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The ground level images will be stitched together and integrated seamlessly into the FlyOver images.  (Presumably using enhanced versions of the SAAB C3 Technologies stuff where Fly is replaced by Drive or Walk as in "Drive-Generate-View" as shown below.) You will eventually be able to virtually visit anywhere in the world by FlyingOver, Landing on the street level, Browsing around you on the street, going inside various POIs and browsing around.   Get ready for some...
 Yes but Google has not done squat for Google Wallet in the past few years.OK so they just bought ISIS / SoftCard and released Android Pay last week.
 Here is the complete time line of Google's Payment efforts.  (Google Checkout, Google Waller, Android Pay etc...) http://money.cnn.com/2011/05/27/technology/paypal_google_lawsuit/index.htm?iid=EL
An absolute gem for augmented reality and visual search technologies. The synergy between Metaio and PrimeSense is obvious.   Very valuable for augmented reality maps, continuous search and 3D user interfaces.      
Bet on it!iOS 9OS X 10.11New Mapping technologiesNew Streaming Music ServiceNew TV ServiceRevamped AppleTV ApplePay RewardsHomeKitSpotlight search feature. ========================FoundationDB ?   
Google is becoming more and more like Samsung. Rush ahead to do it first and screw it up, then wait for Apple to do it right and then go back and fix it by copying Apple's way.   Remember in 2011, PayPal sued Google for stealing their entire mobile payment team and Google still screwed it up. http://money.cnn.com/2011/05/27/technology/paypal-sues-google/   I think Apple will kick Google's butt in Mapping and Searching very soon, not to mention Advertising just...
This is a gem of a tool set that will be made more widely available to the world.       
He could have used SIRI or better yet SIRI CarPlay. When you are driving a car, SIRI should be used for everything unless you are parked.
Speaking of illegal, Google is making deals with US Carriers to accept only Android Pay on Android Phones and ignore Samsung Pay by pre-installing Android Pay on all their phones.   This was part of the deal for Google to bailout the carriers by buying  ISIS/SoftCard from them.  The anti-trust busters should take a look at that deal but they probably will not since lots of senators own Google stocks.
It's about time.  CarPlay rocks!  
New Posts  All Forums: