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Like it or not, it's a done deal.It's already worth more than three billion at this point.Deal with it.
Net neutrality never really existed.  You always get what you paid for more or less. True net neutrality would destroy the internet.  The traffic must be controlled and Apple is going to need massive bandwidth for iTunes, iCloud and iTV.
Awesome... This is the beginning of AppleTV. Cord cutters rejoice.
No Thanks.  Shazam sucks nowadays.  Too many ads. They make you pay to avoid the ads and then they still send ads after you update. Don't use their crap.  iOS 8 will present a much better interface.
Yosemite rocks!!! The UI looks great and it is already wicked fast.
 My thoughts exactly.Apple's lawyers will deal with them.
That explains why Tag Heuer did not mind Apple hiring Patrick Pruniaux. They are most likely part of the deal. This will be awesome.
 That's a good one!   I don't like Samsung because they are crooked to the core.I don't like Google because they try to steal products and make a run for it and they always fail.  Google Wallet was a stolen product just like Android was a stolen product.  Wait until Oracle gets a hold of theses crooks.
Another one bites the dust. Let's hope others learn from Lenovo.   Even Apple's iPad Sales were not astronomical last quarter, hence the IBM deal.
Too bad the Kindle Reader sucks.   Apple should match this and the iBooks reader is much better on iOS and Mac OS.
New Posts  All Forums: