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It's about time.  CarPlay rocks!  
Boom Baby... There it is!   With integrated rewards and a strong international push Apple Pay will take off globally.   Go Apple, Go Go Go!
Nokia is not enough?  MS wants 2 losing phone Operating Systems. BlackBerry is useless to MS.  MS should quit the mobile phone business altogether.
A patent should be granted as this is not a flashlight. The display patent is absolutely amazing. Go Apple Go Go Go...
Considering that it still requires 4 to 6 weeks to get a 42mm stainless steel with black sports band, I would tend to agree with Morgan Stanley.   I have an Apple watch and I think it's awesome! I know several people who are trying to get one.   Time will tell.
Coherent Navigations has iGPS resolutions is in the centimeters.
Look at this list of mapping acquisitions:        PlaceBase         Poly9    ***C3 Technologies    ***WiFiSlam        Locationary        HopStop        Embark        BroadMap    ***Coherent Navigations   3 companies ( Coherent Navigations, C3 Technologies, and WiFiSlam) really stand out to revolutionize core mapping data collection.  If Apple has a deal with Iridium to get access to the satellites, It could update the entire world map very accurately in a matter...
MS is up to no good.  No one wants to a TV strapped to their face all the time.  Their demo was completely impractical. The TV anywhere, anytime approach that Apple is taking with iPhone, iPad and AppleTV minimizes their risk and maximizes their profit.Most people would  not run out and buy an Apple LCD right now because they already have one or more. Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG,  already make huge displays at very low margins.
Apple has already built 4 TV sets and a 5th set is on the way.   The sizes are 4.7", 5.5", 7.9", 9.7" respectively and a 13" is on the way.
Iridium constellation can offer Apple iGPS plus Voice and Data communications either via direct satellite connection or via an Iridium WiFi access point.  An Access Point antenna can be placed on top of a house / building or a car / bus / train / plane or be portable like the Iridium Go.   "The constellation will provide L-band data speeds of up to 1.5 Mbit/s and high-speed Ka-Band service of up to 8 Mbit/s.  Iridium is planning for the next-generation of satellites to...
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