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Shameless Samsung copying. Why don't they just smack an Apple logo on their devices and see they sell?
 About  3 to 4 minutes after 3 preorder started.It was scheduled for delivery between 4/24 - 5/8.So 4/30 is pretty good.
My stainless 42mm was delivered by UPS today. I actually missed it yesterday but got it today on the second delivery attempt. Sweet!
I hope Apple buys Nokia Here. I am not sure how all the bits and pieces will fit in but I know that the international map's data and teams will be a huge boost to Apple Maps.  First class maps worldwide is crucial to iOS devices, CarPlay, OS X etc... and it will only become more important over time.
 They are about a week behind. Mine was to be delivered between 4/24 and 5/8 and it was shipped yesterday 4/29.I'll take a delay over a defective product any day.
It's better to be delayed and flying efficiently and safely with all systems checked out.   Go Apple!  Go Go Go!
That is pure BS. The darn platform had been dead and buried to begin with. The foolish musicians thought they could just buy it and turn it in to an overnight success?     Get a clue and get to work boys & girls... Most people don't care to pay extra for audiophile quality sound and most sound systems cannot output the difference anyway. The artists are gonna lose some money and hopefully learn something.
Drop Google Maps Now!   Use Apple Maps! Install Nokia Here if you want a third party App.
Go SIRI. Go Go Go...   The iBooks ruling should be overturned soon.
New Posts  All Forums: