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Time will tell but I disagree.  You see, TV will become standardized, globally.  Cable providers will have to dump their current STBs and use the Apple TV instead because if one cable company like Time Warner provides an App then everyone will switch to that provider.  Everyone will cut the STB cords regardless because of the SIRI integration and the flexibility of getting international content. Moreover, everybody and their grandmothers globally are going to star...
All the cable providers better have their apps ready or else. I hope they offer deals where you can get internet service from one cable company and get the TV service from another. Looking forward to Apple's skinny bundle.
I don't know how well VocalIQ can be trained but this could be big, as it could turns SIRI into a portable/wearable Watson.
Dude, you don't need an engineer at that level.You need someone from the inner circles of Boeing that Boeing management listens to.He can serve as Boeings liaison to Apple.
This is very interesting because... 1. Apple acquired Coherent Navigations this year. 2. Coherent Navigation was developing a commercial high-precision navigation service that leverages the Iridium satellite network. (iGPS) 3. Boeing had been leading the development of proprietary iGPS with Coherent Navigations. Could we have pilot-less self-flying planes/cars in the near future? (A la Jetsons) With GPS accuracy to the centimeter with Coherent Navigations Iridium, a...
Since this was a calculated for profit violation, Apple should sue them.
At least, in that particular case, Google did not blatantly copy Apple's TouchID location like Samsung did.The question now is whether to SamsungPay or AndroidPay?  I say neither.
I guess it's a matter of taste but I would buy an Hermès-AppleWatch over the Tag Heuer Carrerra 01 any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  
Boom! There it is.
Apple Maps in iOS 9 totally rocks.  The UI, the presentation and usability of Apple Maps are better than Google.  I think Apple Maps is about to get a lot better with superior Street View seamlessly integrated with FlyOver view.   Apple may be working with the Iridium Constellation after their purchase of Coherent Navigation leading to near live map updates with high resolution Satellite imagery.   Time will tell.
New Posts  All Forums: