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That explains why Tag Heuer did not mind Apple hiring Patrick Pruniaux. They are most likely part of the deal. This will be awesome.
 That's a good one!   I don't like Samsung because they are crooked to the core.I don't like Google because they try to steal products and make a run for it and they always fail.  Google Wallet was a stolen product just like Android was a stolen product.  Wait until Oracle gets a hold of theses crooks.
Another one bites the dust. Let's hope others learn from Lenovo.   Even Apple's iPad Sales were not astronomical last quarter, hence the IBM deal.
Too bad the Kindle Reader sucks.   Apple should match this and the iBooks reader is much better on iOS and Mac OS.
To understand this partnership, you must understand today's IBM a bit and most people don't. The fact is most of the IBM backend products and solutions quietly, securely and reliably affect all of our lives every day.   We don't talk about them much because they are not sexy like iPhones and iPads but IBM has a lot of great enterprise stuff that Apple does not have and needs to really break into the enterprise.  We're talking very secure and reliable big iron, big data...
 You know that IBM sold their Intel desktop and server business to Lenovo right?You also know that VMWare and Linux are taking on Microsoft in the Data Center.Surely you know that the IBM deal is not Apple's only angle here. Microsoft does not have the vertical business applications nor the global support that IBM has.Microsoft is struggling with its mobile devices that still want to be desktop PCs.
 Apple's current role in business is more of a luxury item, IBM's vertical applications will make it more of a necessity. The difference is between using off the shelves software that are not critical to your business versus using business specific vertical applications that your company can't live without, that every employee has to use every day and all the time. This will make corporations leverage Apples other products in a big way.  (iPhones, iPads, Macs, AppleTV,...
This is a deal that could help Apple and IBM greatly increase their market cap.   A new breed of applications for iOS and a new class of computing for IBM. IBM realizes that it is a service company so it does not try to become Apple and make it's own hardware. (Microsoft should take notes)   IBM has a lot of vertical software and services so this is huge. The enterprise will eventually learn how to write their own vertical software and take this even further.   The...
LOL.  Dvorak is a joker. He just loved to get under the skin of Apple fans that would let him.His stuff got boring after a while because it was so obvious what he was doing.
...and so Apple Mobile Payments continues to infiltrate the world. All the gift card companies will follow suit.  Money transfers may be next...
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