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This is bull crap.  Why now?  They should not get squat. The name does not make the product, the product makes the name.
I guess the robots thing did not workout so well for Andy since Sundar took Android away from him.   Projects gathering dust in Google Labs? 1.  Self driving cars. 2.  Google Glass. 3.  Robots from Boston Dynamics.   With Andy gone, Google should look to innovate in search and advertising.  
I have an Ink business card issued by Chase that is not supported.There are lots of varieties to support.  I guess payment systems are very complex.Good challenge for Apple.
It must be Amazon because I have a British Airways Executive Club card issued by Chase and it works fine.
Adios Bose.  Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.   Good Riddance!  LOL
I think the GT folks are crooked. GT signed the contract. GT took money and probably pocketed most of it. GT failed to meet their obligations. GT took their investors money. GT files for bankruptcy. Some stinks to high heavens. If Apple can prove that these guys received enough money and mismanaged the funds leading to their failure, the bankruptcy will be denied and GT will be forced to meet their obligations or give the moneys back. Time will tell.
Mr. Prime Minister, you should be blaming Nokia for not innovating. Take responsibility instead of blaming your failures on others.
 NFC builds upon RFID systems by allowing two-way communication between endpoints, where earlier systems such as contactless smart cards or credit cards were one-way only.  Those types of one way credit cards are a disaster waiting to happen.  See below. Now with the available 2-Way communication, different mobile payments can use it but still work very differently.  So if the specific infrastructure is not available behind a particular NFC POS terminal, it will not...
Make no mistake, Apple Pay is very very different from other systems that also use NFC.  NFC is NFC but it can be used differently.  How many current systems Pop Up your credit card choices and authenticate with Touch ID?The same way WiFi is used by totally different systems, so can NFC. As simple as it looks, Apple has many patents behind their systems and Apple is far from done with this first release of Apple Pay.Tim Cook said that Apple plans to "replace" the Wallet as...
New Posts  All Forums: