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Oh no!  Comcast vs AT&T which is the lesser of 2 evils?   Oh how I wish we could go back to the old Cingular days.   Time will tell.
No one uses the pin.  It would be a hassle because people would forget it and it would also be a risk because people can look over your shoulder and learn your pin.  Every business needs to move to ApplePay or I will stop buying from them.  I let them know this when I go somewhere that does not yet support it.
 Square accepting ApplePay is very significant.I like their design better than the some of the clunky NFC card readers with the keypads. 
The speaker business is tough because there are lots of inexpensive speakers of all sizes that sound pretty good. Even if Apple built something like the Paradigm Millenia CT with integrated AirPlay/AppleTV, it would not sell in large enough quantities to make a significant difference. That speaker amongst many others are already designed to connect to an AppleTV. Apple can concentrate on speakers for iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches. Leave the larger speakers to...
Rdio is toast and they know it. There is nothing confusing about Apple Music. It provides unlimited streaming and is very family friendly.
Spotify is scared shitless and they should be. They will not be able to keep up although they should survive. Traditional radio stations should be scared as well.
I for one will not carry any card that does support ApplePay. I will also avoid stores that don't support it.
These executives on in denial. They are toast and they know it. At 15 bucks a month for 6 people that's $2.50 per person. Even the pirate sites Are toast.
The watch battery can last 2 to 3 days very easily.A very pleasant surprise for Apple Watch early adopters.It's under promise and over deliver at its best
Actually there is nothing wrong with that.   HTC is trying to show the slick gold body of their phone and the iPhone takes great pictures, so... Plus they are getting free publicity for the phone on various sites including here.   It actually smart on their part because they just want you to know that their phone exists.
New Posts  All Forums: