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Looks like a full 12 hour battery life device at least, with the new A7. World class fingerprint security will lead to so many new applications. Those are huge unique features... That's just awesome. Physicians and Pharmacists need huge medical databases locally in their pockets so... Boom! Lots of people in Asia and the Middle East want everything in gold, so... Boom!
This report is hogwash...   Roku does not have AirPlay which is a very popular way to engage the AppleTV on the local network.
It actually does quite a lot.   It's like a personalized search engine for all things TV on the web. Think Google or Bing + Facebook for TV.   If you think hundreds of cable TV channels from your local provider are hard to discover and manage then imagine what millions of shows, movies, news, clips from all over the world would be like.
I imagine that Matcha will integrate very nicely with SIRI.   " Matcha offers deep indexing of long-form online video sites (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, etc) as well as indexing of crowdsourced video sites like YouTube. "   http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/08/matcha-a-social-tv-guide-and-movie-recommendation-engine-that-doesnt-suck/  
Overall, it is a good idea because this stop the low end iPhone from cannibalizing  sales of the higher end iPhones, it will save cost where the infrastructure for SIRI does not exist and also it will take a load off of the SIRI servers.   I use SIRI a lot but other people may not.  Some countries may not offer the infrastructure to really take advantage of SIRI.  They may not offer cars with iOS,  weather info, maps data, Fandango theaters, restaurant reviews,...
The Steve Balmer video is proof that he has always been insane.   He must have been copying the "Crazy Eddy" commercial at the time.   Amazing...
Can't innovate anymore my a**...   Fox News is pulling this out of their a**...
The penalties were written by Amazon.  I guess they messed up.   The DOJ forgot to tell Amazon that they made those deals with the publishers.   The DOJ and Amazon should be investigated.
iBooks looks Great and should knock Amazon Kindle out for the count.
Apple only paid $356 bucks for Authentec? I could have bought them. Any mere "thousand'aire" could have. OK fix your typo. I also disagree with calling Apple's implementation of certain technologies catch up. Apple's push messaging is nothing like blackberry, nor is the AppStore like danger, or Microsoft enterprise features or Nokia's 3G. Apple takes its time to implement technology their way and when they think it's the right time. Take NFC for example, it is...
New Posts  All Forums: