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This is awesome... and will gradually lead to full blown AppleTV.   I hope Verizon FiOS follows suit with their FiOS Mobile, live TV. Currently, it works on any FiOS network for some channels.   AppleTV could just be an application on the iOS platform like iTunesU or Podcasts. AppleTV could take advantage of Siri, AirPlay, H.264, H.265, 802.11ac, iCloud on any iOS device and even iWatch in the future.
The simultaneous voice and data is a function of the network, that's why Verizon cannot do it.   They should sue AT&T for its own patent. LOL 
  I agree.  They overlap in eMail but other than that, Yahoo is a perfect fit to boost Apple's Web Services and Yahoo has solid technology.   At $26 Billion, Yahoo is not cheap and it would take time for Apple to fully integrate all their services.   I suspect Apple will continue and augment the partnership instead of buying Yahoo.
Welcome on back Ron.  We need ya...   I seriously doubt anyone can run Apple retails as well as Ron Johnson.   He was instrumental in building it so he understands what it is all about. He tried to replicate it at JC Penny and failed so he no doubt learned some valuable lessons. If he comes back to be as good as he was before, it would be great, but I think he will be better.   Next, I want Scott Forstall back at Apple.  We need the veterans to help move...
What took them so long?
  I think Siri search is and will continue to be different and eventually better, easier, more accurate with better advertising. I don't think Apple is looking to replicate Google, Bing or Yahoo. Something like Google search would be one component of SIRI search.   Take a look at what Stasior led before SIRI:   http://www.a9.com/whatwedo/
  Well, Let's look at it logically.   1.  Apple nabs 70% of global smartphone profits with only 25% of global market share. 2.  Logically people do not pay so much profits for devices that they are not satisfied with. 3.  The numbers clearly agree with JD Power and Associates 4.  The buying frenzy every time a new iDevice is released says it all.
Don't bet the farm on that.   Apple Maps and Siri are doing great. If William Stasior's team can develop a good search engine with integrated advertising, then Apple can remove Google as the default search engine on iOS and Mac OS X.  
Oh yeah?  Check again... Who has the highest profit share by far in the smart phone industry? Who has nine straight JD Powers awards for customer satisfaction?
UCS, VBlock etc... are not typical servers.  They are very high end packages and super expensive, and they too are designed to run VMWare.     I would not say that they came out of nowhere and disrupt the server market. Cisco, EMC and VMWare rule the high end infrastructure world so what ever the come out with is highly regarded and when they team up to come out with something like VBlock, they know that there is a need for it and how to sell it, so they make money.  If...
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