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 That watch and bracelet were paid for.Looks like you need to figure it out. lol.
Looks very nice.  I bought that for her by the way... lol.   To those who ask who's gonna buy a gold Apple watch?   There you have it! 
That's what I want to know. lol
Let the international roll out begin!   It should be everywhere by the end of 2016. Time will tell.
It looks "half assed". If it only works with AMEX it's DOA.
Bullshit!  These troll lawyers buy crappy patents that they have no intention of ever using and then start examining successful companies to see how they can abuse their crappy patents while collaborating with their crooked judges to steal large sums of money. These SOBs should be literally kneecapped!
Neither Apple nor HBO has any "Porn" content.  Get a clue...
"Kneecaps" I like that word.   verb (kneecaps, kneecapping, kneecapped) [ with obj. ] s   Shoot (someone) in the knee or leg as a form of punishment: (as noun kneecapping) :  petty crimes are punished by kneecapping.   Yes.  Break the SOB's legs so they have nothing to stand on.  LOL. If the courts did that literally, there would be no more patent trolls.
Actually, you want your watch to be linked to your iPhone for many reasons.  It is purposely designed that way.In the case of the Apple Watch, it is technically a beautifully programmed link that you don't want to break. For example, if you walk away from your iPhone in your car, your watch can tell you.If someone grabs your watch from your wrist, ApplePay will stop functioning on the watch.Your Apple Watch can use your iPhone as a server and your iPhone uses your Apple...
Wow, that side-by-side Apple Watch vs Rolex picture is the best.   You should have done a watch face for watch face comparison. Any of the flexible Apple Watch faces would have blown the static Rolex faces out of the water.   The Swiss are toast even if they block the Apple Watch from selling in Switzerland.  
New Posts  All Forums: