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Wow, That would be an awesome deal. 1 Country, 2 Countries, 3 Countries, 4... 1 Tablet, 2 Tablets, 3 Tablets, 4... 1 TV, 2 TVs, 3 TVs, 4... This could be the start of something big. Imagine every elementary school and every university using iOS devices... with private, customizable iTunesU like teaching platform... integrating iPads, TVs, iBooks etc... Apple has all the needed components.
Perfect for a nice Q2 boost. This may be perfect timing because it would have been difficult to deliver holiday iPhones to the world's smaller ISP's + huge intro deliveries for China Mobile.   Go Apple, Go CM.
This is awesome.   I was wondering what happened to the PlaceBase / PushPin technology that Apple acquired in 2009. I believe this will be it on steroids integrating private and public data sets (BIG and small) in many diverse ways. This is one of the reasons Apple needs 64 bit architecture on handhelds and desktops to address and quickly process huge amount of data.   Weather forecasters, travel / tourism agencies, real estates companies, political groups will do...
Interesting...  I didn't know that they only use the ARM instruction set for compatibility on top of their own cores design.Wow, the A7 is really a different beast.  No wonder it blows everything else away.
A very nice collection of music and music videos. Beyoncé rocks !
For a Judge to err is human, that's why there are appeals. However, if an investigation were to reveal that she colluded with Michael Bromwich for a money grab then she would be in a lot of trouble.   This whole thing including the DOJ and Amazon's involvement stinks to high heavens.
 CONGRATS China Mobile!
I believe it. 64 bit OS, Desktop class architecture? Mapping advancements, 3D sensors, Social analytics engine? Yep. I believe it all. A whole new class of computing is coming.
It's about time.   Go China Mobile...  Go Apple !
This was such a surprise that even the Wikipedia list of mergers and acquisitions still has not yet been updated.  I had not heard of this company before but if Apple bought them, they can't be all bad.     Topsy's technology may be applicable to more than Tweeter leading to more advanced search capabilities for Spotlight, Siri and Apple Maps.   Apple bought PlaceBase in 2009, remember the Policy Maps Demo, the decision engine was based on...
New Posts  All Forums: