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Question:  Why is Google suddenly rushing this half baked API out for iOS ?   Answer:  Apple Map Kit rocks!   Check it out... It was updated on 1-28-2013 with support for local map searches.   http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/MapKit/Reference/MapKit_Framework_Reference/_index.html
Obviously not. The selfish greedy bastard is only looking rape the company. Now, Einhorn will know his limits with Apple and go rape some other company.
The sixth leg may yet be advertising / search / maps.   Apple needs to: 1.  Get Eddy Cue to improve Maps and make it the default on Mac OS X and iOS devices. 2.  Get William Stasior to integrate an advanced search engine and advertising into SIRI and make it the default search in OS X and iOS devices. 3.  Apple TV can then become the 7th leg with items 1 & 2 integrated.   Time will tell.
I have not worn a watch in years either because my iPhone is a more accurate and maintenance free time piece.   I would wear a band on my wrist if provides the following services:   1.  Use for World Watch, Alarms, Stop Watch, and Timer functionalities. 2.  Use biometrics and NFC for identification and authentication and payments and passes and loyalty cards etc... 3.  Use satellite for sending/receiving location plus compass and mapping functions. 4.  Use to control and...
  C|Net is clueless. The Surface Pro Device is not a Pad.  It is a compromised NetBook.     1.  The base OS uses too much of the flash storage.  (Compromise) 2.  The PC desktop mode requires 150% display magnification to be usable.  (Compromise) 3.  So it has the CPU of a laptop and terrible battery life...  (Compromise)   Take a look at the MacBook air to see why Apple will not use laptop CPU in its tablet lines.  http://www.apple.com/macbookair/specs.html Apple makes...
Dude, get a clue. 1.  Microsoft has been losing big time because of its failures in tablet and smart phone markets. 2.  Nothing has changed. Microsoft is still stuck in PC mode and will continue to lose. 3.  Fit for work or not, MIcrosoft can only wish it had  the iOS ecosystem.   I believe the Surface RT and Pro devices will fail because they don't offer anything better. People bought a few because they are curious.  All the reviewers out there can not recommend the...
Google is starting to feel the pain of losing the default Maps position on iOS to Apple Maps.   Wait until they lose search and maps on both iOS and Mac OS X.   Time will tell.
Yeap, I remember RIMM, I remember Exxon's market cap... ...And that leads me to believe that it is possible. Another reason Windows Desktops PCs are not selling is that large corporations are now just licensing Windows 7 OS to run in Virtual Desktop Infrastructures instead of physical PCs. Although PC manufacturers like Dell and HP are in trouble Microsoft is still licensing Windows 7. Time will tell.
Vote with the board folks. This guy is a greedy SOB who cares only about ripping off all the money in the world for himself. Tell him what to go do with himself.
  That's right.  The best mapping program on any mobile platform.  Period.
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