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I guess it's official. It has been added to the Wikipedia list of acquisitions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_Apple Self driving cars may require high accuracy GPS. Heck, Apple might as well buy Iridium Communications while they are at it. It's market cap is less than a Billion USD, and they make some cool global WiFi devices on top of the global satellite network. These access points sell for about a thousand USD at Amazon. Imagine...
If Apple made an offer to pay back the investors for the Stanford-based engineering team, then they must have had a good team.  Obviously the product / idea sucked and it couldn't be released and Google rejected it.    Now that the team is broken up, forget it!  Duplan is screwed and deservingly so.  He cared only about himself and destroyed the team.  What a greedy clown of a leader!  He's going to lose some money and hopefully learn something about the value of a good team.
This is the reason why Apple is probably not interested in buying Nokia Here entirely.  They could always license parts of it. Here has a ton of good stuff but some of it may not be of the quality that Apple needs (like the street view and 3D stuff) and a lot of it will lose value as the OpenSource community catches up.   From WikiPedia... " In 2012, the launch of pricing for Google Maps led several prominent websites to switch from their service to OpenStreetMap and...
I know that they bought Novauris in 2013 to fine tune SIRI but I think they still partner with Nuance.http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-acquires-speech-recognition-firm-novauris-for-siri-help/ I also know Apple has a dedicated team in Boston focused on enhancing...
Uber appears to be shaking things up with an initial bid of $3B.   Consortiums sometimes fall apart when shaken up too much. Time will tell.
Not at all.  I understand that Nokia Here data is in the Cloud "As A Service" and Apple Maps is designed to be able to swap map data providers like Google, Tomtom and/or Nokia Here in and out.  So it would be relatively easy.  Apple would probably want a copy of the data on it's own Cloud infrastructure and control updates to the map data.
It's really amazing what an iPhone can do. It can do so much more than your desktop PC or rack mount server. Go Apple, Go Go Go.
Car makers are partnering with Apple and ultimately, they will do what consumers want.  I think CarPlay is just the beginning of the relationship with car makers.The systems will allow for differentiation between various makes and models.Even after market companies can join in to retrofit older cars with the new Apple systems. Note that Fiat already uses a Beats by Dre audio system.  So technically the are already partnered with Apple.
"Intervention" by Apple in the automobile industry makes a lot more sense. It's better to have all car makers integrate Apple systems in every make/model than to make an entire Apple Car.   Apple can further intervene in the automobile industry like they are doing with CarPlay today and with ApplePay in the payment industry.   Today we have the CarPlay entertainment kit, tomorrow driver assistant kit, and then self-driving kit. Cars first, then airplanes, then space...
I think Apple could use part of Nokia Here but not the whole thing. Nokia Here is involved in a lot of businesses that Apple is not interested in. I think Apple is already far along with it's own Maps initiative and I am not sure how the Nokia Here Cloud model would fit into Apple's existing infrastructure and Strategy. Perhaps they can partner with one of the consortiums and get a perpetual license for raw map data. Time will tell.
New Posts  All Forums: