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Chrome OS was a web browser. They are likely trying to build a tvOS and a Car OS. They have a long way to go. Supporting all the different device drivers for PCs may be a challenge unless they just support the Linux drivers or be web based. Does the world need a new PC Operating System? Reminds me of BeOS and Haiku OS. https://www.haiku-os.org This could also be a push by Intel to revive the PC industry on x86. Get Google Android to switch to Intel for laptops and...
It can work that way.  Using the right APIs, the user can be allowed to use a credit card + the store rewards/coupons card subsequently via NFC in one pass; coupons could also be applied automatically to your purchase.  The terminal can determine where each piece of information goes.  I think they are just starting to integrate this.  There is a lot more todo.
I used it today and it works fine although it is not fully integrated.   You have to use either NFC or let the cashier scan the code for the rewards. It would be much better if the machine could read the reward code and and then pay or vice versa in one pass.
Go Apple! Go Go Go.
Good news for today's 1Q forecast. Time will tell.
Not a surprise... Hope they all get fined big time!
I got 2 x 64 for now. I did not see a quantity field when buying with AppleStore App and ApplePay so had to place 2 separate orders.   This may be an anti-scalping feature.   Now, I need the skinny TV bundle from Apple ASAP.
For the $6 you get access to their entire repository of shows.You can watch them when, where and how you want. (Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Replay etc...)That is the future of TV. Having said that, I would wait for the Apple skinny bundle.
Well, take a look at this link:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204916 Apple is starting off with more banks in UK (over a dozen) than they did in the US.They now have well over 500 Banks and Credit Unions in the US supporting ApplePay. Now have a look at this link:http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/where-to-use-apple-pay/ The list merchants supporting ApplePay in the US is not too shabby either and it's growing more and more. I think it pays to see the glass as half full...
2015 is the year of ApplePay. The world of mobile payment is so huge that ApplePay does not Appear to have captured much but it is best positioned to win over the world.Apple is getting a lot of banks and credit unions in the US on board. This month October 2015 is the deadline for all US merchants to support EMV chips or take responsibility for credit card frauds at their stores so expect a lot of stores in the US to begin supporting ApplePay. Apple now has the iPhone 6,...
New Posts  All Forums: