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Oh well, I wonder who is going to anchor Google I/O now... He probably missed a key delivery for this year's I/O and pissed off the board. Perhaps he can join Jugo Barra at Xiaomi or he could work for Samsung. But then again he is a multi millionaire so he could day-trade.  Time will tell.
LOL, That's a good one.  A positive AD. It certainly of better taste than the competitor's negative Ads.   Keep 'em coming.
I think Nike is ceding the market to Apple. Perhaps they will co-brand a version of the iWatch with Apple. The Nike products are cool.  Perhaps Apple can hire some of the Nike people.   Time will tell.
There must is a reason behind all this. TI customers are demanding iBeacon everywhere. Time will tell.
I think Microsoft probably has Apple's permission to do this and it may be a sign of more collaboration to come. Microsoft and Apple have already cross licensed many technologies. PassBook licensing could lead to mobile payment system licensing etc... This may give Microsoft a leg up against Google.
They can charge $100 more for the 5.5' iPhone since it uses more material. I will be buying the 4.7' model.
Smart move by Apple. Tough luck for the ones on the receiving end. iPhone 6 anyone?
What Novauris does that Nuance does not...
... and just like that, another big one in the repertoire. Keep an eye on Samsung.
Apple may want control of the LCD driver chip so it can incorporate new technologies to drive Quantum Dot displays.
New Posts  All Forums: