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You know... I have watched the Google presentation here...    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMBJ2Hu0NLw   ... and I must say that I have developed a greater appreciation for their history, what they have done and what they are working on for the future.  I wish them well.   It's just too bad that because of business reasons they have to go at it alone with the exception of user created maps. They'll have to duplicate efforts that could have been collaborated...
  OK.  If you say so.  Why do you think Google rushed this announcement right before Apple's WWDC? Because Google is about to lose over half of their mobile map users.   Time will tell.
  Well, based on what C3 could do,  Apple's will support more viewing angles than 45 degrees.  More details via zooming, more layers and layers of information on the maps, more maps.   Time will tell.
The Google presentation was rushed as a Me-2 showing. It's not gonna help much.  The 3D maps were not impressive. No special features, just pictures from a plane. Wait for Apple on Monday.   Time will tell.  
  Oh well, so much for that idea.  It would have been a good deal for both companies but competition is also good.  The Apple design and engineering teams must rise to the occasion.   Time will tell.
  Well I must admit, I have never seen nor heard Loewe's gears in person but I am giving the benefit of the doubt to Apple engineers and designers.   I am impressed however by the pictures of the gears.  If they sound anything like Paradigm Studios or JM Labs speaker gears or Velodyne DD subs and have the picture qualities of the Samsung tv screens, then add Apple advanced TV platform with beautiful and easy to use interface and you have a revolutionized industry on you...
Yes indeed!  Loewe looks like a perfect fit for Apple.  I approve of the deal. If Apple can enhance Loewe's designs yet sell them at affordable prices, they will revolutionize the AV industry.   Loewe appear to make just the right products that Apple would be interested in instead of everything under the sun.   Check out some Loewe's products...   http://www.loewe.tv/au/products.html   Hopefully they have patents to help protect Apple in this cut throat...
Perhaps a 3D earth mapping application will be included as well.   http://************/2012/05/11/ios-6-apple-drops-google-maps-debuts-in-house-maps-with-incredible-3d-mode/
Proview view should get nothing.   All their cases should be thrown out.   Let the crooked Chinese legal system decide on their BS case and then if necessary change the name in China.
How cool is that? We're now covering the industrialized but troubled EU countries.   Next steps, third world countries and then the moon, Mars and all friendly planets and galaxies.  
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