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TouchID with Secure enclave plus iBeacon will be central to the whole iOS security system. TouchID secured NFC will be a secondary authentication method for backwards compatibility.   iBeacon technology + TouchID authentication will be a much more seamless security system. It will be used for everything from payments to secured area access to alarm systems to ignition systems to a variety of authorizing systems in HomeKit and HealthKit.   Time will tell. 
The Samsung ads are sad.
Note that suspend does not mean cancel or terminate. Apple makes the best and most effective tablets. The contract will resume.
A bunch of greedy lawyers trying to make money.  This case should be thrown out.
Sorry HP, IBM is a better fit. They have Watson and no Windows PCs.
HealthKit and the Health app are going to be change the health care industry profoundly. It's not just an application for a specific branch of medicine.
Wow, that's a lot of land. Go Apple Go Go Go...
I wonder if Apple will continue work on Beats Audio for cars.   Apple could introduce an automobile entertainment system where CarPlay can snap right in.   Time will tell.      
The brand name is "Beats by Dr. Dre" and it is very successful and very popular.  Why change it?
Wow, unbelievable. Samsung probably refuses to pay for the cases that they lost in the US.
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