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Google is confused and desperate.  They should not have bought Motorola. They need to license the patent to Apple for the same price as everyone else.   Did Samsung and HP get Andy Rubin taken off of Android?   Did samsung and HP feel that Andy did not manage to polish the OS enough?   Now the next Android will be WebKit based.  That's the closest they can get to using Apple software in their Android.   Google had better focus on search and advertising...
Two words:  Not Impressed.   Where is the innovation ?   1.  2 Cameras that can take pictures simultaneously with sound?      Ever heard of Motion pictures?   2.  Screen controlled by motion?      Just how far is the phone from you that it requires using motion gestures?   3.  Any security improvements to get it into businesses?      Looks like it's running the same old Android version.   4.  OK.  Amoled screen with 441 PPI may be nice. I have...
Google needs to take advertising and searching to new levels or they could be challenged very soon. Google glass and self driving cars are impractical at this time. Google can only waste so much resources.
  Sure, That's why Google is trying to copy it but can't. :) In the mean time, you sir are in denial. I prefer to zoom in with FlyOver in Apple Maps than to use StreetView.  I don't use Google Maps anymore on iOS. Once Apple Maps is available on OS X I will use it there as well instead of Google Maps. With so many Maps available nowadays, I think Apple Maps is very rich and yet has amazing potential.
Troy NY also has FlyOver.   Check out Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Russell Sage College in FlyOver. Very cool.  Go Apple...
I bet this summer. They will probably have a Maps application and a web interface.
It's not Apple, it's the anal-ists that are completely clueless without their insider information. They panic when they lose their regular snitch in the product chain to tell them what's going on.
Welcome Sony.  Seriously. ...and Good Luck with that.
Why admit it now and not before? How about admitting that Google stole Java technologies for Oracle and iOS technologies from Apple?
Boom! Here we go! Today Apple maps beats Google maps. Tomorrow, Siri will beat Google search.
New Posts  All Forums: