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The Mercedes video in German is very cool...  Siri speaks very smoothly... I'd like to hear a demo in French or Spanish. 
LOL.  She rules!  She'll definitely like the CarPlay but she is better off her own mobile iPad instead of an integrated one.Car infotainment screens will not allow playing of videos while the car is in motion.  You can only watch videos from a back seat integrated screen while the car is moving; unless you have a separate iPad.  
Actually, Volvo already had a system based on Android, but it sucked and no one bought it. It's an Android layer that seats on top of QNX.It was like a $2000 option on a Volvo and was very limited and clunky.It is not integrated with a phone at all, it stands alone. I think Google will try to improve this but it will still suck. Here is a demo of the system.http://youtu.be/64t6kWKTHiM
Frankly, I expect an announcement from Audi any minute now in support of CarPlay.   I am a BMW driver myself and although BMW always supported iPhone integration, they were not on the original list of CarPlay supporters.  This explains why Mercedes is ready to release CarPlay and BMW is not.  I think they understand that being late in supporting CarPlay can cost them a lot of customers, not to mention not supporting it at all.   Volkswagen / Audi would have to be...
Well, the passenger can still do all of that either with the plugged in iPhone or a mobile iPad from home. The only potential issue I see that the driver may forget to take their phone with them when they leave the car, and this is where the iWatch will come in handy to remind you to take the phone when it loses Bluetooth LE connectivity.  I think CarPlay is just the beginning of something much bigger.
To keep an iPad in a car all the time is a waste because you can not use it most of the time.It's better to plug-in your iPhone in any car and allow others to plug-in their iPhones in your car when needed. Once your iPhone is plugged in, the car essentially becomes your car; even if it is a rental.Your contacts, your music & media, your messages, Your phone number, your iCloud data all become available.
There is much more to CarPlay than I thought. http://www.engadget.com/embed-5min/?sid=577&playList=518144341 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3_eLgKohHw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqgrGho4aYM We may have an iPhone scale revolution on our hands. I think the killer app is SIRI. People will use it a lot more in the car. Imagine asking your car: What is the integral from 2 to 11 of X squared plus 3 X And then boom get an answer within seconds. Is the Star Trek era upon...
Even with caller ID, the decision to speak with a caller often depends on what they want to talk about. It is well worth while to snoop on the voice message to just listen and decide.   It's also important to have these technologies in place for IP calls because VoIP will eventually take over for POTs and Cell networks. It does not hurt to augment the Nortel Patents where they left off.   Go Apple Go.
Not so fast...  It takes a little getting use to.You have to at least test drive one of those vehicles to really appreciate it.  It's actually very nice & classy.  The displays are unbelievably sharp with super crisp fonts.These are the interiors of the G-Class and S-Class respectively...  MSRP $114,200 and $92,900 respectively...
Google does to mine gmail to target users with advertising.Just keep your iPhone free of Google applications and everything will be fine.
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