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Boom baby!  These will fly off the shelves.   This is proof that iPhones are very inexpensive when sold on contract to customers who are ready to make use of Apple's ecosystem. They get their money's worth via free iOS updates and the ecosystem as a whole.   I bet this will happen in the States as well.  It has already happened in the States with the 5c.
Unlocked yellow iPhone 5c are sold out
 1.  You can pre-order the 5s from Walmart and others at a discount. 2.  Security conscious agencies and governments probably have huge orders on the 5s.  Apple does not spend $ 356 Million on a security company unless a lot of people are asking for them.3.  It's also better for Apple to ship in bulk to partners than to individuals.4.  I think the list pricing is designed to discourage scalping and favor partners and carriers that are paying subsidies to Apple. Some...
 Wow, I hope you guys are not managing anyone. A 5 followed by a capital S would look like SS or 55.  (5S)  Using a lower case s is more clear.
 1.  Using plastic cuts the cost significantly without losing features.2.  Using plastic allows for colorful phones that teenagers will love.3.  A family of six is much more likely to buy 6 iPhones when they can save $600 and have the Find my iPhone feature to find their kids.
To emerging markets and large families, it's a better iPhone 5 at half the price. It will sell like crazy and with a healthy margin for Apple.   It's a beautiful phone that people will love for the colors and the new user interface. If you think about it, the 5C is actually better overall than any competing smartphone out there at any price except the 5S. The 5C will be flying off of store shelves.
 It is targeting emerging markets but even in the states, a family of 4 will likely buy the 4C for the kids because they don't really need the fancy technologies of the 5S.  That's a $400 saving that many families will appreciate. Many people will actually prefer the colorful look and feel of the 5C and will choose it because they don't need the extra features of the 5S.Think teenagers.
 Converting a micro kernel and operating system to 64 bit is a big under taking.  To me, this is also an indication of more powerful devices to come.  (See how long it takes Android to become 64 bit if ever.) The fingerprint sensor and the 64 bit operating system places Apple over the competition for years to come.I expect PassBook to soon carry all major credit cards with best in class security and ease of use. Time will tell.
What about the in-display fingerprint sensor?   Will that technology be used as well in the iPhone 5S ?   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/18/apple-details-in-display-fingerprint-sensor-tech-in-patent-filing-from-authentec-cofounder
  1.  Not all ID / Security applications use PKI,  You are assuming only personal use for banking and other Passbook functions.  IAFIS for example is the largest biometric DB in the world and certain applications may wish to compare against that. 2.  Note that depending on the APIs, you can use an iOS device to create a fingerprint DB.  FingerPrint databases may become big business. 3.  What about using the in-display fingerprint scanner to prevent criminals from boarding...
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