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I predict that the budget iMac will be ARM based.   The CPU and GPU are among the most expensive parts so if they can slash the the CPU/GPU costs retail prices will drop. They will also need either a full blown 64 bit OS X port to the ARM architecture or perhaps a new iOS  Desktop UI.   OS X applications will then be recompiled and ported to the  iOS Desktop.   Time will tell.
Balmer is just saying this because he knows that Apple will release a revamped iWork suite for the iOS and OS X soon. And the iWork software will be free on iOS and also available in iCloud.   Too little, too late.  Gone are the days when Apple would be dependent of Microsoft for an office suite.
Looks like normal scheduled maintenance downtime.
Well,  Apple needs to have a good relationship with the Chinese government if they want to sell iDevices there.  Facilitating communication that is forbidden by the government would not be helpful to the relationship.   Its OK to take heat for abiding by the law.  They don't have to agree with the law but they should respect China law and abide by it when they are in China.
This tells me that Apple is done with AppleTV 1.0 and is hard at work on 2.0. iTunesTV 1.0 will be released soon.
This is why Tim Cook is doubling down on security. Google and Samsung won't know what to copy next. Look at how Samsung is shamelessly trying to copy the iPhone colors. Apple needs to deal Samsung a blow in the TV market. Time will tell.
Very, Very cool. Another nice patent under Apple's belt.
They should closely follow the Apple methodologies if they hope to be acquired by Apple someday. Support iBeacon/Bluetooth Use MVC architecture Use C/ObjectiveC language
 I updated on day 1 and one of my AppleTVs failed to boot after the update.  (The light kept flashing.)You need a micro USB cable to connect it to your computer, not a mini USB.Also disconnect any other USB devices except your keyboard / mouse during the process.Connect to iTunes and update takes a few minutes and then it's as good as new.
If this had been a stolen phone this hack would not have worked because the finger print would have been invalidated in 48 hours.  Buyng your own phone and then take your sweet time to fake your own finger to crack it is not impressive.     By the time you fake a fingerprint for a stolen iPhone, the police would have located your with "Find my iPhone".     A lost or stolen iPhone can be easily wiped via iCloud.
New Posts  All Forums: