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It's still sad how the guy lost his job over this sting operation and his poor wife trying to cover for him but to no avail... This may stop people from taking iPads but they will continue to take other things.
Go iCloud. Go Apple. ...when only the very best will do.
  An educated customer does care about the platform that he or she buys into. You can always return the iPhone and get an Android or Blackberry or Windows Phone device. Good Luck,,,
  You just don't get it.  Mapping is important and Apple want's to bring it in house and not be dependent on Google for it.
Apple paid them to use the map backend data.
  Yes we do.  The earlier Apple Maps is out the earlier it will start gaining mind share from users and developers.  Next update will clear up the first release issues. Don't under estimate the popularity of iOS and make no mistake, Google Maps will lose and Google knows it.  The Apple architecture is superior.   Time will tell.
FlyOver is actually much better than StreetView.   FlyOver can be developed more rapidly, it is more consistent and moreover it provides detailed "Back Yard" view in addition to the StreetView.  Google 3d view is not nearly as good.  AppleMaps will soon surpass Google Maps and blow it away.  Google Knows This.  Keep the faith.   Time will tell.
Keep the faith people. It is important for Apple to introduce Apple Maps ASAP to users and get it into developer's hands in order to start developing layers. Make no mistake, Google knows what Apple Maps is capable of. The potentials of Apple Maps are limitless and the earlier the better. Development in Apple Maps is much faster than Google Maps and very soon it will surpass Google Maps to become the Killer iOS application that it is. Keep the faith. Time will tell.
I don't need no Google Maps.  I like Apple Maps. I don't need to StreetView.  I prefer FlyOver.   I remember the initial backlash for Final Cut Pro and now everyone loves it.   Apple Maps will rule the worlds.   Time will tell.
I remember the initial backlash that came for Final Cut Pro.  Now everyone says it's the best.   I really like the Apple maps.   I don't need StreetView since I have FiyOver.   Time will tell. 
New Posts  All Forums: