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You must select the correct transportation methods. If you select train only for example and you need to take a bus to the train, it assumes you want to walk to the train. You must select train and bus transportation and it will give you correct walking, bus and train instructions correctly. Very impressive application.
I just downloaded and tested the app for some New York locations and it is very impressive. It accurately combines walking instructions with bus routes and train / rails instructions very nicely. Apple can do wonders with this.
Locationary is an awesome idea. Apple can provide incentives globally to compete and fine tune Apple Maps.
The ARM chip is used in every device that needs a CPU except the Mac. With different iPhone, iPad, iPods, AppleTV models on the way, it makes sense. If they can come up with a reasonably priced 4K TV set they would own the Market. It would essentially be a large 4K screen with an AppleTV integrated. No UHF and VHF antennas needed. It's like an extra large iOS/ARM based iMac.
I don't need it.  I could not care less.   Keep Google spying apps off of your iOS devices.
Yes they are.  People are cutting the chords left and right. If US broadcasters don't take the advantage, foreign broadcasters will.   Take British Sky News for example, they rocks in the US on Apple TV.  They could render CNN obsolete for example.   If content owners agree to remain hostage behind the US cable companies, they will lose big time.   No more bundling of crappy programming.
Paying to skip adds is a well balanced idea. The programming gets paid for, the broadcasters make their money and the advertisers save money.  Everybody wins. With a huge customer base, it adds up.   If I skip an ad, I probably don't care for it anyway so for the advertiser to pay to force me to watch it is foolish.   This will also force advertisers to make more creative advertising that people want to watch.
Have you honestly tried it ? The results are essentially the same but bing has nicer presentation.   Apple does not need to partner with Google.  Just let them develop their spying iOS apps for people who want them and that's it.   Yahoo is much more complementary to Apple.   Considering the importance of iCloud to Apple's future, they should seriously consider buying Yahoo to integrate into iCloud.   Mail and Flicker are the only 2 overlaps. Apple could enhance Yahoo's...
  LOL.  That's a good one. Eric Schmidt is not to be trusted again.  Google is not to be trusted again, If Google wants to buy Macs and/or develop Apps meet with them at a neutral location. Keep them off of Apple Campuses.  They may have hidden Google cameras to copy everything in site and pass it on to Samsung.   Keep Google applications away from your iOS devices and use Yahoo/Bing for searching.  It works better.
New Posts  All Forums: