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After the retrial of the 40%, the 40% will become a billion dollars by itself, leading to 1.6 billion judgement for Apple.   LOL. :)
I cannot believe how Samsung shamelessly copied Apple's PassBook application.
  Easier said than done. Where is the touch interface?  The operating system?  The AppStore, The retina display? Where is the iCloud ecosystem for audio/video media, FaceTime, Siri, AirPlay, TextBooks, Mapping, NewsPapers and Magazines?   Everyone remembers that Microsoft had several thick and heavy stylus based tablets that went nowhere. ,,,because it is easier said than done.   You can not compare these things with the iPad. The iPhone and iPad were the first of their...
  Shhhh....  Don't tell them.
  Well, Einhorn has huge investments in Apple, wrong or right, he has a say and Apple at least listened. Apple will probably increase dividends or have a special dividend unless they have some new insanely great products that will make them grow at the fast rate that they use to grow.
  Well, the Apple Board works for the share holders and the fact is that the stock is down about $250, so there is no doubt, people have sold. Some believe this could have been prevented it by keeping the carrot stick in front of the investors. Can't blame Einhorn for being greedy, he has huge responsibilities for a lot of money and is well paid to be greedy.  Some folks who are complaining *are* huge Apple share holders, so they have a say.   Some share holders are...
Yes it is.  Again, if a company makes great products and makes a lot of money but keeps all the money to itself while its growth is slowing, then it is not attractive to investors.  Also, your investors are very often your clients and partners.  If you drive your investors away, they will invest else where and eventually buy their products elsewhere.   I bet Apple increases dividends soon.   Time will tell.
I agree that they are performing well, however, they are now a much bigger company now and their growth rate is slower.  They can compensate for that by offering more dividend.
Actually it does mean something for small share holders.  We get the bread crumbs after the big hedge funds eat. As song as hedge funds see value from growth or dividend, they will invest in the shares and keep up the value of  the shares.
New Posts  All Forums: