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It's about time. Ban all Samsung phone products so that they get the message. Samsung insists on shamelessly copying Apple's software and hardware designs and then playing the justice system for time.
Apple needs it's own search engine with great advertising.   Now, if Apple could only get Samsung to stop copying its software and hardware designs and the DOJ + Amazon from interfering with its business life would be good.   Expect great things this year:    Wearables    New TV Platform + Streaming TV business    New iCloud computing device.    New Point of Sale ePayment system.    iOS in the Car
I don't think it's the same thing.  Navigating secure streaming media is very poor now a days. When you switch from NetFlix to Hulu to iTunes there is a delay and you have to relocate the desired media.With Apple's patent, it will smooth and seamless.  It may all appear as if it iTunes. Time will tell.
Pearson put together a whole curriculum for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).  Proof that the content is there. The media rich iBooks text books are amazing.   iTunesU alone is a big reason to buy iOS devices.  Expanding globally gives more people more reasons to buy iOS devices.
Nice... No more buffering... No more delay in switching providers... Seamless authentication and switching of all AV via smart remote control, voice or gestures... Now we need to pass legislation to remove cable companies strangle hold on anti-competitive contracts and bundling of...
Fadell strikes me as naive for a CEO.
Should be an interesting looking watch.
That's about 600 hundred iPads, much smaller than the LA Unified School District deal. Looking forward to the $4 Billion iPad deal with Turkish president.    The iPad Air with its 64 bit architecture, retina display and iOS 7 simply blows everything else away. Pearson iBooks and iPad Curriculums do wonders for getting kids engaged in learning.   I actually took a look at the High School Geometry iBook from Pearson.  Simply amazing...
 iBeacons are not eMails and they are so much more than advertising.  iBeacons can be used as a tour guide in a museum, a smart location reminder, a smart indoor map, a smart coupon book and much much more...  Not to mention it is all dynamic and context sensitive... To effectively deploy iBeacon in all the stadiums of the World Cup is not trivial.  The World Cup is a very dynamic international event where many languages are spoken, many stadiums architectures and...
 Are you kidding?  Do you know what the World Cup is?Coca Cola has this great opportunity at the World Cup because it is a sponsor.  iBeacon is relatively inexpensive to deploy and every sane company would jump on this opportunity. Also iPhone users chose to receive the iBeacon, it is not forced on them.  They have to "opt -in" first and can "opt-out" at any time. BlueTooth LE (Low Energy) power consumption is negligible unlike NFC.
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