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I think Apple will swap it for the new one for you.  Possibly for the difference in price.
There are reasons why Beats gears are often pricey.  These speakers look nice but...Beats is among few device vendors that stream AAC over bluetooth.  (Best suited for iOS and Mac OS) Other devices use SBC and aptX.SBC which is the default bluetooth codec can give poor results as a lowest common denominator.aptX is good but it is not supported by iPhones, iPads, iPods etc...  (Some Android devices support that)You're better off with Beat's and other AAC bluetooth devices...
Well, 2016 is less than 3 months away.  Barclay will eventually fall in line.   Now that vendors will be responsible for fraudulent charges if the don't upgrade their cash register terminals to support EMV credit cards in the US Apple Pay will get better support.   With the release of iOS 9, vendors will soon take advantage of the reward/loyalty cards in the new Wallet app as well, leading to more Apple Pay Support.
Why does a phone have to be a PC? The PC made and will eventually cripple Microsoft.
I think the 27 and 21 inches are perfect.
Oh shoot, the Laptop can't close?  Elegant my *ss ?
There we have it. Microsoft is making it's own hardware. Now they just need to stop making everything into a PC.
Poor Microsoft. When was the last time they released a new revolutionary product that took the world by storm? Let's see what they have to offer today...
OMG.  I was not aware that all vehicle stats went to Google for Android Auto. Unbelievable!!! All car makers should drop this POS or risk losing customers.
Some contents have copyrights but a lot of podcasts do not. So... We'll see...
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