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 Well, in that case they have a lot more lowering to do in the OS and Applications area with OS X and iWorks being free.PCs are already cheap.  I think the Windows 8 UI needs to change.  The phone UI alienated a lot of people on the desktop. Businesses still use Windows XP and Windows 7 although Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) have replaced a lot of physical desktops.Many home users have discovered the Mac and have paid more for it because it is superior in many...
Way To Go Air Force.
 Well, I can speak 3 languages and I don't translate much.  For people who want to translate on their iPhone, I recommend iTranslate.I just don't like any Google app on my iPhone because they always have an ulterior motive.I don't trust Google nowadays and I think most of their so called partners don't trust them either; including Samsung.
No google Apps for me thanks.  Keep your iPhone Google free & be happy.  Use SIRI for searching.
Saphire glass for the keyboard...   Samsung cannot copy that.
 Then how come ISIS itself has not taken off?  MasterCard PayPass?  Visa Wallet?Ease of use problems with pass codes and to many steps? Security risks with lost of phones? No better than the existing credit cards? Minimal to no support from Point Of Sale vendors?
Google's current search algorithms will be superseded well before 2020 and their advertising tricks are currently being challenged..  Google is aware of that and is not standing still.  They are trying to diversify into new fields but with limited success so far...
What you don't get is that people are using more and more mobile devices and less and less PCs.Not only are people buying less PCs but they are using PCs less.
I will continue to use iWorks thank you.  I think it will overtake MS Office soon enough. MS was probably reluctant to pay Apple the 30% in the AppStore. MS Office also will probably not support iCloud in favor of Office 365,   iWorks is looking very good at this point.  Although some MS Office features are more advanced, iWorks has many features that are more advanced than MS Office and with a much more elegant and user friendly interface.  Not to mention iWorks new...
Amen. You forgot to mention the Google wallet disaster. A stolen technology from PayPal which amounted to nothing. We'll see how the Apple payments effort materializes. We already know that iBeacon is already making major progress. Time will tell.
New Posts  All Forums: