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  Well the server market has become a commodity market mainly because they are all designed to run VMWare to support Linux and Windows. I believe Apple has a internal project going with VMWare that could lead to OS X running on virtualized Apple server hardware.  (i.e. Fusion on steroids) The Apple cloud applications (iCloud.com) are few and they currently only run at Apple Data Centers but they will grow in numbers and capability. They could potentially be sold to...
Apple has one thing left to do to truly become independent with the best platform in the world. ...and that is to provide it's own default search engine and perhaps make Google a search an option like Bing and Yahoo. Once that is done, it will have full control of it's platform and a much better integrated search engine.   Apple's Market Disruption Savvy comes from its research teams, but also from it's independence in platform integration and design. Apple can...
iOS does not need ths, this is not how people work. Facebook may work like that but the Facebook integration in iOS is better.
To put it simply.     Apple wants to use WebKit as the engine for a Web Browser.  (Safari)   Google wants to use Blink as the engine for an Operating System.  (Chrome OS)
Hold on there... Shouldn't E Broadway be on the right hand side and W Broadway on the left? You know what they say... If the patent is wrong then...  LOL.
Very nice... This information screen could also be explicitly brought up and dismissed when the user is on speaker. Perhaps via the contact button...
Way to Go TC... Now we need China Mobile to sell the iDevices please. Go Apple.
  Well, They didn't warn so I have a good feeling about it.   When was the last time they missed their own numbers?   I for one would like to see a buy back and/or dividend increase announcement before earnings. I would prefer a strong buy back instead of more dividend because the company's performance can sustain the stock price long term.   Time will tell.
Apple will get the trademark.   "Apple, however, has until July 24 to better explain how the iPad mini is different and unique from the larger-sized iPad to counter the rejection seen as largely a formality."   http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jFZpPObLN6PONM0MRTHveEYChFOg?docId=CNG.775052b28f0ef5265b6290c6bca95bfe.141
Yes but it's not that simple.  Things cannot and should not continue the same way. Apple must invent new stuff that others simply can not copy.  That's what will make the platform stand out. They must be careful of Google like companies.   Just imagine how Apple would own the smart phone market if Google did not copy iOS... Apple must advance its platform again except this time don't allow Google and others to copy it.
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