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Yeap, I remember RIMM, I remember Exxon's market cap... ...And that leads me to believe that it is possible. Another reason Windows Desktops PCs are not selling is that large corporations are now just licensing Windows 7 OS to run in Virtual Desktop Infrastructures instead of physical PCs. Although PC manufacturers like Dell and HP are in trouble Microsoft is still licensing Windows 7. Time will tell.
Vote with the board folks. This guy is a greedy SOB who cares only about ripping off all the money in the world for himself. Tell him what to go do with himself.
  That's right.  The best mapping program on any mobile platform.  Period.
  To get something like HBO now, you usually have to get a package including other channels that you don't want.  So being able to get just what you want from Apple would be great.  Perhaps Apple can offer packaged deals.  Surely Apple will go after more than HBO.   Note also that a modern DVR does not have to function anything like existing DVRs.   How many US Cable TV Apps exist for iOS today?  (Not to mention content providers and international cable TVs and content...
You know, since the FiOS App for iPad came out recently, I have actually been watching cable TV now.  I don't normally watch much TV.  I can already watch HBO on the FiOS app and HBO Go.   This deal will mainly be to complement cable packages that don't have HBO or that are not allowed to include it in their iOS app.   I am looking forward to dumping my set top box for an AppleTV hopefully an iCloud DVR and SIRI integration.
Apple earnings will blow away expectations. Apple sold everything that they made and could not keep up with demands.
The verdict is in folks.  Check it out....   "Apple's iPad Mini is creating a frenzy among Chinese tablet buyers..."   http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57561156-94/ipad-mini-in-hot-demand-in-china-analyst/   ciao
  I think screen sizes will remain the same but the glass will be redesigned to support finger print authentication.   Time will tell.
Go Apple, go, go, go...
Who made more money? Which tablets are being used and generate more internet traffic?
New Posts  All Forums: