ID no doubt enhances the experience. Looking forward to full blown electronic payments and gift cards from international 3rd parties including stores, banks, restaurants, Airlines, Taxi cabs, Buses, Trains etc... Although done quietly, this is huge folks and it is international.
This stuff will integrate very nicely with wearable devices. We are living in interesting times folks. Looking forward to some very cool stuff from Apple. They focus on enhancing people's lives in the long term, instead just making a quick buck.
This activity tracker is interesting to me, especially the sleep monitor aspect of it. Whithings makes nice health and fitness products such as several smart scales, a blood pressure monitor, a baby monitor etc... Search Whithings at Amazon. They actually work well. Keep up the good work.
iPad Air sells out in New York, Hong Kong, other parts of China http://venturebeat.com/2013/11/01/ipad-air-sells-out-in-new-york-hong-kong-other-parts-of-china/
New Posts  All Forums: