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I may be just the email program connecting to the server that causes it to pause.   Time will tell.
ARM based Macs will come but Intel based Macs will remain. While hiring AMD veteran Jim Mergard adds more CPU design expertise at Apple, it does not necessary mean they will drop Intel. Hec, they may license the basic x86 design from Intel or AMD and make their own desktop CPUs. Time will tell.
I happen to like the textures.   Don't screw it up Jony.   Time will tell.
Mark this post...   Scott Forstal will not leave.  He will be given a different management position. Perhaps permanent adviser to Tim Cook.   Time will tell.
Simply awesome... With products like the iPhone 5 Apple stores will rock... I am grateful for owning an iPhone 5. The more I use the device the more it amazes me. If you own one, take a good look at the engineering wonder.
The last Lala deal worked out very well for Apple.  Lala is at the heart of iCloud streaming / downloading now.  You may not recognize it but it's there.   Colors has huge potential for Apple.  Think of live one to many broadcast of Video, audio, presentation etc.... using a mobile device with LTE.  It's a very good fit.   Time will tell.
Why don't they show some of the things that the device can do? I guess that would not be as impressive. Keyboard on a tablet with a flip stand? No thanks. MS never learns as demonstrated by their predilection for NetBook devices. Time will tell.
I don't need Google Maps anymore thank you.
Apple map uses better technology for displaying and creating the maps.   IOS 6 Maps is already superior but wait 'til new layers of information start coming out from 3rd parties.   When it comes to mapping all the others are toast and they know it.   Time will tell.
Another well deserved patent for a brilliant product. Copy cats better stop all the copying machines now.
New Posts  All Forums: