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I also think the Tesla grill is ugly.I see them quite often nowadays but I have never driven one.If you don't know what they are, (some people don't) then they don't look anything special on the road. The BMW i3 however does look special and I have driven one and it does drive like a BMW although the tires are skinny.If Apple & BMW could produce an electric autonomous X3, I would pre-order right now at any cost. 
If it's a Windows or Android or BlackBerry phone, it ain't an iPhone! If it's a Windows or Android or BlackBerry phone, it is inferior. If it's a Windows or Android or BlackBerry phone, upgrade it to an iPhone 6s.
Does Samsung still matter in the smart phone industry? They have been neutralized.  They still try to copy Apples designs but then they can't sell them.   Samsung should pay their lost case and stop being weasels.
I think this Alphabet Soup is totally unnecessary.  I think it shows that Google needs adult supervision.  The current execs are incapable of organizing and managing the company and turning it into an Alphabet soup is not going to help.  The 2 most valuable entities at Google at this time are Search and YouTube because of their advertising revenues.  Nothing else has caught on at Google not even Android. Google's top executives need to watch the following the following 2...
Apple bought the two northeastern pieces. It could be for an automobile assembly plant. Imagine: "Designed in Cupertino based on a Bavarian framework and assembled in San Jose".  
Google is probably the current biggest Mac buyer.
It would be awesome if Apple could partner with BMW. While I am sure Apple could eventually make great cars, they would likely not drive like BMWs. I love driving BMWs and I would most certainly buy Apple Car in collaboration with BMW. I hope the partnership is true.  
Very soon, the iPad and the iPhone will become full fledged televisions.
Allez les bleus...
All these companies and especially Daimler really needed to buy Here Maps if only to prevent a company like Uber from buying it.  They will now need to license it to as may others as possible as they have a solid base map as a foundation.  The next important thing is to work on layers of information to overlay on the map.   Apple has already committed to TomTom for base maps and POIs and they are working on their own layers like flyover.   Time will tell.
New Posts  All Forums: