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    I hear every Microsoft employee is getting an RT tablet.   A Microsoft store was robbed and the thief stole iPads that were there but not a single RT tablet.  LOL
  Interactive Holographic?  
Your next TV will be pure software. iOS based software.     No more TVs to see, just content. Nice transparent TVs?  The Emperor's New TV.   Loewe Invisio Transparent TV    
  A good read on Samsung.  Thanks.   http://www.kernelmag.com/features/report/3028/samsung-power-corruption-and-lies/
Samsung knows that they have been abusing their FRAND patents in the EU and that's why they are dropping their cases against Apple now but it's too late.  Samsung should be punished if only to remind other FRAND owners of their responsibilities.  I don't believe Samsung's story that Apple refused to negotiate on FRAND terms.   The sooner that Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia and others realize that they must own their own base platforms in order to succeed in the mobile...
  Nah, I like the smashing idea better.  It's much faster.   LOL 
Oh, so now Motorola wants to compete with Apple.  I get it.   They must have been competing with Google all these years since they squeezed $12 Billion out of Google. LOL.   It will be good for Samsung to give Google a taste of its own medicine. Fork Android, replace all the Google services with Samsung equivalents and don't sell any parts to Motorola.   ...And Samsung thought Android was free?  Eyes are starting to open.  LOL
Hopefully the Germans that this into account and allow their citizens to fully use their iPhones with iClouds.
Go Apple. Today the US, tomorrow the Universe. Yes. That's right. USS Enterprise communicators will run iOS X.
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