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The penalties were written by Amazon.  I guess they messed up.   The DOJ forgot to tell Amazon that they made those deals with the publishers.   The DOJ and Amazon should be investigated.
iBooks looks Great and should knock Amazon Kindle out for the count.
Apple only paid $356 bucks for Authentec? I could have bought them. Any mere "thousand'aire" could have. OK fix your typo. I also disagree with calling Apple's implementation of certain technologies catch up. Apple's push messaging is nothing like blackberry, nor is the AppStore like danger, or Microsoft enterprise features or Nokia's 3G. Apple takes its time to implement technology their way and when they think it's the right time. Take NFC for example, it is...
I hope they don't eat that stuff. Could have repercussions years later.   Why don't they try to clone fish or chicken?   Time will tell.
First degree extortion by Samsung should come as no surprise. There should be laws against that. Samsung is crooked to the core... http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57571837-38/samsung-hires-judge-who-ruled-against-apple-as-legal-expert/ How the ITC blew it... http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/08/05/apple-samsung-itc-pinkert/?source=yahoo_quote Not a single drop of dignity in Samsung.
  Oh... Don't tell me... Let me guess....   You are a stock trader who took a position based on this band taking effect...   Well, c'est la vie...
Google is evil but Samsung is crooked to the core. I am glad this band got vetoed. All they can do now is wait for new Apple products to copy.
Not censoring links would lead to porn links. Amazon is a competitor that would want to damage the Apple brand at all cost.
The DOJ deal was written by Amazon. The DOJ should be investigated.
Google or no Google Motorola is doomed.   Motorola just does not have any compelling product anymore.  They have no "raîson d'être".   I think their name is still cool.  "Motorola"   I remember when they use to make MC6800 and MC68000 processors. I remember when they bought CodeWarrior, a swiss army knife IDE and C/C++ compiler and frameworks for Mac OS. I remember when they made the Razor flip phone. My Verizon FiOS STB is still labeled...
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