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Announcement date: September 10th   Pre-Order date:  September 13th   Store availability date:  September 20th
Sorry MS, the surface is doomed.     Get out of the tablet hardware business and focus on writing software. 
Yeah  we know the drill....  Announcement on the 10th, preorder on the 13th to be sold out quickly and in stores on the 20th.
The is interesting part is the 64 bit iOS running on the A7.   This tells me that Apple has plans for much more capable iOS devices needing to address vast amount of RAM and process huge amount of data.   The existing iOS devices don't really need a 64 bit OS and we all know Apple did turn on the 64 bit switch for nothing.     Time will tell.
Embark has a very nice and user interface but lacks the walking, Bike and Bus capabilities. That's where HopStop comes in. Integrate the 2 for a fast Apple Maps winning combination. Go Apple Go, Go, Go...
Very nice but what color are the missing top and bottom parts?   They could actually be black, white or champagne.
With all the emphasis on clothing managers from Levis and Yves Saint Laurent, Ron Johnson's experience and failure as JCP CEO could come in handy as head of Apple Retail. Steve Jobs came back to Apple and did wonders, perhaps Ron Johnson can do the same. Time will tell.
  Well these service launches are not exactly like an OS update.   There are various barriers including licensing, language, legal etc... Since Vevo is already international it should become available quickly on iOS in some countries.
iTunes Festival new iOS devices New OS = Great September month...
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