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  Oh... Don't tell me... Let me guess....   You are a stock trader who took a position based on this band taking effect...   Well, c'est la vie...
Google is evil but Samsung is crooked to the core. I am glad this band got vetoed. All they can do now is wait for new Apple products to copy.
Not censoring links would lead to porn links. Amazon is a competitor that would want to damage the Apple brand at all cost.
The DOJ deal was written by Amazon. The DOJ should be investigated.
Google or no Google Motorola is doomed.   Motorola just does not have any compelling product anymore.  They have no "raîson d'être".   I think their name is still cool.  "Motorola"   I remember when they use to make MC6800 and MC68000 processors. I remember when they bought CodeWarrior, a swiss army knife IDE and C/C++ compiler and frameworks for Mac OS. I remember when they made the Razor flip phone. My Verizon FiOS STB is still labeled...
Apple Maps Rock...   Looking forward to HopStop and WiFiSLAM integration
There is no doubt that Apple will get other states.   Apple will also get other countries.  Like this 10.6 Million iPad deal with Turkey.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/05/20/prime-minister-visits-apple-hq-as-turkey-ponders-106m-tablet-buy-for-education   Time will tell.
Only the Best! Better than all the Rest...
  Oh sure, iOS devices are only supported by 95% of cars on the roads now.
  Why not just stream to the AppleTV.   People buy AppleTVs for much more unique stuff than AirPlay: LiveBroadcasts, iTunesU, Podcasts, iTunes, Home Media Streaming.   Most web videos are low resolution and suck.  (including most of YouTube) People buy HD TVs to watch mostly HD content.     ChromeCast won't sell because it is very much for geeks only and a $45 Roku box offers so much more.   More importantly, what kind of security does this thing have? You don't want your...
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