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A company the size of Google is building huge structures without proper permits? Who is the clown in charge of this construction for Google? What a joke...
 Do you actually think car companies will allow third party automatic driver functions to take over their cars?  Hell no!Who will be responsible when the system fails and causes an accident?
It's good to see BMW and Ford on the CarPlay list.   This is a revolution in car radio with support for Beats Radio, iHeartRadio, Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. http://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/     This Year                                 Future Ferrari                                       BMW Honda                                      Chevrolet Hyunday                                   Ford Jaguar                                      KIA Mercedes-Benz    ...
Samsung got their money's worth, but Apple got the same if not more for free.   She owns and uses an iPhone but was paid to pose with a Samsung.  Hmmmm...   The message is to keep buying iPhones and Samsung will pay you to pose with their phone. 
OK.  It may not be imminent, but then again it may be imminent. That's why it is a rumor. 
I can't believe BMW is not willing to even try this out. This could be their Verizon vs Cingular moment.   I hope Mercedes puts this in their GLK-350.   Time will tell.
No Google Apps for me Thanks. I just don't care for them.
If the US and EU are against abusing SEPs then some crooked judge in Korea is getting paid big bucks to allow it.  Samsung phones need to be banned in the US asap for copying and other IP violations.
I think the Galaxy S5 is an ugly device.   Look at the size of the camera on the back, look at the cheap looking cover. It appears that Samsung copied the overall design of the iPhone 2G but screwed up the casing and the camera. The casing has a band-aid texture and the "after thought" camera and flash were certainly not designed for this phone body. Call it the Frankenstein phone with body parts from different devices merged together.         Look at the smooth...
 Yes.  That's true.  However, I still wonder if they wrote the glowing reviews in advance and with intent to monetize them later.It's sad that a news and review site like CNet has turned to this tactic to make money.
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