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I am an iWork user.  I think it is awesome nowadays. I have no need for MS Office nor Google Docs.   I read that Google Docs for iOS is garbage. http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobile-technology/google-docs-and-sheets-mobile-mark-new-low-241676
Now that the trial is over, Samsung must stop violating the patents. That will lead to lost of sales because their products will be inferior. That alone will be worth it.
 I dunno man, when Microsoft forced IE on users to monopolize the internet amongst other things the DOJ was not very kind to them and their arrogance.
Congrats and Welcome to Apple.
Samsung is crooked to the core. The most dishonest company on the planet.
The Apple Ads are much nicer. They actually show the actual product throughout the Ad.
I was not wrong. I knew that the 5c sold well although the 5s sold a lot more.
Google should have fired Eric Schmidt instead of Vic Gondotra.   -Eric failed to buy Facebook and put Vic between a rock and a hard place to compete. -Google is about to get challenged big time in search as users migrate to portable devices outside the office. -Google should have bought Facebook but now Facebook may buy them out in a few years. -Perhaps google's robots should wear google glasses, they booth look like dead ends right now. -Brin and Page are afraid of...
Oh well, I wonder who is going to anchor Google I/O now... He probably missed a key delivery for this year's I/O and pissed off the board. Perhaps he can join Jugo Barra at Xiaomi or he could work for Samsung. But then again he is a multi millionaire so he could day-trade.  Time will tell.
LOL, That's a good one.  A positive AD. It certainly of better taste than the competitor's negative Ads.   Keep 'em coming.
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