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I did not download the map because I don't need it. It will soon disappear from all iOS devices. 10 million is a small percentage IOS users, But Google is now tracking everything that these users do. Talk about Invasion of privacy...
"mixed blessing" is putting it mildly.   Google Maps is an outright malediction for iOS.  I urge Apple fans not to use it.   But I think Apple Maps can eventually succeed to make it irrelevant to iOS users.   Time will tell.
I agree and history shows that Apple been reasonable. Apple is friendly with these companies, so this will probably get resolved.   As always, Time will tell.  It always does.
Boom! Yet another one in the bag! Copycats be warned...
And the hits just keep on coming. Keep an eye on the copy cats.
I could not care less.  I don't need it. I'll stick with Apple Maps.  Thank you.
Boom there it is! I wonder what Samsung will say now? I am convinced that Apple Maps uses better technology architecture than Google and already looks better. Once Apple fixes data issues, Google Maps is toast. It will then be SIRI's turn to put Google search 6 feet under. Time will tell.
  Well, there are different size TVs for different size rooms.  Pick the one that is right for your room. The reason I post the pictures is because I believe Apple is working with Loewe on the TVs.   1.  Apple is partnering with Sharp. 2.  Sharp owns 30% of Loewe. 3.  You may remember a rumor that Apple was buying Loewe.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/12/apple_reportedly_in_talks_to_acquire_german_hdtv_maker_loewe.html 4,  Apple can certainly enhance the...
  Really?  What is so hideous about the designs?   Take a look at http://www.loewe.tv  Some of the models even resemble the new iMacs. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I think they are very cool and beautiful.               Time will tell.
Samsung parts: No. Sharp & Loewe: Yes   Apple needs to get as far away from Samsung as possible. The sooner the better.   Time will tell.
New Posts  All Forums: