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Apple should use Intel as well.  Especially when they have a better 14nm process.
That's nice, if it is at no additional cost it's worth it. There must be a fast Dish link on board the plane. The iPad 2 is the best choice because it is most efficient for streaming audio/video over the network and it is inexpensive. Smart providers will always chose iOS devices because it saves them a fortune for the bandwidth in the long term and provides a better user experience to the customer.
Lots of things run over budgets in this country.  ( Wars, Constructions etc... ) While it is good to stay within budget, education is not a bad thing to spend money on.   Apple should help them as much as possible because it is important that this program succeeds in a big way.   This program will pay off in the long term and without a doubt greatly improve education for a lot of kids who would never have had the opportunity otherwise, not to mention many adults who...
Oh My God...   The new Apple iWork simply Rocks...  (Not to mention Maps and iBooks). The whole OS is so much faster.   The new iWork is a "Coup de Grace" to every other office suite. With Mac, iOS and Web availability all platforms are covered.
I had noticed this about USA Today for sometimes now.  They print a lot of biased crap. I just deleted their App from my iPad.  I recommend others to the same.   Regardless of what they print, iOS is available for everyone to try and choose for themselves.
Not needed on iOS.   FaceTime Voice is built-in and perfectly integrated.  Thank You.
At $199 they will fly off of the shelves. A whole new gaming with smart physical cars. The cars need to be durable and the track needs to have flexible configurations.
I predict that the budget iMac will be ARM based.   The CPU and GPU are among the most expensive parts so if they can slash the the CPU/GPU costs retail prices will drop. They will also need either a full blown 64 bit OS X port to the ARM architecture or perhaps a new iOS  Desktop UI.   OS X applications will then be recompiled and ported to the  iOS Desktop.   Time will tell.
Balmer is just saying this because he knows that Apple will release a revamped iWork suite for the iOS and OS X soon. And the iWork software will be free on iOS and also available in iCloud.   Too little, too late.  Gone are the days when Apple would be dependent of Microsoft for an office suite.
Looks like normal scheduled maintenance downtime.
New Posts  All Forums: