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I like PayPal and eBay but the question is does Apple need them.If PayPal can help Apple in anyway then Apple should partner with them.Another question is how to value PayPal's contribution.Perhaps they can integrate the technologies and users then and spin it off into a separate company.
 Monopoly money eh ?  That explains why they spent $3 Billion on Nest.Google trades at at PE of 30+, That is investor's money that they are playing monopoly with.If their search engine / advertising combination really gets challenged in the near future, they are toast.Time will tell.
OK.  So Google is selling at a lost but it is cutting it losses at the same time. Moto has been costing Googlel money quarter after quarter.
Dear Senior Editor, there are a typos in the article. Please replace all instances of DOJ with Amazon. Thank You.
Just dump them from the Apple Stores.  No need to drop their App for the AppStore.That's no big deal.  Home Depot is selling them now.  They'll be fine.Although Honeywell is trying to put them 6 feet under in court, Google will help them fight back.
That's an interesting point. LOL I think Google had already invested heavily in Nest, they are probably using some accounting tricks to save money somehow...3 Billion for Nest is ridiculous. Time will tell.
I say break the ties.   Apple does not need anymore partnerships with Google. They should try to remove the search dependency and use their own search ASAP.
I hope they keep the 4" screen around as well, 4.8" is huge.
With all the iTunes / iBooks / iCloud / iTunesU global expansion, I imagine they need stronger European data presence.
It's about time. Ban all Samsung phone products so that they get the message. Samsung insists on shamelessly copying Apple's software and hardware designs and then playing the justice system for time.
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