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Boom Baby...  Rock 'n Roll... Go Apple, Go Go Go.
Bose will lose in the longer term regardless. Kick them out the the Apple Stores.   Time will tell.
Good.  Kick Bose out.  Their manufactured sound sucks.   Keep selling Paradigms like this one:  
She looks nice and natural in this picture. The watch flows very nicely with her and her outfit.   I bet women will buy several bracelets to match their various outfits.   Va Va Voom . . .     Go Apple, Go Go Go.
How Mobile Payment Works...     Card Present or Card Not Present   ciao
It's a Java bug. I don't have this JavaW folder on my Mac running Yosemite.
I want to see the new iMacs.  I think they will be flatter yet.   Just as important as the iPads if not more will be the Watson Analytics applications.   I want to see some Star Trek like demos. 
Eric Schmidt is delusional.   He should retire. Just ignore him.
Based on how PayPal was spun off, Samsung may buy PayPal outright or forge a close relationship with them.   I can't blame PayPal for fighting the best way that it knows to survive although I think Apple would have been a better partner. I have a PayPal account but I have not used it in years since I have not bought nor sold things on eBay in years so ...   Apple's Payment Solution is so much more secure and elegant than anything else out there.   This video below...
Apple is not responsible for Ireland tax laws, it simply follows the law in the countries it operates as may other companies do.  This has been tested before and Apple always comes out clean.   A country can change it's laws if it wants to but it cannot seek retroactive tax if and when it changes its tax laws which have existed for years.   Time will tell but I believe that this issue as well will go away in due time.
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