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That's about 600 hundred iPads, much smaller than the LA Unified School District deal. Looking forward to the $4 Billion iPad deal with Turkish president.    The iPad Air with its 64 bit architecture, retina display and iOS 7 simply blows everything else away. Pearson iBooks and iPad Curriculums do wonders for getting kids engaged in learning.   I actually took a look at the High School Geometry iBook from Pearson.  Simply amazing...
 iBeacons are not eMails and they are so much more than advertising.  iBeacons can be used as a tour guide in a museum, a smart location reminder, a smart indoor map, a smart coupon book and much much more...  Not to mention it is all dynamic and context sensitive... To effectively deploy iBeacon in all the stadiums of the World Cup is not trivial.  The World Cup is a very dynamic international event where many languages are spoken, many stadiums architectures and...
 Are you kidding?  Do you know what the World Cup is?Coca Cola has this great opportunity at the World Cup because it is a sponsor.  iBeacon is relatively inexpensive to deploy and every sane company would jump on this opportunity. Also iPhone users chose to receive the iBeacon, it is not forced on them.  They have to "opt -in" first and can "opt-out" at any time. BlueTooth LE (Low Energy) power consumption is negligible unlike NFC.
 You just need an App to receive iBeacons from a specific group of one or more stores.If you have the Apple Store Application on your iPhone then you can test it at any Apple Store in the US. I believe Shopkick is doing a trial with Macy's in New York City's Herald Square and San Francisco’s Union Square stores.Shopkick will also partner with various other stores. Major League Baseball is also using iBeacon at Citi Fields in New York. 
 Because Apple does not need Nest at this time,  The same way Apple does not need NetFlix and/or  Hulu and/or Pandora. ================ Why did Google buy Nest ?Google does not need Nest either at this time but had invested in Nest and have an interest is keeping their investment and friend's business alive.Without Google, Honeywell would kill Nest with legal fees.
Google rescued Nest from the legal wrath of Honeywell but has no use for Nest at this time. Nest had to sell its soul to Google which had already invested in the company in order to survive. I think the thermostat and smoke detector products will likely die a slow death. Nest probably has some talented engineers and designers. If the history Be Incorporated is any indication, the engineers who came from Apple will gradually gravitate back to Apple within a few...
Easy to install and easy to remove; practically invisible with limitless possibilities. I say go for it. This is also good technology for merchants to invest in because the usage possibilities for iBeacon will grow exponentially.
Who the heck would be crazy enough to stick this thing in their eyes? The liabilities for someone losing their eyes are tremendous. Not to mention that Google devices are usually extra buggy.   Hell no.  I would not use this on my eyes.   NEXT.   LOL
 LOL, Your forgot to add "Google Fan".  ( Note that Google Glass is not even a product yet. )ADHD ?  Are you nuts? The LAUSD investment now will quickly give it a quality and economic advantage in educational media.This is not only good for LAUSD, it good for the country. The idea is to be #1 in education.  The US has developed a powerful educational tool in the iPad.Should it let the rest of the world take advantage of it while it sits on its butt?Wake up and smell the...
I think Nest was under pressure from Honeywell's lawsuits and needed deep pockets to survive.  Google may fade the thermostat and smoke detector in favor of other devices like Google Glass.   The entire Nest Team probably sold their souls to Google for the 3.2 Billon because it was either that or get crushed by Honeywell.   Time will tell.
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