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 Oh please...  Grow up!  Will you?
This is awesome! Some people just don't understand the kind of media connections iTunes is getting in this deal... Jimmy Iovine is a senior executive at Vivendi Universal Music Group. Beats investor Carlyle Group / Len Blatvatnik recently bought Warner Music Group. Vivendi owns about 14% of Beats. iTunes is about to become the biggest money maker for Apple. iTunes will own the global music industry if they didn't already. Wake up people. This is huge for Apple. As...
A lot of people like Beats Audio including myself although I am a Sennheiser fan.  They currently have over 50% of the premium market and it's not just because of fashion, the headphones sound good.More importantly, the contracts for Beats Music are worth a fortune and are not easy to get even if you have the money. There are a few things companies like Apple gladly pay for if it fits their need:1.  Cost savings   (How much would it cost to do from scratch)2.  Regulatory /...
You don't understand that it is not easy to get products like Beats Music or Spotify off the ground and time is money.  It takes a long time and a costs a lot of money to get the contract agreements if you can get them at all.  The industry would even challenge Apple more aggressively because they are Apple.  It is easy for Apple to scoop this up and make money because it is already a successful business with no legal problems. -As soon as Apple signs the $3.2 B check and...
Let's see... Spotify is worth $4 B... Pandora is worth $5.4 B...   $3.2 B for Beats is not so crazy at all...  Plus they have hardware patents that are licensed globally and strong media industry connections...   I predict that this deal will happen and will be a huge success.   iTunes is becoming Apple's biggest money maker.
The main reason Apple buys companies is to bring them in-house because the represent a critical component of an Apple product.   With Beats, Apple gets patented speaker technology and streaming audio.  Beats may have also had other breakthroughs that no one knows about for all that money.  I know that Apple spends every dollar as if it was their last.   This could enhance iTunes and iPhones, AppleTV, iPods, Macs, iPads   Wow... almost every single Apple product could...
Google Maps is irrelevant for iOS users now WWDC will introduce new Apple map features to put the last nail in Google map's coffin.
I am an iWork user.  I think it is awesome nowadays. I have no need for MS Office nor Google Docs.   I read that Google Docs for iOS is garbage. http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobile-technology/google-docs-and-sheets-mobile-mark-new-low-241676
Now that the trial is over, Samsung must stop violating the patents. That will lead to lost of sales because their products will be inferior. That alone will be worth it.
 I dunno man, when Microsoft forced IE on users to monopolize the internet amongst other things the DOJ was not very kind to them and their arrogance.
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