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Yes!  Finally! Next feature that I need is easy to use mail merge in both the desktop and web versions.  Thank You. Go Apple!
RIP God Bless!
The similarities are still visible on the back... The Apple logo The power plug and button The vent grill
Go Apple Go Go Go !
That"s pure Bullshit.If the US operated like this Apple would be a Canadian company.This is very important to Apple's business.
The are millions of ethical and business reasons...   The first of which is there is no back door, which means this judge and the accused would most likely be dead by the time the encryption is cracked.  
Well, it's not a matter of supporting censorship.  China is a sovereign country and if you want to operate there, you have to abide by the laws.
At least Apple respects Chinese laws unlike some other companies that got kicked out of China.
Interesting.  I was not aware of that family, I thought BMW was a regular publicly traded company.Perhaps Apple can license the i3 platform from them and if not, it will take more time for Apple to go it alone. I still think that the BMW i3 is overall the most innovative electric car out there and it took a lot of "Apple like" out of the box thinking to make it.Apple will soon have:The best GPS technologies with Coherent Navigations/Iridium Satellites,The best 3D sensors...
I think Tesla is a disaster in the making.  The company is run by engineers running around like chickens without heads. Apple should partner with BMW or even buy them.BMW is well managed with adult supervision, they know how to make cars and they already have dealers and service centers all over the world.BMW is much more like Apple than Tesla will ever be.  I think Steve Jobs would choose BMW.   
New Posts  All Forums: