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They either screwed up before or somebody paid them to change the numbers.   So now we should care until next year when they will announce that they were off by 100 million for a bigger pay-off.   All I can say is that I have used the iPad Air and it is an awesome device.
...And so the expansions begin. More and more uses for PassBook and Touch ID no doubt enhances the experience. Looking forward to full blown electronic payments and gift cards from international 3rd parties including stores, banks, restaurants, Airlines, Taxi cabs, Buses, Trains etc... Although done quietly, this is huge folks and it is international.
This stuff will integrate very nicely with wearable devices. We are living in interesting times folks. Looking forward to some very cool stuff from Apple. They focus on enhancing people's lives in the long term, instead just making a quick buck.
This activity tracker is interesting to me, especially the sleep monitor aspect of it. Whithings makes nice health and fitness products such as several smart scales, a blood pressure monitor, a baby monitor etc... Search Whithings at Amazon. They actually work well. Keep up the good work.
iPad Air sells out in New York, Hong Kong, other parts of China http://venturebeat.com/2013/11/01/ipad-air-sells-out-in-new-york-hong-kong-other-parts-of-china/
 BlackBerry would be very foolish to drop out considering that they are the second largest contributor to the $4.5 Billion purchase. Apple   $2.6 Billion or 58% of the $4.5 Billion purchaseBlackBerry  $770 millionEricsson  $340 millionMicrosoft, Sony, EMC $800 Million I don't think this is trollish at all.  They spent $4.5 billion for the patents, and as publicly traded companies, they are obligated to make the most of the patents.Remember how after Google paid $12 Billion...
 Yes, this looks very serious indeed folks...  A very nice revenue stream for the RockStar members...This makes BlackBerry more valuable too. Boom There it is !
Google or Samsung needs to buy blackberry right now I mean now now now
  Me too.  Thanks ai...
It is what it is.  If they want to give away their devices to be used as door stops, so be it. Apple makes more profits on mobile devices than all the others combined.  Go figure.
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